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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Cain Marko

‘Someone’ has reported the bareback bakery to the Health Department, and Wade Wolfgar has to come down to work for a surprise spot check by hard-ass inspector Cain Marko.

The hunky bearded daddy rattles off a list of violations as he grills Wade for answers, then offers to go soft on him if Wade will go hard in return.

Wade gives in and gives Cain what he wants: a thick fat uncut cock pummeling his muscular manhole bareback after a thorough throat stretching face fuck.

The blond beefcake gets bent over a butcher block for some quality ass eating then the chef’s sturdy rolling pin of a monster dick drills the inspector’s guts.

The pile driving continues till Wade blasts a load, passing inspection with flying cum — and colors…or so he thinks…Join them!

Outside, by the pool, Link Parker and Cain Marko are making out and stroking in the sun.

Link climbs on top to tease his hole and brush against Cain’s fat hard prick, then Cain crouches down to gobble up Link’s ginormous cock.

Edji Da Silva joins the party and Link greets him with a friendly, ‘Well, Hello There! Sexy Daddy!’

Edji piles on and climbs in, polishing Link’s knob while Link gets a face full of Cain’s majestic cock.

Schlongs to the sky and assholes in the air, the three switch around and keep you guessing who’s gonna do what to whom, and just who’s gonna go first?

Is it built brunette fuck boy Edji getting drilled and filled from both ends by Link and Cain’s incredibly long and thick monster meat?

Maybe ripped, rangy Link jackhammering Cain while Edji smothers papa bear with his eager hole?

Or big beautiful bruiser Cain with his perfect fuzzy muscle-butt and dangling daddy dick?

Shall there be some simultaneous spunk spraying soon? How about all of the above and more?

This is a three-way, bareback action worthy of repeat viewing for sure…Join them!

Fisting Inferno gay porn scenes of Cain Marko

While Cain Marko is restrained to a St Andrew’s Cross, Jack Vidra grabs his flogger and whips Cain’s backside.

Cain takes it like a champ and gets turned on by Jack’s beat down, so Jack turns Cain around and starts sucking on his hard cock while playing with Cain’s balls.

Jack releases his sub from the cross and bends him over to eat his scruffy hole.

After tasting Cain’s hole, Jack slides his raw cock in the eager stud and fucks him deep and bareback.

If his cock wasn’t enough, Jack works a series of increasing larger plugs and dildos into Cain’s hole, seeing just how much he can take.

Now that Cain’s hole is stretched to the max, he stays bent over to receive Jack’s cock in his crack again.

Cain takes a well-earned pounding from Jack until Jack shoots a thick load that covers Cain’s spent hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Fun Size Boys gay porn scenes of Cain Marko

The basement was full of Cain Marko’s musky scent, clearly from sweating and working right next to the source of the problem. It wasn’t offensive, though. Cain’s sweat smelt woody and fresh. Like pine and smoke. It was actually quite nice.

When young cute Danny Wilcoxx got close to him, even seeing him lying on his back, he was amazed by how big and tall he was. When Cain stood up to get his water, Danny did all he could to not look shocked.

Cain had opened up his coverall and was wearing a white tank top that he’d just begun to sweat through. It was just beginning to appear sheer around the chest and armpits, drenched in the big man’s perspiration.

As Cain gulped down the water, he took off the tank top, revealing a beautiful chest of fire-red hair. His nipples were large and pink, peaking off of massive slabs of muscle that were bigger than Danny’s entire face.

He tried not to drool, but it was hard to maintain his composure around someone so unbelievably big and masculine. He looked like a cartoon character brought to life!

Cain could tell that his shirtlessness was having an effect on the little guy. He could tell he was into him from the moment he greeted him. Looking the way he does, Cain is no stranger to the attention of horny men. But something about little Danny just made him smile.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!