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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Guys in Sweatpants gay porn scenes of Michael Jackman

“That is one of the best dicks I’ve had in a long while,” Andy Taylor says as we’re hiking up a mountain with some of Michael’s load still in him.

The last time we saw Andy, he was putting some good use to a nice hole, but now he’s getting his beautiful, smooth hole worked on by Michael’s tongue and thick cock.

You can tell how much Michael loves that hole from how he eats it. Eager to have him inside, Andy wets his hole with both of their spit, then lets Michael slide his cock in.

He plays with the hole with just the head before slowly sliding all 8 inches in and treating the hole like a nice hole should be treated.

It’s always hot as fuck watching a rock hard bottom ride the load out of his top’s throbbing cock, and Andy doesn’t disappoint us!…Join them!

Guys In Sweatpants says: Young hottie River Wes’s hole bred by horny muscle daddy Michael Jackman’s massive dick If you feel pampered or a breedable dominating muscle Daddy is the most amazing thing that can happen to you. River made it his job to satisfy Michael’s cock and desires, sacrificing his throat and ass to anything he needed it to do. River is thin but a nice bubble butt that Michael devoured before ravaging with his cocky snout. The biggest smile was when he smashed his load while Michael was digging his hole. A very happy boy he was.

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Next Door Studios gay porn scenes of Michael Jackman

Lustful Michael Jackman arrives at stud Ryan Jordan’s house primed with anticipation for a night of tasty experimentation.

This bottom is yearning for a bite of another man’s top and the night doesn’t disappoint.

A stimulating boyfriend swap, this fantasy tweaks all of Michael’s buttons and is sure to ignite the imagination…Join them!

David Skylar’s sexual skills are under review by Michael Jackman and it has got off to a bad start.

David shows how he usually acts and Michael is overwhelmed by how much needs to be improved.

Since it’s a special case, Michael decides to drop the theory and starts directly with the practice. The results are surprising.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Michael Jackman is not shy when it comes to gay sex toys.

He’s definitely looking for bigger and larger dildos and butt plugs.

Today he is going one better, his newest ass play toys are huge and he’s going to stretch his tight hole around each of these monster dildos.

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Next Door Buddies gay porn scenes of Michael Jackman

Michael Jackman’s rental application looks good, in theory: good references, a solid rental history, no reports or incidents to speak of… all in all he’s a solid candidate, and when Dante Colle and Jake Porter meet him and give him the house tour.

They feel quite certain Michael is a guy they could live with successfully.

Michael finds the two of them strange, but the house is fantastic and the rent is affordable, so when they come on to him and it becomes obvious his approval is contingent on his ability to satisfy them.

Michael considers it for a moment and decides he could do a lot worse than scoring a sick house with two live in fuck buddies.

There’s only one slight problem: this may or may not be their actual house…Join them!

When Johnny B gets his contacts mixed up, he ends up with twice the Michaels than he expected.

Thinking on his feet, he quickly turns an awkward situation into opportunity, and since both Michael Jackman and Michael Boston are down, he ends up with twice the booty for his call.

On the other hand, it means he’ll have to put in double duty, since neither Michael is ready to settle for some half-dick action.

Johnny’s stamina will be put to the test as he tries to satisfy them both, but he wouldn’t have it any other way…Join them!

Men gay porn scenes of Michael Jackman


Roman Todd has invited professional baker and close personal friend Michael Jackman into his home to teach him how not to be such a mess in the kitchen. However, Michael soon realizes that Roman has more than cooking on his mind as Roman makes a series of enthusiastic if misguided passes at the tall, athletic chef.

Roman finally persuades Michael to help him blow his load so that they can really focus on the joy of cooking. Roman drops to his knees and swallows Michael’s long, hard cock in the kitchen before letting Michael put him up on the counter for an intense pounding.

The sexy jock takes Michael’s cock bareback all over the kitchen until he shoots his load all over Roman’s hungry hole…Join them!


Michael Jackman has evaded capture, escaping from the interrogation room, and now he’s close to getting out of the country and away from the law.

The chiseled hunk and his accomplice, the full-lipped cutie Jackson Traynor take a moment of respite before taking flight, sensually celebrating their freedom with a hot and heavy fuck in the living room. Jackson drills Michael’s tight hole, moaning with pleasure as he brings him to climax.

But, they should have known it would never be so easy…Join them!


Michael Jackman has his eye on the muscular stud Pierce Paris, a gorgeous captain he just chauffeured home. Michael can’t help himself, sneaking into Pierce’s house to spy on the horse-hung stud.

Michael tries to hide from the intimidating hunk, but he can’t outsmart Pierce, getting caught before he can make his getaway. Lucky for Michael, it turns out Pierce can’t wait to whip out his huge cock and jam it down the athletic boy’s throat.

Pierce pounds Michael’s tight hole all over the bedroom, showing exactly why he’s the captain…Join them!

Doctor Nate Grimes is trying his hardest to keep his mind on his current patient all the while hottie Zane Williams is having a sponge bath from sexy nurse Michael Jackman on the other side of the curtain.

When Nate sneaks behind the curtain he finds Michael sucking down hard on Zane’s huge cock.

Dr. Nate takes over the handjob, then sucks the patient’s cock with his nurse assisting before they line up to eat each other’s holes.

It’s the doctor’s turn to get fucked by Zane first, then Michael rides Nate’s cock before getting fucked doggy style by Zane.

Nurse Michael then gets to penetrate Dr. Nate till he pulls out and cums, before the sexy nurse takes a facial from both Zane and Nate.

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It is the Hypochondriac’s Convention and nurse Michael Jackman has been busy all day with attendees.

He is ready to clock off when sexy young hunk Kaleb Stryker pops by with sore knees.

It is clear that Kaleb has been at the Nymphomaniac’s Convention glory hole all day.

Miraculously Michael gets a second wind just as Kaleb appears under his desk and proceeds to suck down hard on his huge dick.

Kaleb pulls the nurse’s dick out of his scrubs and sucks it to the back of his throat.

Michael massages Kaleb’s legs, and just to be safe, the thorough RN gives his patient’s cock some attention too.

Kaleb then climbs on and lowers himself down onto Michael’s rock solid cock.

Michael’s healing hands must have helped because Kaleb’s knees feel good enough for him to give them a workout as Nurse Michael fucks him doggy style.

Kaleb then orgasms shooting cum all over as the top pounds him mish before he sucks out all of Michael’s jizz.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Michael Jackman and Blaze Austin are nurses at a busy downtown hospital who are relaxing a bit after a very heavy day.

Together they have made it through and as they stand close together behind the nurse’s station they lean forward and start kissing passionately.

Blaze drops his scrubs and bends over offering up his bubble ass to Michael who fucks him doggy style.

That is until a tired doctor barges in looking to catch some shut-eye. Oops.

Blaze quickly gets into the bottom bunk and Michael hides under the blanket so he can suck Blaze’s dick as the doctor is none the wiser.

Once the other man is ensconced in the top bunk, Michael fucks the bottom spoon, and the guys even risk some doggy style before Blaze rides Michael’s cock and takes a big facial.

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Icon Male gay porn scenes of Michael Jackman

When Nick Fitt, Michael Jackman, and Ian Frost aren’t satisfied with each other and want more, the thoughts and feelings become too much to handle, so they have to take care of each other.

Huge cocks are coupled with tight bubble butt assholes, hungry mouths, deep throats, train fucking, Eiffel towers, and blistering cum shots.

A ball aching big dick threesome ensues.

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