Every gay porn video and gay porn image gallery of Felix Fox.

Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

CockyBoys gay porn scenes of Felix Fox

We have two foxy foxes making their CockyBoys debut together: Kane Fox and Felix Fox…who is making his “pro” debut.

The guys click from the start with big smiles and complementary tastes.

And since Felix expresses an interest in light bondage, he and Kane engage in a little kinky role-play.

Stripped down to a jockstrap and a blindfold, Felix plays with his rippling muscles & hard nipples as Kane watches, then approaches him to take control.

Kane bends over Felix who is breathlessly thrilled to submit and offer up his ass…which is promptly smacked.

Kane watches himself in the mirror as he makes out with Felix, dry humps him, and manhandles his body and his steely-muscled and vein-bulging neck.

Flex wants him even more and Kane turns his attention to eat out his smooth hole while fondling his creamy ass mounds.

After considerable teasing Kane moves in front of Felix to feed him cock, face-fuck him and test his deep-throating skills.

Kane pushes Felix a little more, ordering him to put on a dirty & vocal muscle-flexing show while he jacks off to the sexy exhibitionist.

Soon though, Kane answers Felix’s begging and fucks him from behind.

As he does, Kane continues to manhandle Felix and grab him by his thick curly hair before unmasking him to make him watch in the mirror too.

When “Sir” Kane has had enough of that he puts Felix on top of the counter to plow him more, enjoy his body and let his cock out.

Even as they make out with increasing passion, their dom and sub dynamic persists.

Kane switches it up again by sitting down and making Felix flex his muscles again while they both jack off.

Soon Kane sucks Felix and brings him very close to the edge and after making out and stroking their dicks together, Kane sits back to get more head.

And when he has fucked Felix deeply, Kane commands him to sit on his slobbered-up cock.

Felix rides him until he is ready to cum and that’s when Kane strokes him and milks an extra thick load out of him.

Kane licks some up and feeds Felix his own load before getting up to give him an open-mouthed facial.

Kane makes out again with Felix and is still in charge of him. And that’s the way they BOTH like it.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After the inauguration, Cade Maddox is waiting for Felix Fox to finish his shower to tell him the good news.

After hearing he gets to stay with Cade as long as he likes, Felix climbs on the bed and Cade rips off his towel.

After some passionate petting, Felix heads south to wrap his lips around Cade’s thick cock. When Cade wants a taste, Felix bends over to present his smooth, pink hole for Cade to tongue-fuck.

During his tongue bath, Felix starts begging for Cade’s pole inside his ass, so Cade gives his man what he wants and sticks him deep and deep.

Felix lays down and takes the brunt of Cade’s power inside of him, somehow still begging for more.

When Cade flips the stud over, Felix’s moans get louder and more intense as Cade continues to drill Felix’s prostate bareback.

Felix takes control and climbs on top, but Cade’s cock proves to be too euphoric in his ass, so Felix erupts with a thick load all over the bed while Cade slathers Felix’s ass with his cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Felix Fox is back to switch it up by topping Avery Jones.

Felix summons up a little of his inner dom, but really Avery is pretty much in charge.

His hands lightly caress Felix’s ripped body and get him hard and soon Avery’s lips go from Felix’s mouth down to his exposed hardon.

Avery sucks and deep throats Felix whose approval spurs Avery to go all in.

He strokes and sucks Felix’s cock and big balls and puts him into a state of writhing, back-arching breathless pleasure, which he enhances by playing with his nipples.

Soon, when Avery turns around and plays with his hole in front of his face, Felix takes the “offer” and eats and fingers his hole.

Avery takes the lead and sits on Felix’s cock and rides it.

Felix thrusts up into Avery and gets close to orgasm, but Avery shifts position and rides Felix’s piston-pumping cock sideways.

Felix follows his lead by fucking him deep from the side…just as Avery wants.

Felix’s cock puts a smile of pure pleasure on Avery’s face and he intensifies it by holding Avery by the throat.

As they get close to going over the edge again, Felix flips Avery to pound his hole from behind.

Felix soon bears down to drill him downwards before pulling Avery to his knees to fuck him faster.

This time before he blows, Felix flips Avery on his back to fuck him and with Avery’s vocal prodding Felix pulls out and shoots his loads and finishes inside him.

He keeps going and finally fucks the cum out of Avery.

He gobbles up the thick load from Avery’s fingers and Felix kisses him with the passion of total satisfaction…which they BOTH experience at the end.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Men gay porn scenes of Felix Fox

Felix Fox takes loving cars to a whole new level when his client’s new car literally turns him on while washing it.

Little does he know that handsome stud Paul Wagner is watching him from the dark back seat of the car.

Once Felix lays eyes on Paul jerking his big dick, he jumps at the chance to go down on him, almost swallowing Paul’s entire cock in one gulp.

The two take turns blowing each other until Paul starts rimming Felix, getting his hole ready for his huge cock.

Once ready, Felix guides Paul’s throbbing dick right into his puckering hole as Paul thrusts in and out of him.

Leaning forward on all fours to take it all in, Paul keeps fucking Felix’s hard, glistening body.

The pair’s moans get louder and louder until Paul shoots his load all over Felix’s face and chest.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Twink Theo Brady is waiting in line for his college graduation photo, but somehow he ended up with a backless gown.

To make his buddy feel better about his ass hanging out, Felix Fox flashes his dick, and Theo crawls under Felix’s gown to suck it.

Felix tries to keep it together for the pics as Theo surreptitiously swallows his cock.

He gets his revenge as Theo poses by slipping his cock through a slit in the backdrop and fucking Theo doggy style.

As soon as the coast is clear, the guys get naked and Felix fucks Theo on the stool, spinning him to fill his hole mish then penetrate his mouth.

The guys flip fuck as Felix goes down on Theo, then rides his cock, and the shaven-headed grad fucks his blond buddy missionary till they both jizz all over their mortarboards.

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Finn Harding’s calm Fourth of July sunbathing is interrupted by loud voices from the frat guys of Alpha Cum Laud next door.

He peeks through a hole in the fence, and the sight of curly-haired blond Felix Fox’s muscular body in nothing but a skintight bathing suit makes him want to keep watching.

Felix catches his hot neighbor peeking over the fence and pokes a hot dog through the hole, so Finn decides to put his cock through next.

After Felix strokes it, Finn comes over, and the guys start a game of dick pong before heading inside where Felix squirts mustard on Finn’s “sausage” and swallows it down.

Felix bends over the table and Finn eats his ass, then fucks him doggy style.

Finn feeds the twink a hot dog while pounding him missionary on the table, then fucks him deeply on the floor in piledriver.

Felix rides the sexy top reverse as he slides his own meat into a bun before cumming and then takes a hot facial. Happy Independence Gay!

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As Kyle Connors enters the metro subway car the doors close fast ripping his sweatpants clean off, leaving him naked.

Precinct 69 undercover officer Theo Brady, radios for Agent Felix Fox for immediate backup.

Felix puts Kyle under arrest and takes him to the interview room, telling the redhead to confess his public indecency was planned.

As Theo watches from behind the one-way mirror, Kyle gets naked and waits for Felix on the desk on all fours.

Felix fucks that ass, and Kyle rides the sexy agent.

Felix penetrates the perp’s mouth, then sucks his cock.

Kyle lies back on the desk as the top pounds his hole, then they swap facials before Kyle makes his daring escape.

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If you’ve been dreaming of hooking up with blond Adonis Felix Fox, you won’t want to miss this chance to get up close and personal.

Sensual Felix gets turned on as he runs his hands over his flawless body, watching himself in the mirror as he stimulates his nipples, squeezes his ass, and even chokes himself a little.

Felix climbs onto the bed and rubs his ass, sliding his fingers inside before lying back to stroke his cock.

Felix could use a hand, so Adrian Hart joins him to passionately kiss the hunk and suck his cock before feeding Felix his dick.

Adrian spanks Felix’s pert ass and rims him before fucking the bottom doggy-style, then turns Felix on his back so he can see his gorgeous face as he fucks him missionary.

He spoons the sexy bottom as he penetrates him, then Felix rides Adrian’s big cock and strokes himself until he cums.

Adrian pushes the hot twink down to breed that ass!

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There are still some kinks to be ironed out of the new Anal Cumbat arcade game when con-goers Dante Colle and Felix Fox get sucked inside the virtual world.

The gamers are shocked to find themselves dressed as the characters… and equipped with huge cocks.

After defeating an enemy with their jizz weapon, the game world looks like it’s cumming to an end, so Felix asks Dante to take him doggy style.

The guys start fucking and get transported back to the real world.

They find an empty room at the con to continue their tryst, as Dante bends Felix over the table before they suck each other’s cocks. Felix rides the top, then takes that dick deep in missionary.

The security guard comes in to watch and decides to take a facial from both of them.

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Nerd icon Nick LA’s unprofessional behavior at the convention to hype his newest game, Anal Cumbat, costs him his agent when she quits after catching him encouraging unicorn-costumed fan Theo Brady to suck his cock under the table.

That’s fine because Nick would much rather take Theo back to the green room and penetrate his hole with a unicorn horn dildo!

The twink even rides his cock and takes a creampie.

But Nick’s absence means the arcade demo of Anal Cumbat is alone and unguarded… and cosplaying fans Dante Colle and Felix Fox decide to sneak in and check it out, only to find themselves zapped inside the game, where they suddenly sport big muscles and even bigger hard-ons.

After defeating an enemy with a cock blaster, Dante blasts Felix’s hole with his own dick in doggy style, and the guys are soon transported back to the real world, where they hide from the security guy to keep fucking.

Felix takes Dante’s big dick deep in his hole, and as the security guard comes to find them, he takes a facial from each of them.

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Felix Fox’s buddies have got him a special surprise for his birthday bash Michael Boston, who jumps out of a wrapped present wearing nothing but a pair of tight briefs and a bowtie to give Felix a lap dance.

But before things get really hot and heavy, first it’s time for flirty party games.

Felix pins the dildo in Michael’s hole, and Michael wins the right to suck Felix’s cock at the wheelbarrow race.

When the guys play naked musical chairs, Felix is the last to sit down when the music stops… but he hops on Michael’s cock, making him the real winner.

The guys serve Felix his “cake” Michael’s muscle ass is covered in frosting.

Felix eagerly devours it before the guys enjoy a birthday flip-fuck while Felix’s friends watch and stroke their cocks.

After pounding Michael’s ass and getting pounded to boot, Felix lies down on the table to take four hot loads in a birthday bukkake.

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Notorious subway flasher Felix Fox gets discovered on the platform by inspector Reese Rideout.

Reese chases Felix into the train and catches him red-handed and red-cocked exposing himself to some passengers.

But as Reese tries to cuff the horny teen, Felix grinds his ass against the inspector’s junk, then leans forward and kisses him.

The lucky passengers enjoy the show as Reese sucks Felix’s cock, then uncuffs the flasher so he can fuck Felix doggy style.

Felix rides Reese on a seat, then sucks him before Reese fucks Felix doggy style on the floor until the bottom cums.

The two voyeurs jack themselves off as they watch Reese give his quarry a facial.

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The High Court falls silent as sexy tattooed deviant Chris Damned is into the dock in an orange jumpsuit and BDSM leather studded bondage chains.

Chris is accused of sticking his huge dick through a painting.

Cockspert witness Felix Fox arrives, confident that he’ll prove Chris’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, but ends up proving Chris was falsely accused.

To apologize, Felix sucks Chris’s cock, then Chris bends Felix over, pulls out his butt plug, and fucks his hole.

The bottom asks Chris to unlock his cock cage, then the top fucks him missionary, and Felix rides Chris on the judge’s box.

Chris fucks the expert bottom doggy style till Felix cums, then accepts his apology with a facial.

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Black stud Adrian Hart is leading a yoga class and putting his pupils Felix Fox and Finn Harding through their paces.

They are both finding it very hard to concentrate when they can see Adrian’s huge erect dick tenting his white yoga pants.

As the class closes their eyes for breathing exercises, Adrian takes out his hard cock and Felix sucks it.

When everyone notices the blowjob, Finn gets in on the fun, stripping down so Felix can suck him too.

Flexible Adrian does a backbend to suck Finn while Felix gets down in front of him to suck the teacher’s cock, then Adrian rides Felix’s dick as Finn fucks the blond hunk at the same time.

This threesome has these guys really working up a sweat until Adrian cums in Felix’s mouth, then takes his students’ loads all over him.

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Felix Fox is preparing for an important job interview when “Disaster” he spills coffee all over himself.

In a panic, Felix rushes to Joey Mills’s shop and strips off all his clothes for some emergency dry cleaning.

He hides behind the counter when another customer comes in and sucks Joey’s cock, and the twink returns the favor before Felix fucks him doggy style behind the racks.

Joey hops up on the counter for muscular Felix to penetrate him in missionary, then rides the top’s cock reverse, stroking himself till he cums, and Felix empties his balls on Joey’s face. Time to clean up again.

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Head lifeguard Felix Fox has planned a surprise prank for rookie Malik Delgaty’s first daya pair of dissolving swimming trunks.

As soon as Malik jumps in the pool for a rescue drill, the bathing suit washes away, and when he hoists Felix out, Malik is fully naked.

He chases Felix and gets his revenge by rubbing his cock on the blond’s face, but to his surprise, Felix loves it, eagerly swallowing that big pool noodle.

The other lifeguards watch as Malik bends Felix over the lifeguard chair and fucks him, then Felix rides the horny top before taking that huge dick doggy style on all fours.

As the bottom gets pounded missionary, his coworkers come over to cum on his face, and that’s all the encouragement Felix needs to orgasm too before Malik shoots one more load on the messy twink.

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Young sexy homebuyer Felix Fox wants this house really bad, and when he pulls up neck-and-neck with rival buyer Codi Vore, he’s going to do whatever and whomever it takes.

Luckily, hot hunky house agent Pierce Paris seems strangely immune to Codi’s feminine charms but is clearly responding to Felix’s overt flirting as the blond curly-haired young twink grinds his ass against Pierce’s dick.

The guys get Codi out of the way and Felix sucks the top’s cock, then Pierce fucks him doggystyle.

The top flips Felix upside-down to pound his hole in piledriver, then Felix rides him on the couch.

Pierce penetrates the twink in missionary till Felix cums, then pulls out and showers him with a hot load.

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Sexy young stud Joey Mills and hottie curly-haired dude Felix Fox arrive at the movie theater to celebrate their one-year anniversaries with their girlfriends, but as soon as they clap eyes on each other they’ve only got eyes for each other.

After flirting in the popcorn and drinks line, the guys managed to sit next to each other and sneakily hold hands before Felix slides his dick through a hole in his popcorn bucket, and Joey strokes it.

Joey does the same, but when the girls notice their boyfriends jacking each other off, they storm out.

The horny twinks openly suck each other’s butter-flavored cocks before Felix fucks Joey piledriver on his seat.

Joey rides the top’s dick, then Felix lays the cute twink on his back before penetrating him doggy style as the usher sneakily watches.

Felix gives Joey a hot facial, and the bottom jacks his cock till he cums.

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American Asian Dale sees muscular twink Felix Fox dancing through the window at the Cock Stop and he stops in his tracks to watch him.

Felix beckons the cute bottom over, making flirty eye contact and slowly bending to show his muscle ass.

The guys kiss passionately and suck each other’s cocks, then Dale rides the blond top’s dick.

Felix fucks Dale doggystyle against the wall, then pounds his hole in missionary, and he doesn’t stop till both guys cum.

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Hot gay couple Adrian Hart and Felix Fox arrive at Heaven’s pearly gates, but they’re missing their junk.

Rather than spend a sexless eternity, the guys leap down to hell, where they put on a hot show for Satan himself.

The Prince of Darkness gets a lap dance from Adrian in his black leather chaps, and Felix joins in to make out with his man before the guys enjoy a double-ended plug together.

Mephistopheles watches as Felix fucks Adrian doggy style, stroking his huge red cock on his throne as the boyfriends suck each other, then Adrian rides Felix reverse.

Then it’s Felix’s turn to get fucked as Adrian penetrates him doggy style, and after Hell’s newest devils cum, Beelzebub rewards them with his evil jizz on their faces.

Better to rail in hell than abstain in heaven.

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Sexy naked dude Felix Fox wakes up in the morning and heads to the kitchen, strapping on an apron and gloves to make a start on the pots and pans left in the sink from the last evening.

His boyfriend, Slim Saint, decides to help his man out by coming up behind him and kissing him, then pressing his lips down Felix’s back before rimming his hole.

The dishes will have to wait because all Felix wants is to concentrate on pleasure as Slim slides his cock inside him.

Felix sucks Slim, then rides him on the floor before leaning back on the island with one leg up on the counter as Slim fucks him missionary.

The bottom cums, then Felix blows the top and swallows his load.

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For our 10-year anniversary, exclusive talent Malik Delgaty got all dressed up, and Paul Wagner helps him get undressed, kissing the muscular hunk’s body and sucking his cock before penetrating his hole with his fingers and a toy.

But as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever on screen, his cock won’t fit.

Luckily, Felix Fox shows up to teach a class on bottoming, telling Paul to take notes as he rides Malik expertly.

Just one cock isn’t enough for this power bottom, so Felix calls up eight more of his closest friends, Clark Delgaty, Darenger McCarty, Gabriel Clark, Kenzo Alvarez, Markus Kage, Skyy Knox, Tony D’Angelo, and Trent King, to celebrate this Menniversary the best way he knows how, with a gangbang.

Felix helps himself to an all-you-can-fuck-and-suck buffet, then the tops take turns pounding his hole in piledriver till he cums all over himself before lucky Felix gets absolutely covered in nine cumshots.

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