Santiago Rodriguez

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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It’s a gay porn party when Cole Keller invites his buddies Santiago Rodriguez over for a drink. Things get down and dirty as Santiago’s huge cock is the first to leap out followed by Viktor Rom and Cole’s magnificent cocks.

The guys line up in a ladder formation as Cole sucks on Victor’s notorious cock as Victor sucks on Santiago’s luscious Latino cock. Maneuvering into a new position, Santiago lowers his sweet ass onto Victor’s fat cock as Cole begins feeding Santiago his meaty cock.

With each stride up and down on Viktor’s rock-hard cock, Santiago’s cock is slapping against his abs growing stronger and harder with each thrust. Viktor then stands up with Santiago and wraps his one leg around his waist as he continues fucking his ass.

Another swap and this time it is Cole lowering his huge muscle ass onto Viktor’s throbbing cock. Santiago is right behind Cole and also slips his cock inside of his magnificent ass. Cole’s expert ass eases in quickly to adapt to the double dicking he is receiving.

As Cole’s adaptation to the two massive cocks in his ass the pace begins to pick up and Cole begins receiving a full-on hard ass fucking from both men. The guys swap positions once again and this time we find Cole lowering his ass onto both Viktor and Santiago’s cocks as they are lying cock to cock.

Cole’s ass is hungry as he bangs his ass down hard onto his buddies’ cocks. As the fucking intensifies all three men’s cocks are cocked and loaded for a huge explosion. Cole wants a taste of Viktor and Santiago’s loads and maneuvers himself to be at mouth level to both cocks.

Santiago is the first to feed Cole his creamy load of cum. After dumping his load in Cole’s mouth, Santiago moves in and licks his load off of Cole just as Viktor unleashes his huge load of cum all over Cole and Santiago’s faces and mouths.

As Cole is sucking the cum out of Viktor’s cock his own cock erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum…Join them!

Ripped muscled Colombian stud Santiago Rodriguez and Spanish muscle hunk Manuel Reyes share a love of sexy underwear.

As the two hotties meet up they kiss briefly, making out in just their undies when Manuel pushes Santiago back so he falls onto the bed.

Santiago’s body looks amazing with his huge crotch bulge, Manuel on his knees reaches down and unleashes Santiago’s thick 8-inch cock, and sucks it down to the back of his throat.

He feels Santiago’s soft dick grow to a full erection as he caresses it with his tongue working his lips around his big mushroom cockhead.

Santiago’s magical mouth has Manuel so excited that he jumps from Santiago’s mouth to his throbbing cock as he shoves that huge cock up his smooth ass.

Manuel grabs his ass cheeks, spreads them wide open, and grinds down balls deep onto Santiago’s hot cock.

Manuel feels that he is too close to the edge and flips with Santiago, ramming his cock into that beautiful ass.

Thrusting his cock in and out of Santiago’s ass, Manuel uses his torpedo cock to drive pleasure deep inside of Santiago with each new thrust.

Santiago gets flipped onto his back and Manuel continues with his blitz of deep ass fucking.

Both men are reaching their ultimate rub when Santiago flips Manuel and shoves his huge cock up his sleek ass.

Santiago’s fucking brings them to the precipice of pleasure as both men rub out their creamy loads of cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It is a colder winter day and when Jose Quevedo arrives home he finds his BF Santiago Rodriguez relaxing in just his underwear in front of a roaring fire.

The two muscle men kiss passionately add Santiago helps undress Jose.

As Jose loses his clothes we get to see his huge hard erect cock standing erect like a rocket.

Santiago leans down and grabs it sucking it deep into his mouth, deep throating the monster dick till it hits the back of his throat gagging him as his balls touch his lips.

Jose returns the favor chowing down on Santiago’s thick erect uncut cock.

Jose begins by superbly licking and sucking the head of Santiago’s cock then slowly working his way down the entire length of the full cock shaft. Santiago is flipped around, and Jose uses his magnificently talented tongue to delve into the perfectly smooth chestnut pucker hole.

Jose can no longer resist the temptations that Santiago’s exquisite ass is presenting before him and slowly slips his hard cock into the warmth of his perfect ass. This is no hardcore fuck session, but one of seduction, pleasure, and enchantment.

Santiago flips Jose and presses his throbbing cock head against Jose’s hairy hole as it begins to slide deep within his ass.

The guys flip again and this time Jose is lowering his ass down onto Santiago’s awaiting cock.

Jose is able to fuck himself in the most pleasurable manner as he eases all the way down until he feels Santiago’s pubic hair tickling his ass.

Once last flip and Jose is on his back spreading his ass open as he is ready to receive all that Santiago has to offer him.

As the fire crackles in the background, Jose grabs his cock and strokes out his creamy load of cum all over his furry abs.

Santiago pulls out just in time to cream Jose’s ass and to collapse in front of the fire on top of Jose.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Santiago Rodriguez and Santi Sexy are two Colombians with their blood coursing through their veins like fire and passion, which can only lead to savage, sensual sex. Santi has hooked up with Santiago and is getting worked up awaiting his arrival. Santiago arrives and presents Santi with the real thing.

Santi begins feeding on Santiago’s almond-colored beefy cock and smooth balls, opening his mouth wide and letting that huge cock stretch his throat to the max. Santiago swaps with Santi and goes back and forth from Santi’s smooth cinnamon-colored cock and ass.

Savoring the succulent taste of Santi’s hot ass, Santiago’s cock throbs with desire as his tongue prepares Santi’s ass for a deep ass fucking. Unable to wait any longer, Santi lowers his ass balls deep onto Santiago’s pulsating cock. As Santi begins riding and opening up his ass, Santiago takes over and begins slamming his cock deep and hard into that hungry hole.

The guys go back and forth with their fucking, almost like a contest to see who can slam fuck harder, you be the judge. After this slam fest the guys swap up positions and this time Santiago is pounding his cock in and out of Santi’s perfect ass. The view of Santiago’s cock slipping in and out of Santi’s open ass is amazing and shows just the level of sexual passion these 2 Colombians truly have.

Another swap and this time Santi is squatting his ass down onto Santiago’s inflamed cock, building to a volcanic explosion. Both men are being filled with immeasurable pleasure as Santi grabs his cock and shoots out a flying load of cum as Santiago’s cock continues its passionate fucking.

As the last of Santi’s cum drools from his cock he slowly raises up and Santiago’s cock slips out and Santi slowly relinquishes the hot load of cum that erupted deep inside of his ass.

With Santiago’s own cum coating his cock, Santi lowers his cum drenched ass back onto that amazing cock. That’s how two Colombians have sex.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Defined Colombian stud Santiago Rodriguez is Hot AF.

With luscious lips, a smooth bubble butt, and a big dick, he’s seductive and open to inviting you in to watch.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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