Santi Sexy

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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Sagittarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 180lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Delan Benobe awakes in his bed after a heavy night partying, he turns to see who is lying next to him.

He is surprised when he see Santi Sexy’s beautiful bubble ass.

As Delan’s cock grows with anticipation of what is to come he begins stroking Santi’s backside and arouses him just in time.

Santi jumps to attention and immediately begins sucking Delan’s magnificent cock.

Not to miss any of the fun, Santi straddles Delan and feeds him his hard cock.

All this cock sucking has gotten Santi worked up and he decides it is time to sit on that mammoth cock.

Santi goes for a hard ride as he is flipped in multiple positions before shooting his load of cum.

Delan follows suit and showers Santi with his creamy load of cum.

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Two powerfully sexual men finally Meat Up today for exactly what the term means and Manuel Skye gives Santi Sexy all the meat he desires.

In this meat up there is no time for formalities just time for the art of seduction to be on full display.

Santi admires Manuel as he plays with the strands of pre-cum oozing from the swollen head of Manuel’s cock poking out of his underwear.

Santi comes closer for a taste of that hot precum as they share the succulent taste.

Moving closer Santi licks at the head that feeds him now before opening his mouth wide and devouring Manuel’s quickly swelling cock.

Santi opens wide as he forces Manuel’s cock across his wet tongue and down his hungry throat.

The cock sucking quickly gets intense then Santi pops off of Manuel’s cock as he is then fed a mouthful of Manuel’s smooth balls, stuffed all the way into that eager mouth.

Manuel then drops to his knees, admiring the throbbing chestnut cock in front of him, and displays his magnificent cock sucking skills as Santi’s cock shaft disappears down Manuel’s throat.

Manuel scoops up all the drooling saliva and begins to finger fuck Santi as Santi gives Manuel a deep face fucking.

Santi turns around and gives a shot of that perfect pucker hole as Manuel continues finger fucking him, but now interchanging it with his probing tongue.

Santi makes another turn and this time it is to lower his ass down onto Manuel’s awaiting cock.

Manuel’s cock pulls out and thrusts
forward multiple times, driving Santi wild with desire as his cock pulsates in anticipation.

Santi gets flipped again and this time finds himself on his back, while Manuel continues with his complete withdrawal and full, deep thrust fucking, which has both men’s cocks on the edge.

One last flip and Santi is squatting down onto Manuel’s pulsating cock, giving himself complete leverage to fill his ass with pure pleasure.

Manuel and Santi are working in unison with one another as Santi grabs his own cock and showers them both with his hot load of cum.

Manuel continues with his deep dicking as Santi’s ass has a vice grip wrapped around his cock.

Manuel pulls his cock out just as he erupts his huge load that Santi is ready to feed off of.

A huge load of cum sprays Santi’s face with the first eruption, but Santi is a hungry mother fucker and devours the rest of the load as it fills his hungry mouth.

A Meat Up is much more direct with gay men, we know we want your throbbing meat.

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Santiago Rodriguez and Santi Sexy are two Colombians with their blood coursing through their veins like fire and passion, which can only lead to savage, sensual sex. Santi has hooked up with Santiago and is getting worked up awaiting his arrival. Santiago arrives and presents Santi with the real thing.

Santi begins feeding on Santiago’s almond-colored beefy cock and smooth balls, opening his mouth wide and letting that huge cock stretch his throat to the max. Santiago swaps with Santi and goes back and forth from Santi’s smooth cinnamon-colored cock and ass.

Savoring the succulent taste of Santi’s hot ass, Santiago’s cock throbs with desire as his tongue prepares Santi’s ass for a deep ass fucking. Unable to wait any longer, Santi lowers his ass balls deep onto Santiago’s pulsating cock. As Santi begins riding and opening up his ass, Santiago takes over and begins slamming his cock deep and hard into that hungry hole.

The guys go back and forth with their fucking, almost like a contest to see who can slam fuck harder, you be the judge. After this slam fest the guys swap up positions and this time Santiago is pounding his cock in and out of Santi’s perfect ass. The view of Santiago’s cock slipping in and out of Santi’s open ass is amazing and shows just the level of sexual passion these 2 Colombians truly have.

Another swap and this time Santi is squatting his ass down onto Santiago’s inflamed cock, building to a volcanic explosion. Both men are being filled with immeasurable pleasure as Santi grabs his cock and shoots out a flying load of cum as Santiago’s cock continues its passionate fucking.

As the last of Santi’s cum drools from his cock he slowly raises up and Santiago’s cock slips out and Santi slowly relinquishes the hot load of cum that erupted deep inside of his ass.

With Santiago’s own cum coating his cock, Santi lowers his cum drenched ass back onto that amazing cock. That’s how two Colombians have sex.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!