Darius Ferdynand

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 8-inch cock
Height: 5’7″
Cut / Uncut: Cut
Weight: 130
Sexual Positions: Versatile Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Hungarian

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Darius Ferdynand comes to the aid of Tony Milan, and Tony is more than willing to show his gratitude! Tony wraps his warm lips around Darius’ perfect cock and starts to suck before offering his tight hole to be fucked. Darius shoots his hot load all over Tony’s tight stomach.

Theo Ford likes to be in control while he is in the bedroom. He fucks Darius Ferdynand until the two unload their hot cum on Darius’ hard body.

In this epic episode Johnny Rapid, Gabriel Cross, and Darius Ferdynand, have a hot 3 way fuck fest filled with cum. Johnny takes his time fucking these two smooth studs, before finally blowing his load in both their faces, proving that it’s good to be king.

Jarec Wentworth is jealous that his crush, Luke Adams, is at the awards show with fellow pornstar Darius Ferdynand. Luke and Darius want some privacy so they can finally touch each other’s ripped bodies and raging hard dicks. Luke moistens Darius’ hole with his tongue before he fucks him hard, doggy style. Darius bounces his cute ass on Luke’s hard cock and then shoots his load while getting pounded. Luke is left torn between Jarec and Darius. Does he make the right decision in the end?

Alex Garcia plays Thomas, a footman at the Abbey, who forges an invite to the Duke played by Darius Ferdynand. The forged letter calls for the Duke to make an appearance at the Abbey. Thomas shows the Duke to his room upon his arrival and helps to unpack his luggage. The Duke asks that Thomas wash his feet where Thomas confesses his love. The Duke tells him that they will never be together because of their stations in life. Thomas pleads to have the Duke in his arms again. The Duke obliges giving him one last night.

Hot Pilots Mario Torrez and Darius Ferdynand fuck on a plane in part one of this hot new series from MenOfUk.com.

Kayden Grey is a secret escort and this scene from MenOfUK.com brings a story to life for you to watch. Darius Ferdynand is the hot young client who gets banged after a nice night out!

Episode 3 of the British porn-drama “Mates” finds Paddy O’Brian and his best mate Paul Walker a few steps further down the road of self-acceptance. Still not ready to admit their feelings for each other, the guys hire the world’s luckiest escort (Darius Ferdynand) and take turns fucking his mouth and ass.

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Stunning bottom boy Darius Ferdynand has a very passionate session with handsome, muscled Matt Richie.

Both lads have big uncut 8 inch cocks and great bodies.

Blonde, blue-eyed Darius is lithe and athletic, whereas dark tattooed Matt is more well built.

His dick is thick too!

By the window in the bedroom of an old farmhouse, the lads begin with lots of sensual kissing, their big dicks already solid in their shiny sports shorts.

They take turns licking each other’s nipples before Darius gets down on his knees to suck Matt’s fat cock.

Darius sucks slow and sensual before Matt fucks his face. Very hot.

The lads move to the bed where Matt jerking himself off, starts to suck.

And he sucks deep. He sucks passionately, hard, fast, with great oral skills.

After some incredible 69 action, Matt grabs Darius’ butt cheeks, pulls them apart, and starts to lick, getting his arse wet as he pushes his tongue right in.

Matt lays on his back, holding his dick up, and Darius squats over it, gradually allowing the full thickness to stretch open his hole, till it fills him completely.

He then slides up and down the thick fuck pole, making his cock throb and twitch.

Matt holds his arse firmly and thrusts into him, slowly at first, then harder and faster.

Next, Darius is on all fours, his perfect hairless hole facing the camera. Matt pushes his cock slowly into his arse and fucks slow.

He pulls his butt cheeks apart and fucks harder, then leans his body back, allowing Darius to push back, grinding his hungry arse against Matt’s throbbing cock.

Matt fucks even harder now, really pounding Darius.

Finally, Darius is on his back on the edge of the bed, his head and back on the floor, legs wide apart.

Matt pushes his dick into him once more, fucking deep, with long strokes.

Darius jerks himself off as he gets fucked while Matt continues hitting the spot, till Darius shoots his load.

Cum sprays over his tight six-pack. Matt pulls out and shoots hot white spunk all over Darius. A very passionate scene.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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