Blake Ellis

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Blake Ellis in his own words: “You know old people who say they were young at heart? I am a young person who is old at heart. I love Italian food and enjoy running and biking. ”

BSB comments: “Blake is a really nice guy that loves to please those he is around. He is one of those guys that seems to like to sit back and observe what is going on around him instead of being the center of attention. ”

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick / 18 cms
Height: 5’7″ / 170 cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 145 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Blake Ellis gay porn scenes at Broke Straight Boys

Blake Ellis takes his sweet time getting Blaze Austin horny, kissing him, teasing his nipples, and working that cock nice and slow.

Blaze loves every second of the attention but when it’s Blake’s turn, he takes good care of him.

Bending him over, Blaze licks Blake from his cock to his ass, rimming that hole and spreading it open before pushing inside it with his rock hard shaft.

Blaze pounds the fuck out of Blake’s tight ass, only giving him a break to let him suck Blaze’s cock, tasting his own ass on Blaze’s dick.

Blaze lies on the bed and lets Blake ride him, bucking his hips up into Blake when he wants it deeper or faster, stealing kisses from him as they fuck.

Blaze throws Blake onto his back on the bed, holding Blake’s legs up as he rams his raw dick into him again and again.

Blake jerks his own cock until he cums on himself and Blaze pulls out and shoots his hot load onto Blake…Join them!


Kace Axel and Blake Ellis have gathered little pieces of information about each other as they’ve resided together in the house, and now they’re about to learn much more intimate secrets as they lean in for a kiss.

They make out nice and slow, lips pressed together and tongues meeting as they strip down to their underwear.

Blake ventures down to Kace’s clothed cock, teasing him before pulling Kace’s underwear down and taking that dick in his mouth. Kace moans gently as Blake sucks on his member, getting it hard before lying down to receive oral from Kace next.

Eagerly taking that prick in his mouth, Kace sucks on Blake’s dick and balls until he’s ready for that ass instead. Spreading Blake’s legs wide apart, Kace enters him raw and pushes deep on the first thrust, filling Blake up with his shaft as he fucks him.

Blake takes Kace while he gently slides a hand over his own dick as he gets pounded. Changing positions, Blake straddles Kace and sits on that pulsing hard cock, riding Kace’s bareback dick as he grinds his ass against Kace’s hips.

But Kace wants it harder, faster, deeper, and he puts Blake on his back again, dominating that hole until both these studs get off, leaving Blake covered in milky cum…Join them!


Blake Ellis and Derek Cline are here for your pleasure today…and their own pleasure as well as these sexy guys start making out.

They take their time kissing and feeling one another until Blake’s face is in front of Derek’s cock, Blake’s eager hands pulling that dick out and soft lips wrapping around it.

He sucks that cock, working Derek up until they 69, Derek’s luscious ass backed into Blake’s mouth as he eats and rims that hole.

Derek gets a mouthful of hard prick as he pulls Blake’s shaft in and out of his wet mouth before straddling him and sitting his tight ass onto that freshly licked cock.

Blake fills Derek up with his raw dick, sitting back as Derek rides him slow and steady until Blake wants it faster, pushing Derek face down on the bed and pounding him hard.

When they flip, it’s Blake’s turn to get his hole stretched as Derek pushes his long shaft into him, fucking him hard.

As Derek gets close, he pulls out so he can shoot his load all over Blake, riding out his orgasm before pushing his dick into Blake again.

Fucking him deep while Blake jerks his own prick, Derek fucks the cum out of Blake, making him squirt hard…Join them!

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