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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 9-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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This is like no auction you’ve ever been to before because what’s going up on the block is a set of four hot twinks.

One by one, the masked auctioneer unveils Austin Young, Cole Blue, Jay James, and Danny Wilcoxx, each clad only in a bow tie and silken thong, playing with their bodies to make their cocks hard and fingering their tight holes as he displays them to best advantage.

The interested buyers get a chance to sample the merchandise as the twinks kneel, compliant, while the rich and powerful men stroke and kiss them.

Finally, the high bidders get to claim their prizes, and the other twinks watch in turn as each boy is fucked in a hot orgy…Join them!

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The Armstrongs and Dr Legrand Wolf have become a little family of sorts, enjoying each other’s company for festivities and holidays as well as intimate, bedroom fun. Arriving to Dr. Wolf’s home for Thanksgiving, the Armstrongs find themselves a little earlier than expected.

Dr. Wolf leaves the two alone to look over some food, only to find Tim Armstrong practically fucking his boy over the stove. He can’t be too upset, he knows just how irresistible Austin L Young’s little butt can be.

With the food still cooking and the table set downstairs, the three men forget all about their wholesome, traditional feast and get lost in their sinful delights. Dr. Wolf’s massive cock stretches Austin’s smooth hole open, wrapping around his meat tightly as he plunges deep inside Austin’s body.

Mr. Armstrong watches as his little boy gets bred hard by their host, feeling his nuts fill with cum at the thought of Austin getting the handsome man’s seed.

Dr. Wolf kindly passes his bottom back to his daddy. He’s happy to let him get a few good thrusts into him. It’s the holidays after all, and there’s plenty of room for both their loads in Austin’s tight hole!…Join them!

Richie West had been waiting for over an hour for his daddy to finish the day. He walked by the nurses and staff who all waved at him as they left for the day. They knew him well as Dr. Legrand Wolf’s boy, but he didn’t know them at all. He smiled politely and wished them a good weekend as he blushed at their attention.

As soon as he walked through the back door and into the office, he felt a relief come over him that he was no longer on display. He didn’t really like having eyes on him beyond those of his old man. He felt safe and protected with him and free of any judgment or assumption.

When he went into Dr. Wolf’s office, he saw the empty room with charts on the walls and equipment tucked away, clean and sanitized from all the previous people who’d come through all day. The medical table was open and seemingly waiting, inviting Richie to take a seat.

Richie hopped up on top, feeling the cool leather finish against his jeans. It was familiar and comforting, even though he had never sat inside.

He looked around for something to kill time, but what stole his focus more than anything was the beautifully detailed anatomy drawings on the wall. The muscular figure displayed an impressive butt and back, as well as a fully developed chest and abs.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Fun Size Boys gay porn scenes of Legrand Wolf

When Mark hurts himself playing soccer one weekend, his friends suggested that he should make an appointment to get it checked out.

One friend in particular thought Dr. Legrand Wolf would be just the man for him, but didn’t say why.

When Dr. Wolf came through the door, Mark’s eyes went wide with excitement.

The tall man stood almost as high as the door frame itself.

He had a broad chest and classic, handsome features that made him sprout an erection right there.

Mark was grateful for the attention, but every time the doctor’s knuckles grazed against his balls or shaft, a rush of pleasure overcame his entire body.

He even found himself letting out slight breaths.

His exhales were silent at first, but before long, he was gripping the side of the table.

He tried to hold in the sounds of excitement, until one, telling moan escaped his mouth…Join them!

Dr. Legrand Wolf takes full advantage of his house guests. He and young hottie pup Marcus Rivers were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day watching movies when they both were filled with a potent amount of sexual energy.

He couldn’t keep his hands off Marcus’s tight little body, feeling it resting beside him and generating a pleasant degree of heat.

Dr. Wolf removed Marcus’s shorts, giving him a look at his soft, smooth butt. His round little peachy ass cheeks filled his hands as Marcus moved on top of him, meeting the moment with a passionate kiss. Marcus couldn’t get enough of how Dr. Wolf touched him and teased him, knowing that what was coming was an amazing midday fuck.

Dr. Wolf fingers Marcus’ hot boy hole, tugging at his nuts and really playing with his body. The tall giant could feel his boy getting worked up more and more with each passing moment, and his own massive thick long cock was beginning to crave some attention.

Standing up, Dr. Wolf dropped his shorts and allowed Marcus to explore him similar to how he’d done. Marcus was no stranger to the massive bulge of his host, admiring it through his tight underwear before releasing it from its entrapment.

His monster cock fell out like a falling tree, hard as a rock and rigid from tip to base. Marcus looked up at his giant daddy, eager to see his expression as Marcus attempted to take it all down. Dr. Wolf knew this was no easy task, but he always loved seeing his little guys go for it.

Marcus slobbered up and down, gagging and struggling as his throat stretched to take more. He did as much as he could, but the challenge was difficult for anyone, especially a fun-size guy like him.

Dr. Wolf leaned back on the couch, cock drenched in slick saliva and still pulsing hard. He carefully brought Marcus down on it, letting him work his way onto his shaft with his tight, tiny hole.

Marcus did all he could to position himself for it, even placing his feet on Dr. Wolf’s long legs. The tall man supported Marcus as his hole took him down, feeling his insides shift and make room for him.

Marcus let out a delightful moan, thrilled to get the giant doc’s bare cock deep in his hole, waiting for him to warm up and be ready to get thoroughly pounded.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Boy for Sale gay porn scenes of Legrand Wolf

Most boys are a little unsure and hesitant at first. That’s usually part of the thrill… Bringing a boy to climax and seeing him appreciate his place as property.

For Boy River, however, it was clear in his gaze that he wanted to be possessed. This was something he’d thought about for years, possibly his whole life!

Seeing Master Dallas Steele work his nipples into a reddened, swollen state was exciting enough, but the boy’s hungry gaze never ceased.

Even as Master Steele’s rough hands smacked his firm stomach and teased his loins, Boy River stayed focus on the crowd; never stirring more than to moan, as if saying to us all: “take me.”

As Master Legrand Wolf undresses after winning the auction, he hands his clothes to his newly won property; ordering him to fold them neatly and put them away.

His lost expression tells the master that he hadn’t even learned how to properly handle a superior’s clothing, something that would need to be taught later, but he didn’t mind…

He liked the idea of molding him to his needs!

For now, he needed to be bred; fucked and inseminated to satiate his hunger.

Master Legrand had to give him what his heart desired, but he also needed to cement his control over him…Join them!

Master Oaks knows just how valuable Cole is. With his tall, toned body, round ass, and big cock, he knows that his friends would pay top dollar for the chance to breed his hole.

He invites the buyers over for a relaxing night of drinks and conversation, all while being serviced by his obedient slave boy.

Master Legrand Wolf can’t take his eyes off of Oaks’ property, coveting him and imagining all the ways he’d used him if he were his.

When the bidding begins, the men all take turns feeling his body and fucking his mouth, getting a sense for what the young man is capable of.

Oaks even invites them to fuck his hole raw, wanting to milk his friends for more money knowing how his tight hole feels around a bare cock.

But they all know as good as it feels, only his owner can breed him… And with that incentive, the bidding takes off…Join them!

Legrand Wolf, Jesse Stone, Jack Dixon and Lance Charger star in this latest sordid episode. Master Jack Dixon was showing interest in buying Boy Jesse Stone.

Boys like him are something of a niche market with the alabaster white skin and a mix of blond on top and ginger below (when the Master allows them to grow out, of course). For the right buyer, a boy like him can go for a very high price to begin with, that Master Legrand had broken him in makes him even more valuable to the right buyer.

I started by presenting Jesse wearing only the regulation black jockstrap.

No fancy harnesses or briefs to get in the way of a fair appraisal.

I get out my measuring tape to start taking his numbers down and I can already tell he’s been well-trained.

My every touch, his nipples, his muscles, his treasure trail, all set off a tiny whimper.

These aren’t the sounds of pain or fear, but rather the gasps of a good slave boy who is as into his Master as his Master is into him! Read the full story here.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Summary StoryThe boy Nathan James was nervous as he entered the complex. His bow tie had been done up too tightly. It was making him anxious. Master Jonah Wheeler led the boy into the dark bidding room and the auction starts with Legrand Wolf making an offer…

Full StoryThe Boy Nathan was nervous as he entered the complex. He has a tendency to giggle when he feels uneasy and wearing just a black jockstrap and a bow tie made him feel utterly vulnerable. The bow tie had been done up too tightly. It was making him anxious, and stopping him from breathing properly. It almost felt like a dog collar wrapped around his throat.

Master Wheeler had greeted him, somewhat coldly he felt, in the antechamber, but the reality of Nathan’s situation, his new normal, only struck him fully when he was led into the dark, bidding room.

Wheeler clicked his fingers and Nathan knew to kneel on the padded table in front of him. He’d not known Master Wheeler for very long at all, but he already trusted him implicitly.

Nathan saw the Master as his savior. The boy was at a very low ebb when he met Wheeler; he was listless, lonely and unloved, but the older man had liberated him by giving him a sense of belonging and purpose. He couldn’t quite believe that this well-groomed, incredibly attractive man had taken an interest in him.

He desperately didn’t want to leave Wheeler, but he recognized that it was his destiny to be passed onto someone who could unlock his potential in a different way…

Nathan looked hard at this Master, trying to paint a detailed mental picture of the man before he was torn away. The neat mustache, his sensual lips, the well-cut suit which seemed to cling to every inch of his beautiful body. Those dark, wise eyes which could register every emotion; kindness, deep pleasure, indifference, anger, disappointment… The boy had already learned that pleasing a master was his primary need in life.

As the bidding started, Master Wheeler began to run his hands seductively over the boy’s body; across his smooth, well-defined chest and down to the bulge in his jockstrap. Nathan was so desperate to be touched again that he instantly forgot they were being watched. He had no idea how many men were out there in the darkness. The low murmur suggested there were quite a few.

Wheeler squirted oil from a silver canister onto the boy’s chest. The oil had a dual purpose; it pushed Nathan into a state of sexual arousal, but also enhanced the muscles on his youthful body. Wheeler wanted to sell the boy for the highest possible price and he was determined to show Nathan in his best possible light.

The older man squeezed and twisted the boy’s nipples to show the buyers that he’d been trained to endure a certain level of discomfort. Master Wheeler rather enjoyed his moment in the spotlight. He was a natural showman and he was proud of his new acquisition. Besides, there were men in the buyers’ group who he was very keen to impress…

The boy responded swiftly to Wheeler’s clicks and gestures, thereby demonstrating his obedience. Wheeler then started to thrust his fingers, somewhat casually, into Nathan’s hole, to show that the boy was ripe for immediate penetration.

Master Wheeler spent some time putting the boy through his paces, demonstrating his great value, and the bidding was remarkably swift.

The buyer was Master Legrand. Wheeler was secretly pleased. The thought of this monster-dicked giant putting the boy through his paces was exciting. The ceremonial ring was exchanged and the transaction was completed with a warm handshake. Wheeler turned his back on Nathan and walked away, potentially to never to see the heart-broken boy again…

Master Legrand was very happy with his purchase and immediately approached the boy, who flinched like an animal in a snare. Nathan looked carefully at him and, after a while, nerves gave way to curiosity.

He concluded that his new Master had kind eyes and he relaxed a little. He was astounded by the size of Master Legrand’s hands and impressed by his remarkable height. There was something incredibly exciting about the older man’s touch and Nathan instinctively started to yield to him. Legrand was every bit as handsome as Wheeler and the thought of pleasing a man who’d wanted him enough to part with unimaginable sums of money was almost intoxicating.

Nathan stood subserviently and started to undress his new master before kneeling at his feet. Legrand undid his own tie and dropped his pants. Like a good boy, Nathan immediately got to work on his Master’s massive dick, kissing it lovingly through the fabric of his underpants before exposing it to the world. He soon had the beast in his mouth, sucking it like his young life depended on it. Master Legrand very much enjoyed the experience. The boy had been trained well.

Legrand lay down on the padded table and presented his dick to Nathan, who obediently turned around, stood between the older man’s legs and guided the thick, daddy dick to his tiny, tight hole, before slowly pushing himself down onto it.

The sensation was like nothing Nathan had ever experienced. Legrand’s dick was enormous and it took every last breath of concentration and physical effort to get it inching into him. The rational part of Nathan’s brain was begging him to stop, but the crazy, thrill-seeking part just kept on pushing, even though it felt like he was being torn clean in half.

The naïve boy started to shake, sweat gushing from every pore, but he persisted bravely until he was entirely skewered by Legrand’s agonizing sword.

Legrand pushed the boy onto his back on the table and told him to raise his legs, before reinserting his dick into the boy’s twitching, trembling hole. Nathan gasped and whimpered as the older man slowly started to penetrate him almost imperceptibly, picking up the pace and depth of his strokes until the boy was screaming in desperate ecstasy.

Legrand knew he was close, but spun things out for as long as possible, enjoying the sight of the young boy writhing and screaming underneath him. The Master gritted his teeth and started pounding the boy with brutalizing force until the spunk burst out deep into Nathan’s now pulverized guts.

Legrand shot big, thoroughly branding his new boy toy, feeling immensely pleased with his purchase. Throwing a towel onto Nathan’s smooth, cum-soaked belly, he realized that this beautiful boy was gonna be a lot of fun in the future…

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Scout Boys gay porn scenes of Legrand Wolf

Scoutmaster Legrand Wolf and I have been pretty good friends for some time. It might seem a bit strange for a scout like me to make a claim like that, but I’m one of the older boys in camp, and I’m certainly one of the most experienced, so I get to hang out with the Scoutmasters from time to time. And it’s no exaggeration to say that Legrand and I have gotten quite close.

It’s no secret that both of us are into each other. In fact, we’ve discussed it quite openly. And I know for a fact that he’s banged a few scouts in his time. And he knows I’ve had my fair share of horny action when the flashlights go out in the tents at night!

On one particular occasion, we went bird watching for an afternoon. Legrand reckons he heard a whooping crane down in the marshes last week and is determined to see one with his own eyes. Apparently, they’re very rare and very beautiful so I tagged along to keep him company.

We must have sat in the woods on the edge of the lake for at least an hour. There were way too many mosquitos for my liking, but it gave us a chance to chat. Looking back, I guess he was being a little flirtier with me than usual. My head certainly started filling with all sorts of sexy ideas about what we could do under the shade of those trees!

Legrand stood up to take a piss. He sort of turned around to face a tree, so I instinctively started to look in the opposite direction. But then I had this unbelievable desire to see his dick…

I was surprised and quite excited to see that he was semi-hard. I don’t know what came over me, but, bold as brass, I walked up to him and grabbed his massive dick with my hand.

God, I loved the feel of his cock. I was instantly overcome by some sort of sexualized adrenaline. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and my dick. I gave his cock a squeeze and then started jerking it. And before I had time to work out what the hell was happening, he’d pushed me up against a tree and was unbuckling my belt, unzipping my fly, and pulling my dick out of my underwear. And then we were kissing passionately, rock-solid cocks pressing against each other, desperate to move things on to the next level.

He unrolled a ground mat and told me to get on my knees to suck him off! I got busy sucking his dick but suddenly had this bizarre sensation that we were being watched.

You know that feeling? You think you see something out of the corner of your eye but when you look again, it’s not there. I glanced up at Scoutmaster Legrand to see if he was sensing it too, but he seemed very relaxed, so I carried on, trying to get as much of it in my mouth as possible!

Then he stood me up against the tree. Obviously, I knew what was coming, and I was totally into the idea of feeling that meaty beast inside me. That said, I was pretty nervous as well.

I’d never taken a dick that large before and the idea of having it rammed up me in the middle of a forest was daunting, to say the least! My heart started pounding when I heard him spitting on his dick before stroking his helmet over my hole.

And then he started to push himself inside. It was excruciatingly painful, yet, at the same time, utterly ecstatic! It felt like he was driving some sort of metal drainpipe into my ass, but, in a weird sort of way, the sensation felt right. I gritted my teeth and focussed on staying relaxed until the pain started to subside, replaced by wave after wave of intense pleasure.

Just as my mind had started drifting off into some crazy fuzzy pool of euphoria, Scoutmaster Legrand started to thrust himself real hard and deep into me. It actually made me scream. He told me to be quiet. We didn’t want people to hear. And, of course, him saying that suddenly made me paranoid again, and the sensation that we were being watched returned.

Anyway, I buttoned my lips, grabbed hold of the tree, and focussed real hard on not yelling out, even though every muscle of my body was telling me to do exactly that as Legrand grunted like a horny stag and pounded me relentlessly. Man, it was intense! He was so far inside me.

Then he told me he was close and asked if I wanted him to pump me full of cum. I couldn’t think of anything I’ve wanted more in my life. Of course, at that point, his strokes sped up and got a whole heap harder and more frenzied.

I must have started yelling again. My head was spinning. I kind of lost control of my body. Then I felt the scoutmaster’s spunk squirting into me. He must have cum real hard because I could feel his dick contracting and expanding and the juices gushing everywhere.

He stayed inside me for a moment – enough time for another blast of paranoia to catch me off guard.

As the last few drops of semen left his dick, I could have sworn he was looking into the trees in front of us, and when I followed his gaze, I’m sure I saw a figure scuttling away. I have no idea what it was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a whooping crane. StarringCole Blue, Troye Jacobs, and Scout Master Legrand Wolf.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

My dad (Legrand Wolf) has been so good to me (Richie West.) I couldn’t be luckier having him as both the head of my troop and my father.

The other scouts have noticed how close we are. Of course, they accuse me of brown-nosing and they make all sorts of wisecracks, saying I’m a daddy’s boy and the like. But I don’t care. They’re just jealous. And, frankly, if they knew the real truth they’d probably be too shocked to make jokes about it!

I was very excited when he thought it was time I took the pledge of honor to the elite scouts. It’s an important form of recognition and it felt kinda cool and validating that he wanted to perform the ceremony. I felt like I was making him really proud.

I was a little confused when he called me into his office to do it….

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Masonic Boys gay porn scenes of Legrand Wolf

Grandmaster Mason Legrand Wolf pushes his huge cock deep inside pupil Clayton Foster’s hot hole.

I needed the Grandmaster inside of me. But how could I express this aching desire without inadvertently causing frustration or disapproval from him?

Never in a million years did I want to cause a disruption in the anointing ritual. I decided at that moment that I would do everything that I could to regain my composure and follow his patient lead.

However, I must admit that it took everything that I had learned about self-control and discipline to do just that!

Soon, the Grandmaster allowed me to place my hands and lips all over his massive, awesome member. He guided my every movement and was sure to express his approval in the moments when the time was appropriate.

My own piece was also given close attention, and I will never forget the kisses Legrand and I shared during the ritual, and the wordless bond that he and I had formed.

But it was the next part that really tested my devotion to the Order. The Grandmaster instructed me to crouch down on my knees and present my backside to him.

My exposed hole puckered and twitched as Legrand applied a generous amount of holy oil to it. He lined his powerful, throbbing cock up to my tender entrance and paused.

All of my still-new understandings and training in self-control and discipline were being put to the test. Suddenly all thoughts and emotions threatened to slip out of my grasp.

I desperately wanted nothing more than to feel the Grandmaster inside of me, to have him fill me up in all of the ways that I had always dreamed of, but never dared ask for.

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Gay sex orgy Chase Tyler fucked by older men Legrand Wolf, Ryan St Michael and Felix Kamp.

The room was oppressive and dark.

Candles flickered and filled the space with ghostly shadows.

Three stern-looking masters were sitting behind a long bench which was covered in a row of large, shiny pegs.

Master Kamp stood, undressing me slowly and seductively.

Grandmaster Legrand ordered me to sit down on the first peg.

I did as instructed, willing myself to stay relaxed as I lowered myself down.

It slid into me with relatively little discomfort, but as I glanced down the bench and saw how large the pegs were at the other end, my ass began to clench.

I knew what was coming…

Sure enough, Grandmaster Legrand then told me to move onto the next peg, which was a little larger than the first, and then the next and the next and the next, stretching my ass wider each time until I felt like it was literally being torn apart.

The sixth and final peg was insanely large.

I genuinely tried my hardest to get it inside me but it was too much. I’d failed.

Legrand hastily pulled down his pants and removed his giant, thick, bulbous dick.

I squatted over the bench and held my breath as it slowly entered me. He was soon grinding himself in and out, driving his huge, boned-up, raw cock into my guts.

The pace and depth of his thrusting suddenly altered as he entered a state of pure, lust-fuelled frenzy. He squirted his load deep into me. I could feel it gushing out of the tip of his dick.

I instantly felt pure, alive and ready for the next step in this remarkable journey towards enlightenment.

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