Max Hilton

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Max Hilton is a very handsome mountain of muscle. He is very friendly and personable, and aside from bodybuilding, sex is his favorite sport! Max is perfectly versatile, and he loves fucking as much as he enjoys getting his muscled ass fucked!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick / 20.32 cms
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 210 lbs / 95 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Spanish

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After work, the very sexy, mucho macho gay porn stars Max Hilton and Kike Gil hook up for what will be a battle of the muscle men. As they begin to disrobe, we see Kike’s beefy chest and pierced nipples awaiting attention and Max reveals his muscle pecs of granite.

As their cocks are caressed and leap from their pants, Max drops to his knees and takes the hairy man’s cock into his mouth, and begins to pleasure it and himself with the heat and musk that radiates from it. Kike’s cock is rock-solid and his balls have drawn up tight as Max titillates the head of his cock with his tongue.

Excited to get his lips wrapped around the big muscle man’s cock, Kike devours Max’s strong, fully erect cock. Kike turns around and presents his hairy ass to Max as he rams his raw cock deep into his ass and quickly begins fucking him. It is obvious how much Kike is enjoying being fucked by the big muscle man with his cock rock-hard the entire time and encouraging Max to continue fucking him with his verbal praises.

The guys re-position and this time Kike is bouncing his ass up and down on Max’s throbbing cock. The pleasure of that hairy ass on his cock is intensifying as Max joins Kike and begins rising up to meet his downward thrusts. Kike flips around and reaches a better angle at which to gyrate his ass up and down on Max’s cock and goes wild with the pleasure that is filling him up.

One last flip and Kike is on his back with Max’s heaving, muscular body on full display for viewing pleasure and his chiseled cock pumping away at his ass. Max’s fucking has reached the sweet spot deep inside of Kike and sends him over the edge of ecstasy as Kike’s cock erupts his hot load of cum.

Max continues fucking away at Kike’s ass until he mounts Kike’s hairy chest and unloads his creamy load of cum all over his lips, tongue, and face.

Kike laps it all up with gusto then sucks Max’s cock dry of his entire load. Now that is an after-work drink we all want…Join them!

Today Max Hilton introduces gay porn sexy newcomer Serbian Boban Jovanovic.

Max likes Boban’s well-developed muscle body and his 8-inch uncut cock, he is turned on and he steps forward to unzip his jeans.

As Max sucks Boban’s huge dick, caressing the end of it, with his tongue and feeling the heavyweight of it pressing against the back of his throat, Boban plays with his nipples.

Boban then lets Max suck his cock, getting the end of it wet with his saliva. Max savors Boban’s musky smell and the heat overtakes him.

Max sees that the new dude sure can suck a dick and he wastes no time spinning Boban around and shoving his own dick deep into his hot hole.

As the fucking begins Boban’s cock is still getting bigger and harder on every pump action of Max’s dick.

Both Max and Boban grunt and moan with every stroke of Max’s big cock.

Boban’s ass receives a pummeling hard fuck that risks both men heading over the edge, but Max wants to extend the hot fuck session longer so he backs off.

Boban then offers Max his long muscle dick and Max without hesitation jumps on to it, and grinds away getting right down until Boban’s massive meat is fully inside his ass.

Max then switches around and lowers his asshole onto Boban’s dick in a reverse cowboy fashion.

Once inside, Max is ready for deep fucking and encourages Boban by telling him to “fuck me”, “fuck my ass”.

With all that meat inside of him, Max is getting all of his muscles an intense massage.

Max has fucked his ass up and down Boban’s fat cock to the point of sheer pleasure that resonates throughout his entire body.

Just as Max thinks he will explode, Boban changes things up and flips Max onto his back.

With Max on his back and his legs spread wide open, Boban takes advantage of the position and gives him a hard-ass fucking.

Boban stimulates his nipples by pinching them as his cock grows fatter inside of Max’s ass.

One last pinch and Boban showers Max’s muscular thighs with his hot load of cum and dumps the remainder of it inside of Max’s ass.

Boban has a promising career, who would you like to see him with next?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Max Hilton and Sir Peter are checking out the other’s profile pics carefully because we all put the best of ourselves forward in our profiles and you know you eventually have to show up in person and the truth will always be revealed.

Well, these two sexy men have the goods to back up each of their photos. The guys hook up and are thrilled to see that they both match up to what was in the photo and what they are like in person.

Max takes a seat next to Sir and then takes his hand and assists him in exploring his muscular body. Max quickly removes his sexy underwear and Sir takes his cock into his hot mouth and begins lavishing him with a deep throat cock sucking.

The guys swap positions and Max eyes up Sir’s cock before opening his mouth farther than he has ever done before and sucks in the head of Sir’s monster cock. Max tries his best to suck his way up and down the gigantic width of Sir’s cock shaft, and with sheer determination, he keeps sucking.

Sir flips Max around and spreads his hairy, muscular ass cheeks revealing his pink pucker hole, and then dives in for a taste. Savoring all the delicious flavors swirling around Max’s ass has Sir’s mammoth cock throbbing and hungry for a tight, muscle ass. Max is bent over and Sir begins to gently slip his cock into his ass.

Eager and willing, Max quickly finds out just how thick this cock is going to stretch him open. Max yells out in anguish that is filled with more pleasure than pain and encourages Sir to go further. Sir flips Max onto his side and is able to get a better angle that will accommodate both men.

Working on his breathing, Max finds that with each new thrust forward Sir’s cock opens him up that much more. Another swap and this time Max takes more control by squatting his ass down onto Sir’s monster cock. As Max rides the giant his own cock responds by rising to full staff and bouncing about in full satisfaction.

Sir’s balls have drawn up tight and are ready to deploy when Max hops off and positions himself to be fed.

Before Sir is able to fill him up, Max erupts his thick load of cum in anticipation of tasting Sir’s hot load. Sir’s creamy load of cum saturates Max’s beard before he can get a taste. Always represent the Best of You!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Master Max Hilton is about to put Samuel Redx through the range of obedience, control, and pleasure as his sub.

As Samuel enters the room the commands begin and he is instructed to strip down, put your leather jock strap on, put your harness on and show me just how hot you are and how hungry you are to pleasure me.

“On your knees”, smell my leather jock, taste it, feel my hot cock growing from within.

Max releases his smooth ball sac as Samuel laps them up and savors the taste and smell of sweat and leather.

Releasing his hard cock, Max feeds it to Samuel, controlling his greedy need to suck it with unabandoned desire.

Using his gloved hands, Max controls Samuel’s rapacious pace as both men enjoy Samuel’s talented, wet mouth.

Samuel is pushed onto his back as Max spits and probes his hole with his gloved finger.

Enough play for this sub, Max is hungry and strips the jock off of Samuel, bends him over, and rams his rock-hard cock deep into his submissive ass.

Max’s balls are undulating back and forth heavily as they begin filling with his seed. Each deep thrust makes his cock that much harder and his ball sac that much heavier.

Swapping positions, Samuel is permitted to lower his hairy ass down onto Master’s throbbing cock and ride him hard.

Samuel gets flipped onto his back and Max thrusts his cock deep into his hungry hole.

Max picks up his pace and begins fucking Samuel with an aggressiveness as he feels Samuel’s ass muscles tighten around his penetrating cock.

Another deep thrust and Samuel’s cock erupts with an explosive load of cum and his ass muscles grip Master’s cock as if to never let go.

That final clench, the exploding cum sends Max over the edge as he allows his thick, creamy load of cum to drool out of his pulsating cockhead.

Max squeezes out a huge glob of cum onto his gloved finger and inserts one last gift to his sub, Samuel.

Master is always in control, but is never the owner.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!