Felix Kamp

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Summary StoryNew apprentice, Maxx Monroe, dutifully stands, takes a deep breath, and begins to undress. He takes off his tie and shirt, desperate to appear calm while his hands shake uncontrollably. Felix Kamp watches …

Full StoryMaxx has been summoned to one of the ceremonial rooms for his first interview. He’s smartly dressed in shirt and tie, his mouse brown hair neatly cropped and styled. The powerful and intimidating Master Kamp ushers Maxx to a seat.

Maxx feels nervous and self-conscious. Everything in the room is almost glaringly white, from the carpet and walls to the fabric curtains which billow in the soft, summer breeze.

Kamp, dressed in a white suit, sits down next to Maxx and studies the boy’s face. The silence makes Maxx increasingly uncomfortable. Kamp finally speaks.

His voice is soft but authoritative. He has a strong German accent. He reads a signed declaration, reminding Maxx of the promise he made to serve his superiors at all times during his apprenticeship.

But before Maxx can meet his obligations, Kamp has a list of probing questions that he needs to ask him. It’s important to find out more about the boy and Kamp insists on absolute honesty.

The master’s initial line of questioning focuses on the boy’s sexuality. The quest for pleasure is central to Masonic philosophy and it’s vital to know what makes a boy tick. Knowledge is power, after all.

When asked, Maxx flatly denies being attracted to men. That is a typical response. A boy will often require gentle persuasion to accept his true nature and Kamp is the master of persuasion.

The Master reminds Maxx of his promise to serve his superiors before casually ordering the boy to take off all of his clothes. Maxx is utterly dumbfounded and, for a moment, freezes, as he tries to process Kamp’s demand.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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The room was oppressive and dark.

Candles flickered and filled the space with ghostly shadows.

Three stern-looking masters were sitting behind a long bench which was covered in a row of large, shiny pegs.

Master Kamp stood, undressing me slowly and seductively.

Grandmaster Legrand ordered me to sit down on the first peg.

I did as instructed, willing myself to stay relaxed as I lowered myself down.

It slid into me with relatively little discomfort, but as I glanced down the bench and saw how large the pegs were at the other end, my ass began to clench.

I knew what was coming…

Sure enough, Grandmaster Legrand then told me to move onto the next peg, which was a little larger than the first, and then the next and the next and the next, stretching my ass wider each time until I felt like it was literally being torn apart.

The sixth and final peg was insanely large.

I genuinely tried my hardest to get it inside me but it was too much. I’d failed.

Legrand hastily pulled down his pants and removed his giant, thick, bulbous dick.

I squatted over the bench and held my breath as it slowly entered me. He was soon grinding himself in and out, driving his huge, boned-up, raw cock into my guts.

The pace and depth of his thrusting suddenly altered as he entered a state of pure, lust-fuelled frenzy. He squirted his load deep into me. I could feel it gushing out of the tip of his dick.

I instantly felt pure, alive and ready for the next step in this remarkable journey towards enlightenment.

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Hottie young boy Chase Tyler ravaged by older daddies Ryan St. Michael and Felix Kamp’s huge dicks.

Master St. Michael then got behind his purchase and dove into the boy’s hungry hole with his masterful tongue. After a deep tongue-fuck and some fingering, the hairy man stood up, and pointed his own rock-hard, curved cock at Chase’s hole.

He popped the head in first, with the rest of the shaft going into the willing boy’s chute with ease. The Master pounded the boy, getting him to moan in ecstasy. After some time at the perfect rhythm, Master St. Michael could feel his own balls tighten a bit.

He made the boy get on his back, then the successful buyer slid back into his prize’s hole, and let the boy know with just a stern gaze that he wanted their eyes locked as he unloaded inside. The man began to groan and grunt as he reached the hilt and spilled inside the hole he just bought and paid for. Chase, too, covered himself in his own seed.

Master St. Michael scooped some of the boy’s cum off his stomach and had him taste it, which Chase did hungrily and without any protest. Master leaned in and kissed his new slaveboy; the bid was absolutely worth it.

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Boy Clayton undressed his Master anxiously. He did all that he could to demonstrate his obedience. Master Legrand leaned back as the Boy took his Master’s huge cock into his mouth; Boy Clayton looked up with pleading eyes. Master Legrand smiled as he pushed his sub-boy further down the shaft of his member, filling that throat with the taste of wealthy precum and juicy cock.

Boy Clayton straddled his Master, slowly sliding one of the biggest cocks in the Buyers Club into his lightly-stretched hole. The Slaveboy’s moans immediately followed as he began to pump himself on his Master’s cock. Legrand appeared almost proud of his submissive boy for taking his huge cock so well—though perhaps “pride” is not the correct word for a man pleased that his purchase is working as expected.

Nature took over. Master Legrand pumped reflexively, pumping the boy harder and harder with each second. The Boy Clayton’s hole was split in ways it had never been before, his moans of pain and pleasure reached new heights he was unaware of. Their faces twisted, overcome with sensation, as Master Legrand approached his final thrusts into the boy. His seed spilled, spreading throughout his boy’s body, filling each crevice of his hole. Money well spent.

With his softening cock so big that it still filled the inside of his boy’s hole, Master Legrand propped Boy Clayton up. The afterglow of his breeding washed over the boy’s glazed expression, he barely whimpered when Master pulled out. Master Legrand rose to leave the room, but not before throwing the boy a towel. After all, he should clean up before their next session.

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