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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.8 inch dick / 17.5 cms
Height: 5’7″ / 174 cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Submissive Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

Next Door Twink gay porn scenes of Tannor Reed

Hottie young stud Evan Landers has a new dog and he’s looking online to find someone to walk him while he heads out of town. He quickly decides he likes the look of dog walking app Woof Walkers!

He’s quickly on the app filling in his requirements and he likes what he sees when sexy dude Tannor Reed knocks on his door.

While the doggy is outside, Evan and Tannor decide that they might as well get to know one another. Tanner drops to his knees, his fingers working the zipper on Evan’s shorts.

As his shorts drop to his ankles, Evan’s already erect cock slips between the Tannor’s sweet lips. Let’s just hope that Evan’s dog enjoys his run in the park as much as his owner enjoys fucking Tannor’s tight boy hole…Join them!

Men gay porn scenes of Tannor Reed

Men.com’s tribute to the work and legacy of legendary gay porn visionary Tom of Finland continues as director Matt Lambert ventures into the territory of the postmodern with CockyBoys Exclusive Sean Ford, Angel Rivera, Tannor Reed, River Wilson, and Joey Mills.

The nude twinks hang out at the Pleasure Park, shooting the breeze, challenging each other to self-suck, and bonding over the question, “What would you do if the world was ending tomorrow?”

As the day turns to night, the sunny teen sex party turns into a rock-n-roll-fueled orgy…Join them!

Young hottie twink Tannor Reed arrives at the gym to see muscled black stud Devin Trez working out.

Super horny Tannor decides to work out directly in front of Devin, trying his hardest to get his attention.

Tannor squats down with the dumbbell making sure his ass looks good in his tight shorts.

Devin doesn’t miss a trick and licks his lips as he sizes up Tannor’s hot bubble butt.

Devin asks Tannor for a spot, which gives him the chance to show off his big cock hardening in his shorts!

Tannor can’t resist and sits on Devin’s face, then gives the hung top a blowjob.

Devin eats Tannor’s ass and fucks him doggy style, then lies back on the bench so Tannor can ride him.

Tannor can’t believe how deep Devin pounds him in missionary, then he leans against the Plexi barrier as Devin thrusts into him doggy style till he cums all over the glass!

Tannor takes a facial and makes sure to wipe up all his cum.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Well built muscle dude Collin Simpson is washing windows and he has set his ladder up inside to clean the windows outside.

Young slender twink Tannor Reed poses erotically on the inside of the glass, he flashes his sexy body shaking his booty before sneaking up and licking Collin’s hot asshole.

Tannor gets so turned on, he jacks off his cock and jizzes on the newly clean glass.

Mopping up cum isn’t in Collin’s contract, so Tannor offers the horny top a special bonus, sucking his dick and climbing into Collin’s ladder to let him fuck his mouth.

The acrobatic twink bends over to let Collin go balls-deep in his ass, then hangs off the ladder for hard mish before he rides Collin’s cock and takes a facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

My Dirtiest Fantasy gay porn scenes of Tannor Reed


With Tannor Reed gagged and wearing a mask, he’s pushed into Pierre Rubberax’s domain, made to be on the bench with his ass on display for Pierre to whip, and have easy access.

Without doubt two dirty but innocent looking boys is bound to be a good one. After a bit of whipping Pierre unzips the boy’s ass, and starts licking the boys balls whilst fingering his hole, preparing the boy for what’s to come.

Pierre knows just where he wants this to go, and after removing his rubber shirt, he has the boy worship his cock, until Pierre whips it out and has the boy sucking him off.

It’s not long now before Pierre is enjoying the boys sweet hole, and boy is this explosive…Join them!

Cocky Boys gay porn scenes of Tannor Reed

What with everything happening this year Adrian Hart and Tannor Reed decided to cancel their planned road trip to settle into a short staycation in LA.

The sexy dudes really made a deep connection and showed their more intimate sensual side in this hot video update.

They start by enjoying a warm bubble bath where they explore each others’ wet bodies, making out before Adrian carries Tannor to the bedroom.

With Adrian’s huge super erect cock tenting his tight undies, Tannor just has to release it and suck it to the back of his young throat.

As Adrian lies back on the bed he enjoys Tannor’s balls deep blowjob giving him guidance on how he likes it.

In time Adrian takes Tannor in his arms to kiss him passionately and put him on his back to eat his hole.

And when it’s properly primed Adrian fucks a very vocal Tannor while sucking his feet for added pleasure.

And with his whole stretched out by Adrian, Tannor decides he wants to ride him.

After sliding down Adrian and grinding deep, Tannor takes all his deep upward thrusts and subtle domination.

Adrian eventually lets Tannor ride him again but soon he lies him down in a 69 variation to eat his ass while Tannor again sucks him.

And, after face-fuckin and rimming him some more, Adrian bare fucks him from behind.

Soon though Adrian is virtually on top drilling him so deep and hard that Tannor is almost in an eye-rolling trance.

When he’s about to go over the edge Adrian grants Tannor’s please and shoots his thick load over his hole and into him.

Adrian neck with Tannor who soon lies back to shoot his own thick load …all while they keep on kissing and kissing and kissing.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young stud Tannor Reed is extremely nervous about being partnered with Zach Astor and his legendary humongous dick.

Fortunately, Zach knows just how to treat a first-timer.

At first, he gives Tannor just enough control & some affectionate sex talk as Tannor goes down Zach and gulps down his thick monster.

Tannor sucks Zach deep and several times takes his fat dick into his throat and as he goes on, Zach gets a little more dominant. Eagerly submissive, Tannor follows Zach’s murmured commands and licks his big balls.

When ordered, Tannor stands up so Zach can suck him, and he gets into a near upside-down position when Zach wants to eat his ass.

Tannor relishes it all from Zach’s tongue fucking & finger probes to his cock-teasing.

Before giving him his cock, Zach gets Tannor to bend over and play with his own hole.

And when it’s sufficiently primed, Zach stuffs his cock in Tannor’s hole, fucking him with the full length of his shaft.

Still in charge he soon Zach gets Tannor to ride his dick even deeper. But before finishing him off, Zach really eats out his hole.

Zach bends over Tannor and drills him harder but soon gives in to his request to fuck him on his back so they can be face-to-face.

Zach plows Tannor and kisses him and it isn’t long before Tannor explodes in a geyser of cum.

Zach keeps fucking but soon lies back to stroke out a load and Tannor is right there to get every drop.

They’re both delighted at the end but it’s Tannor who sums it up in one word: “Amazing!”

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Tannor Reed likes a variety of hotel sex fantasies and the self-admitted voyeur/exhibitionist has Dante Colle on hand to act one out.

After leaving a door unlocked Tannor slips into a bath sexy stranger Dante enters, totally turned on at the sight of Tannor in the bath.

It’s not long before Dante is shirtless and standing at the edge of the tub with Tannor is sucking him to hardness.

After getting into the tub & sitting on the edge to get blown, he wants even more intimacy.

He straddles the tub to teabag his balls on Tannor’s waiting mouth before using this unique stance to face fuck him.

Tannor’s mouth and tongue give considerable pleasure to Dante’s cock and balls, and Dante gives back by bending him over the edge of the tub and using his tongue every which way on Tannor’s hole.

Soon Dante, cock teases that hole but it’s unnecessary: Tannor wants to be fucked right then & there.

Dante slides in and knowing how much Tannor wants it, he pounds his hole with increasing force and dominance.

At one point the empowered top virtually drags Tannor over to a chair and fucks him on his back.

Tannor takes a deep drilling, and a vocal Dante relishes the pleasure of watching him as he tops him without any resistance.

Again, Dante ticks it up a notch by turning Tannor around and fucking him hard from behind while pulling his thick mane of hair. Dante keeps going until he’s ready to cum and then he pulls out to cream over Tannor’s hole and fuck some back into him.

Tannor is ready too and shoots a fountain of cum over himself. As he looks down on a satisfied Tannor, Dante breathlessly states the obvious: “That was fucking hot.”

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Reality Dudes gay porn scenes of Tannor Reed

Tannor Reed begs his best bait bud Autumn not to give up yet on their expedition to troll for straight dick, and luckily, she spots ginger hottie, Calhoun Sawyer.

This country boy strikes up a conversation with her and eagerly hops in the back for some fun, but when Autumn asks him to put on a blindfold, Calhoun tells the pair that he may be country but he ain’t stupid.

He knows what game they’re playing, and he’s more than ready for Tannor to climb into the back to get some of his hard dick while Autumn watches.

Tannor sucks that big cock, and Calhoun plays with the twink’s ass and eats his hole, then fucks him doggy style and gives it to him real deep in piledriver.

Tannor can’t get enough of that dick till Calhoun pulls out and cums on him, then jizzes on Calhoun’s face.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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