Every gay porn video and gay porn image gallery of Trent Marx.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Brother Crush gay porn scenes of Trent Marx

Hot stepbrothers Mark Something and Trent Marx, are in their bedroom that they share with each other.

Mark is bored and he wants to do fun stuff with his stepbro like they used to do.

Trent is studying but he suggests they play chicken the truth and dare game.

They start off simply with mark asking Trent to remove his shirt which he does to show off his lean-fit young body.

Now it is Mark’s turn to come up with a dare so he goes all out and asks Mark to put his dick in his mouth.

Mark doesn’t waste any time and is soon on his knees in front of his step bro’s soft dick sucking it into his sweet lips and rubbing the end with his tongue.

Trent loves that feeling and his young cock springs to attention fully erect as soon as Mark’s mouth makes contact.

As Trent pumps his dick in and out of Mark’s mouth he moans loudly with pleasure.

Trent then turns his step bro Mark around exposing his bare ass.

With both hands, he parts Mark’s ass cheeks and rubs his tongue along Mark’s ass crack until he finds his hot asshole.

Trent then rims his hole getting him nice and wet and ready for his huge erection.

With Mark on his hands and knees doggie style Trent pushes his big young dick deep into Mark’s waiting, ass hole.

He gets it all the way in, balls deep then he pulls it out, until the tip is only just inside, in a hard rhythmic pump action which Mark seems to enjoy.

Then with Mark on his back with his legs pulled up over his shoulders, Trent power fucks him, his balls slapping against Mark’s bare ass.

Both young step bros are close to orgasm and as Mark sprays a volley of hot jizz across his stomach, Trent pulls out and cums coating Mark’s asshole with his load before fucking his cum back inside Mark’s freshly fucked ass.

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Active Duty gay porn scenes of Trent Marx

When Trent Marx asks fellow soldier Jesse Prather if he can handle all of his ass, Jesse springs to attention to give the private a proper pounding.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Augustine Mayor is a brand new recruit to Active Duty. The smart soldier is a chemist on the side and Trent Marx can’t wait to bang his new buddy.

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Horny new army recruit Blake Cummings loves to experiment with new things, so when he gets the chance to try out gay porn, he goes for it, straight away.

Blake loves to dominate his man in bed and teamed up with bossy bottom Trent Marx who is happy to let him rail the hell out of his tight ass hole.

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Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Trent Marx

When Reign and Trent Marx discover that they have the outdoor pool all to themselves, they don’t waste a second before stripping down and getting ready for an intense, poolside bareback session.

Reign sits on the edge of the pool as Trent works his way up and down the stud’s curved shaft.

He swallows every inch of the stud before getting out of the water for Reign to service his hole.

Now on all fours, a glistening Trent softly moans as the top’s long dick hits his insides in all the right spots.

Things speed up as Reign pumps himself harder and harder into his swimming buddy’s asshole until he’s pulling out to shoot his creamy ropes all over Trent’s used cheeks.

After draining himself, Reign kneels down and commands an about-to-bust Trent to unload his juicy nut all over his bare face.

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Hottie ripped muscle hunk Jordan Starr’s huge cock bareback young blonde Trent Marx’s bubble butt.

Trent Marx is such a good bottom to Jordan Starr in this sexy scene.

Watch as Trent rides Jordan and takes it like a God.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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