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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Pisces
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 7
Height: 5’7″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut
Weight: 155
Sexual Positions: Versatile Top

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Max Ryder and Jake Bass have finally made it to their (final?) destination, Hollywood! With several events lined up for them to attend, “Jax” are a hot commodity in the land of celebrities and spray tans… but to them, they’re just regular guys excited to see where this crazy adventure takes them.

Even arriving at their hotel is a treat to Max and Jake — they no longer have to worry about being crammed in an RV and washing their hair in the sink! But they can’t rest for long because they’re expected to be at the Cybersocket Web Awards, they’re first-ever porn event where Max is nominated for Best Sex Scene and Jake is nominated for Best Newcomer. Whether they win or lose, they’re completely awe-struck at the event where they’re immediately recognized everywhere they go.

The next afternoon is spent recovering and exploring their favorite Hollywood landmarks before they head over to West Hollywood where they’re hosting Cocktails with the Stars. And it’s here where they meet Aiden and JD — two hot guys that are just what Max and Jake need after the chaotic past two days. There’s dancing, partying, and even Pepto-Bismol involved, all creating a night they’ll never forget… if only they could remember what exactly happened! Thankfully with our film crews and photographers, Max and Jake are able to somewhat piece their lives together during quite possibly the most hard-hitting “bangover” they’ve ever had!

This week on RoadStrip, Max and Jake hit up Boston for an appearance at the nightclub The Machine. But due to the frigid weather conditions, they make the rash decision to pack everything up and hightail it to California in a speedy five days.

With only Skittles, Red Bull, and a couple “Rules of the Road” keeping them sane, Max and Jake somehow make it to Palm Springs and enjoy the California sun by renting some bikes and discussing the upcoming CyberSocket Web Awards where they’re nominated for Best Sex Scene and Best Newcomer. But just when things seem to be going well, Max accuses Jake of hitting on guys that are “close to him” to feed his own ego and everything spirals out of control.

After a fight erupts, Jake escapes for the day to a coffee shop and meets the handsome barista, Levi Karter. The two click instantly and before long, they’re wrestling in a public park, checking out historical landmarks in Palm Springs, and licking ice cream cones during a night out on the town. Like all good friends, Jake and Max easily rebound from their earlier disagreement when Jake brings Levi back home for the night. And being a protective friend, Max has a few questions for Levi as the three sit around the campfire. But what Jake really wants is some quality “alone time” with Levi and will not tolerate Max overstaying his welcome.

This episode will give you a deeper understanding of how complex the relationship between Jake and Max really is. At times silly, jealous, loving, and angry, the power of “Jax” is still built firmly on the foundation of competition — and Project GoGo Boy has long since passed. The explosive ending to this episode is sure to raise just as many eyebrows as it raises dicks!

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