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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Markus Kage is tall, hairy and movie-star handsome with a huge, bulging cock befitting a stud of his stature. Plus, he sports full sleeves of tats on his big guns.

Riley Mitchel is a hot humpy muscle-bottom who knows how to work a dick right and service an aggressive top, worship cock and give up his hungry hole.

Put them together and you have an electric combination of sexual athletes in a primal game of raw animalistic bareback power-fucking that ends in Riley dripping and drenched in both their loads of cum…Join them!

Hairy muscle hunk Markus Kage and bearded tattooed stud Ryan Bones just can’t agree on who from the company should be promoted next month.

It is clear to both sexy men that they will never agree so they decide that they should settle their anger by sucking each other’s big thick cocks.

With their dicks already hard they go about stripping each other, till they are totally naked.

Younger stud Ryan pulls his cock through his office dress pants fly and quickly asserts his dominance, bending muscle hunk Markus over and sliding his cock in Markus’ ass.

After getting his ass raw fucked, Markus jerks his cock hard and Ryan gets straight to servicing the thick man meat.

Ryan takes his time deepthroating Markus’ hefty dick getting it balls deep into his throat, making sure to lick it up and down from tip to balls.

Now that Markus has had Ryan’s mouth, he wants his tight bubble ass hole as he bends his co-worker over and works his thick erect dick deep into Ryan’s hot ass bareback.

The ass stretching doesn’t stop until Markus sits back and gets blasted with Ryan’s full cum load as he erupts with his own that sprays them both with his jizz.

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Michael Boston would actually like to be able to shower when he gets home, so he tells his boyfriend, Thyle Knoxx, to call a professional instead of trying to fix the pipes himself.

Handsome bearded plumber, Markus Kage, cums to the rescue, but after he fixes things, he gets so dirty he needs to hop in the shower.

That’s when Michael gets home and reaches behind the curtain to jack off and suck the dick he thinks belongs to his man.

Markus fucks Michael doggy style, and the guys sneak into the kitchen where Michael does a standing split as the hot plumber pounds his ass.

He rides Markus’s pipe before getting fucked mish till he cums. Markus finishes the bottom off with a creampie…Join them!

Markus Kage has been trying to improve his sex life with his husband, Thyle Knoxx, but talking about it and even couples therapy haven’t helped, so it’s time for a different approach.

Markus brings in ebony hunk DeAngelo Jackson and makes Thyle watch as DeAngelo shows what being great in bed actually looks like.

DeAngelo is way better at sucking Markus’s cock and eating his ass than his husband, and he gives Markus the kind of long and strong fucking he hasn’t had in years.

Markus rides DeAngelo’s long, tall dick till he cums, and after DeAngelo leaves a big load all over his chest, he tells his hubby to make himself useful and lick it up…Join them!

Ace Quinn has planned a special surprise for his boyfriend’s birthday: He leaves a note on the door telling him to come in and eat his cake, then waits, blindfolded and on all fours, with a mouth-watering cupcake balanced on his spread ass.

But before Ace’s BF can come home, stranger Markus Kage sees the birthday surprise and decides to take it for himself, slipping inside and slipping his tongue into Ace’s ass.

Markus tastes the cupcake before feeding Ace his dick and then pounding his ass… which is when Ace’s man arrives, and no sooner storms out.

Markus has been doing such a great job fucking his ass, though, Ace wants to keep going.

He takes that dick till he cums and Markus gives him a creampie, then for the cherry on top, feeds Ace a cum-dipped cherry…Join them!

Markus Kage is in the kitchen cooking up a breakfast feast for his boyfriend, Trent King.

He serves it up with a wry smile and a hard erect thick cock.

Trent thinks Markus’s sausage looks even more delicious than the eggs and immediately gobbles it down.

Markus wants to add a little sweet treat to breakfast, so he squirts whipped cream on Trent’s big dick and devours it, then fucks Trent’s hole missionary and doggy style.

The bottom rides his boyfriend’s cock till he cums, then Markus fills Trent’s mouth with his tasty jizz and some more whipped cream. Breakfast is served…Join them!

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When Theo Brady’s boyfriend heads upstairs, Theo decides it’s time to take a little break from the unpacking… only to get caught with his dick in his hand when their buddy, Markus Kage, arrives to help out.

Theo helps Markus’ cock out of his pants, deep throating him and hiding behind a stack of boxes when his man comes in to say hello.

Markus fucks Theo’s hole doggy style, pounding him up against the window where the new neighbors can get an eyeful of the twink’s slender body.

When Theo’s boyfriend catches them fucking he wants to get some of Markus’ dick too, but they make the cuck watch as Markus fucks Theo, then they give him a double cum facial.

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Markus Kage’s wife is hanging out the wet washing on the line, she asks him where the gardener is?

Markus is not sure so he say’s, “I’ll go and find him.”

When Markus turns the corner and sees young gardener Benjamin Blue he is not hoeing the weeds as expected.

Instead, sexy Benjamin has his ass out of his jeans and is using the handle as a makeshift dildo.

Quickly Markus undoes his pants and flops his big soft uncut dick in Benjamin’s face.

Markus asks Benjamin, “Did you miss me?”

Benjamin eagerly sucks down hard on Markus’ thick erect cock, getting it to the back of his throat. All the while pummelling his hot hole with the garden fuck stick.

They hide from Markus’ wife as she calls out for them, continuing with a hardcore ass fucking with Benjamin’s hole taking a punishing bareback fucking from Markus’ huge tool.

Then his wife sees them both and shouts, “What the fuck are you doing Garden Fuckers!” and storms inside.

Now on their own, the hottie dudes continue with their hardcore fuck fest continues around the garden until Benjamin can take no more and he unloads his cum all over the top’s abs.

Markus follows spraying Benjamins’s face with his jizz load ending in a hot creamy facial.

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Jeremy London was due on a Zoom call 10 minutes ago, he’s late as he rushes downstairs in just his tight sexy underwear. But where is his laptop?

A cheeky grin breaks over his boyfriend Markus Kage’s face as he watches Jeremy trying out the anal vibrator on the table thinking it is his mouse.

Unbeknown to Jeremy, Markus has full control of the vibrations via his smartphone.

The toy gives Markus an idea: As Jeremy tries to stay professional with his boss, the naughty top crawls under the table, rips a hole in his man’s drawers, and slips the vibrator into his hole.

When Markus turns up the toy, Jeremy has to log off as he cums hard all over his webcam.

Jeremy starts sucking Markus’s cock, then rides it on the floor before the top picks him up and puts him on the table to fuck his ass missionary.

Jeremy bends over for some doggy style till Markus pulls out to cum all over the vibrator. Jeremy slides it back inside, then gets back to work.

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Sexy bearded sergeant major Markus Kage is ready for another day of full military discipline, while his stepson Edward Terrant is lying in bed jerking his dick, trying to get off.

As hairy chested muscle hunk Markus is cleaning his teeth in the bathroom he hears young Edward in the shower so he draws back the curtain to find him gagging on a huge rubber dildo.

When Marcus is putting on his uniform Edward sneaks into his bedroom and steals his army helmet.

Edward then sticks his dildo to the hat and fucks himself hard and deep moaning with each forceful pump as the sex toy disappears inside his horny hole.

Markus catches the young sexy dude riding the toy just as Edward cums… on his shiny boot.

The strict soldier makes Edward clean his boot with his tongue, then clean his cock too.

The sergeant delivers an over-the-knee spanking before eating Edward’s hole and fucking him doggy style.

Edward rides his stepdad’s cock till he cums, then Markus fucks the twink in piledriver and jizzes all over his booty.

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Sexy tattooed big muscle dude Markus Kage’s GF has been stuck abroad and he’s not had sex for months, his balls are blue and bursting with cum.

Marcus shares his house with big gay muscled stud Malik Delgaty, who is always having gay hookups night and day, every day of the week and Marcus is just a little bit envious.

As Marcus passes Malik’s open bedroom door he catches a glimpse of Malik stripping off and jerking his big thick dick to a webcam sex buddy.

The sight of Malik’s ripped muscles and his huge hard erection flood Markus with horny feelings and he lingers a little bit too long and gets busted.

Then whilst Malik is cleaning up in the shower Markus pops in and secretly switches the water off but then slips on the floor ending up on his ass as Malik pulls back the shower curtain.

Malik drops his towel and Malik reaches up from the floor and sucks down hard on Malik’s huge erect cock, swallowing it hard to the back of his throat.

Malik then turns the bi-curious muscle hunk Markus to the wall and forces his big thick cock deep between his ass cheeks till his balls.

Markus moans with pleasure as he feels Malik’s big cock moving inside him, with long strong strokes in and out as Markus contracts his ass muscles making Malik increase the pressure as he pushing in.

Markus enjoys the raw bare ass fucking so much, that he changes position and rides Malik reverse, then he takes it deeper in piledriver till he sprays cum all over his abs.

Malik then pulls out and fires a volley of cum shots all over Markus’s asshole before fucking the cum back inside.

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It is young sexy stud Ryan Jacobs’s birthday and he is having a bit of a birthday bash when his bearded sexy stepdad Markus Kage gatecrashes with a Penis piñata.

Ryan can’t thank him enough and as he hangs up the balloon he catches the eye of Markus and he pulls his pants down and presses his bare butt into his face.

Markus licks his tongue along Ryan’s young smooth ass crack getting it in deep into his tight moist hole.

Ryan is spreadeagled over the countertop in just his white sock and t-shirt with Markus rimming his asshole getting it nice and wet for his huge cock.

Markus flops his big thick dick out of his pants and young Ryan gags on it as he swallows it balls deep right to the back of his throat.

All this happens whilst his mom and sister are sat across the apartment, so they are as quiet as they can be.

The dudes hurriedly put their clothes back on when the ladies come over, but as Ryan tries to hit the piñata he accidentally knocks out his mom and his sis.

Markus consoles him with some of his big thick dick, getting the twink bottom naked and bareback fucking him on the couch.

The burly muscle hunk of a stepdad even picks Ryan up for a stand-and-carry raw ass fucking before Ryan rides the top’s cock cowboy-style till he cums, then takes a huge cum birthday facial.

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When musician Markus Kage comes into Sunny D’s repair shop, rudely snapping his fingers for service, it doesn’t make the mechanic inclined to drop everything to fix his tour bus.

Markus swallows his pride and gets down on his knees, and soon he’s swallowing Sunny’s dick.

Sunny puts Markus up against a car and sucks his cock, then turns him around and penetrates his hole doggy style.

The mechanic lies down on his creeper so the bottom can ride him, then pushes up Markus’s legs to fuck him missionary, making the bottom nut.

Sunny blows his load on Markus’s beard.

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After his mom kicks him out in the middle of the night, twink Ryan Jacobs goes to stay with his dad Alex Mecum, but even more than the hospitality, he wants some of Alex’s boyfriend, Markus Kage.

Ryan sucks Markus’s cock in the bathroom, but the horny twink has to hide in the shower when his dad comes in.

But Alex is also horny for some shower sex in the morning, and Markus is caught in the middle.

Markus goes down on Alex, then Alex rims him. Markus sticks his cock through a hole in the shower curtain, where the waiting Ryan sucks it as Alex fucks Markus doggy style.

The scheming stepdad bends Alex over and fucks him, and Ryan rips an even bigger hole so he can penetrate Markus doggy style.

He cums on his hairy ass just before Alex blows a massive load.

Markus gives Alex a facial, then sends him out for fresh towels, giving Ryan a chance to slip away.

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Jeremy London’s partner has just broken up with him via text message. His now ex-bae is dissatisfied by the lack of sex and excitement within their relationship. It’s over.

Newly dumped Jeremy is feeling more than a little betrayed, bitter, and angry. But he’s concocted a way to harness all that emotion into some truly tasty revenge. Over the course of three encounters and multiple anonymous loads, this jilted dumpee will transform into a total Cum Dump.

Markus Kage, a rugged, bearded stud Jeremy matches with on the SexMeet app, is at the ready to kick off Round 1…Join them!

Welcome to cards night where the sexy guys are playing poker.

Manuel Skye hosts the boys while sitter Jake Nobello keeps the little ones safe upstairs.

While Drew Dixon and Markus Kage are plying their cards right they are waiting for young cum slut Jake to get off so they can fuck him and unload more than their winnings.

Jake’s little tight butt is about to be the bottom end of a Daddy Gangbang.

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Life in small-town rural America is often quiet and quaint but garage mechanic Markus Kage is a hard fucker.

Markus enjoys fucking guys over when they break down in his little town. He has special plans for helpless gay sluts like Benjamin Blue.

As Benjamin barely rolls into the mechanic with his piercing blue eyes and wanting mouth, Markus decides he will fuck him over in a whole different way.

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Horny bearded muscle hunk and personal gym trainer Markus Kage is at it again, flirting with his new clients.

Today he’s putting young sexy dude Alex Montenegro through his paces and he can’t help but touch his slender body.

As soon as they first meet, Alex mentions that he really needs some butt work.

He wants to grow his ass bigger.

Markus smiles as he checks out cutie Alex’s tight bubble butt, “sure we can work on your ass today!”, says Markus.

As Alex is doing his squats Markus gets up close so that Alex’s ass is rubbing against his crotch each time he rises and falls.

Markus’s big thick cock is already rock hard as he grabs ahold of Alex’s dick.

Then with Markus holding Alex’s legs in the air, Alex rips his shorts down to reveal a sexy jockstrap.

Markus gets stuck in parting his ass cheeks with both hands and slurping his hot hole with his tongue getting it nice and wet.

Alex moans as Markus rims his tight asshole.

Markus then feeds the young stud Alex his big erect dick.

Alex sucks it back choking as it hits the back of his throat and dripping in saliva he goes deeper till Markus’s balls are on his lips.

Markus then bends Alex over the weight machine and slides his slick cock deep into his tight hole.

Alex pushes his ass back down onto Markus’s huge dick till he is balls deep into his hole.

As Markus pummels his hole Alex braces taking every thrust and moaning loudly with pleasure.

The hardcore anal fucking continues until Markus can hold off no longer and he pulls out pumping his jizz all over Alex’s smooth ass.

He then forces his wet dick back inside and fucks Alex until he unloads shooting his load all over his chest and abs. What a sticky mess they’ve both made.

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As Bo Sinn packs the bundles of cash into a duffel bag he thinks he’s committed and got away with the perfect crime.

However, security guard Markus Kage spots him on the security cameras and surprises Bo as he leaves with his loot, before manhandling him into the office.

But Bo spots that Markus has stolen some of his ill-gotten cash into his pocket, he turns the tables and pushes Markus back falling to his knees to suck his huge dick.

But when Bo spies a stack of his ill-gotten cash has made its way into Markus’s pocket, he turns the tables and pushes Markus down on his knees to suck his cock.

Bo tries to distract Markus and run away, but the crafty security guard isn’t going to let Bo go without that fat dick in his hole.

The naughty burglar pounds Markus doggy style then fucks him mish on the floor and makes him service his foot and suck his toes.

Markus loves every second of being bad, riding Bo’s cock till he shoots a massive load and takes a hot creampie.

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At the truck stop, beefy muscle hunk Markus Kage is wandering around the rigs looking for a good time.

He’s horny and he catches sight of trucker Ryan Bones smoking a stogie, killing time.

He likes the look of the tattooed muscle man and heads towards the bathroom.

Once they are both inside Ryan slips his big thick dick out of his pants and Markus feasts his eyes.

Ryan then pushes Markus against the wall and gets him on his knees. Markus slobbers down Ryan’s big cock.

Ryan makes Markus lick his boots and even steps on his face then motorboats Markus’s hairy ass and tongues his hole.

The dominant top fucks Markus doggy style, reaching around to stroke his cock.

Then Markus rides Ryan’s big rig, and it feels so good, the bottom cums a big load before taking Ryan’s jizz on his trucker hat.

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