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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Icon Male gay porn scenes of Lance Charger

Sexy cowboys Casey Everett and Lance Charger are having a serious heart-to-heart in the yard.

Young stud Casey reaches in to kiss older hunk Lance as a thank you for his understanding ways.

They both strip off his shirts as Casey twists Lance’s nipples hard.

Casey reaches down and feels Lance’s huge hard dick through his jeans.

He drops to his knees and sucks in Lance’s huge man meat taking it right to the back of his throat.

Casey drops his jeans and underwear and falls onto all fours, allowing Lance to finger his hole.

Lance splits apart Casey’s ass cheeks getting his tongue in there deep rimming his tight asshole.

With Casey bracing against a rock Lance pumps his huge raw dick balls deep into Casey’s bubble butt making him moan with ecstasy.

Casey pushes his ass, backward getting Lance’s rock-like cock harder into his hot bare hole.

Lance continues pummeling Casey’s ass till he can take it no more and he shoots his load all over the place.

He’s quickly followed by Lance who cums then fucks the cum back inside Casey’s aching asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

House of Angell gay porn scenes of Lance Charger

All the proof you need that Lance Charger fucks as good as he looks is here in the latest Family release from House of Angell.

Will Angell’s little brother may be suave and sophisticated but he breeds like a wild animal.

He gives his nephew Liam Angell one hell of a pounding and never stops the anal assault until both brothers let their seed fly.

Liam ends up coated in rich feral juice.

Like a dog with two tails he shows how gratified he is to please his Dad and family.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Boy For Sale gay porn scenes of Lance Charger

There’s a reason Marcus Rivers is frequently up for auction. And it’s not because his masters don’t want him or think he’s disappointing. On the contrary, he often exceeds expectations, leading the powerful men to brag to their buyer friends about their new prize.

But this leads to a healthy amount of covetousness among the men, aching for their chance to see the young slave boy become theirs. And when this happens, the buyers see dollar signs.

When I saw River standing before me, he stood with the discipline and focus of a soldier. Despite lacking the traditional experience and body of a military man, he was just as molded mentally to obey orders and await commands. I barely had to open my mouth as I moved around him, inspecting his body to assess his value.

A qualitative review of his body wasn’t sufficient for the dossiers of the young men. Precise measurements are taken of their bodies, including their height, weight, cock length, even the weight of their testicles to give would-be buyers a real sense of what they’re getting.

Some men really enjoy the thrill of the physical dominance, the size difference between them and their bought submissives. And without getting up close, this information can be key to them deciding to fight a hard bidding war between them and another buyer.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to sample the wares of the young men. For someone like River, I was eager to get a sniff of his pits, inhaling the sweet, ripe scent of arousal and unease that his musk revealed. I could tell he was nervous, but he wouldn’t show it on his face. But by using all my senses, the truth outs.

I handled his genitals in my hand, feeling their heat and weight. He was fully engorged within moments, giving me a real sense of what he had to offer. I could tell he hadn’t cum in some time. He was sensitive to my touch and practically trembled from simply cradling his testicles in my fingers.

When I leaned in to give the head of his cock a taste, a glistening bead of pre-cum escaped, as if letting me know he was ready to be taken.

I turned him around to tease his hole. My wet fingers navigated his sphincter, feeling it tighten and loosen with each breath. I couldn’t tell if he was subconsciously trying to fight me or let me in. Either way, my dominant digit found its way inside.

River’s moans echoed into the dark void. Despite the few onlookers watching us, it felt like it was just me and him.

When he was properly presented, oiled, and ready to try out, I gestured for my buddy, Master Houser, to come out from the dark. The handsome man had been eyeing River for months, his mouth watering at every glimpse of him. He wanted him more than most, and I knew he would pay a lot for the chance to claim him for his own.

When Master Houser approached, I watched him take in the glistening, hard body of the young man. River arched his back to show him his beautiful backside, giving him a full view of his tight hole. I knew from fingering him just how impossibly intact he was, still feeling like a virgin after many, many sessions of hardcore pounding.

Master Houser opened his fly, not even bothering to unbutton his suit jacket, to pull out his throbbing daddy dick. Within seconds, he was piercing the flesh of the young boy, skewering him with his member deep. I could see River’s cling to the auction block, withstanding the sheer force and fire of the sudden penetration. Master Houser’s dominance was on full display and the slave boy River was just his little fuck puppet.

It was exciting to watch, knowing that any moment the salt and pepper daddy would shoot his load up inside River’s hole. The young boy struggled, but he didn’t move away. He was there to take every thrust, no matter what.

I knew Master Houser would be satisfied with him. And I’ll be looking for his bid at the next sale. StarringMarcus Rivers, Lance Charger, Korzark Kipling.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Legrand Wolf, Jesse Stone, Jack Dixon and Lance Charger star in this latest sordid episode. Master Jack Dixon was showing interest in buying Boy Jesse Stone.

Boys like him are something of a niche market with the alabaster white skin and a mix of blond on top and ginger below (when the Master allows them to grow out, of course). For the right buyer, a boy like him can go for a very high price to begin with, that Master Legrand had broken him in makes him even more valuable to the right buyer.

I started by presenting Jesse wearing only the regulation black jockstrap.

No fancy harnesses or briefs to get in the way of a fair appraisal.

I get out my measuring tape to start taking his numbers down and I can already tell he’s been well-trained.

My every touch, his nipples, his muscles, his treasure trail, all set off a tiny whimper.

These aren’t the sounds of pain or fear, but rather the gasps of a good slave boy who is as into his Master as his Master is into him! Read the full story here.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Boy for Sale sexy young stud Cole Blue’s hot holes fucked by Lance Charger and Jack Dixon.

Master Charger is keen on ensuring Cole does not get lost in his own desires. He instructs the boy to keep his gaze forward. He rubs the boy down in oil as the bids begin pouring in.

However, even as stern and seasoned a salesman as the man is, Master Charger finds it impossible not to get at least a few good gropes of his own in of the boy’s generous flank.

This is a true testament to how much of a prize item Cole is; even as Master Charger presents him, he’s unable to resist the boy’s natural charms.

Cole is rock hard, his hole puckering, and moans tremble out his lips as the salesman continues to present as their bids, which have easily reached beyond six figures.

The winner of the prize is Master Dixon, a bearded, tattooed man whose towering, masculine form dwarfs Cole’s more slender frame.

Dixon approaches his purchase and immediately tests the product, sliding his inked-up fingers into the boy’s mouth.

The boy’s cock jumps when Master Dixon tells Master Charger that he wants to watch the salesman fuck the boy. Master Charger sees this as an added bonus on top of the sale and acquiesces immediately to Dixon’s request.

Master Dixon grabs a chair, sits, and observes as the salesman tongues Cole’s hole. He strokes his cock as he watches his new toy’s face contort in pleasure while Master Charger’s tongue dives deep into his crevice. Master Charger even takes a moment to swallow Cole’s own rigid cock, sucking each one of the boy’s balls.

Master Charger stands and oils up his own engorged meat, ready to slide it into the boy’s hungry opening. Cole’s hole yields easily, hungrily to the man’s cock, especially as he sees his buyer, Master Dixon, stand up and approach him.

Master Dixon plants a deep kiss on the boy’s mouth, practically swallowing him. As the salesman begins to slide in and out of the boy, Master Dixon breaks the kiss, then gently guides the boy’s head to his cock to suck it. The boy is owned at both ends and loves every second.

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Disruptive Films gay porn scenes of Lance Charger

After his mother passes, Hayden Beck (Dylan Hayes) is left with his stepfather, Clive Ward (Lance Charger).

Clive is the complete opposite of Hayden’s sweet-as-pie, loving mother and Hayden yearns for similar affection from his stepfather.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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