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Jos Alvarez in his own words: Having been raised in Cuba and growing up in the US, I have a deep appreciate for life, opportunity, love and respect. I try to share these with everyone around me as I love my friends and love to make new friends even more.

BSB comments: Jos is a very well mannered guy. You can tell he has a very kind heart and when you talk to him you really understand that he enjoys welcoming others into his life.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick / 20 cms
Height: 5’5″ / 165 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 135lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American

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Ryan Parks and Jos Alvarez warm each other up with a few kisses before Jos goes down on Ryan, gagging on that fat dick.

Jos works Ryan’s prick with his mouth until he’s hard and then bends over on the bed and lets Ryan push that thick member into his ass.

Jos’s tight ass resists Ryan’s dick so Ryan spreads Jos’s ass cheeks apart and rims his hole, getting him nice and wet.

When Jos’s ass is slick with Ryan’s spit, he spreads him open again and pushes his cock inside, getting balls deep in that hole before fucking Jos slow and gentle.

Lying on their side, Ryan thrusts up into Jos, filling him up with his hard cock as Jos moans in pain and pleasure as he takes every inch.

Jos climbs on top to ride Ryan’s bareback shaft but as these studs get closer to coming, Ryan gets Jos on his back and fucks him until they both shoot a huge load…Join them!

Cody Smith kisses Jos Alvarez before Jos finds his way down to Cody’s hardening cock, pulling Cody’s pants off and teasing that dick through Cody’s underwear.

Lying back on the bed, Cody lets Jos suck on his thick shaft, deepthroating and drooling all over that sweet prick before laying on the bed to get some oral next.

Cody works Jos’s dick with his warm, wet mouth, running his tongue up and down that shaft until Jos is ready to taste Cody’s ass.

Getting on all fours on the bed, Cody moans gently as Jos rims his hole, eating that tight little ass before standing up and fucking it.

Jos’s raw member pushes in and out of Cody’s ass, filling him up as Cody rolls onto his back and Jos pounds him deeper.

Jos licks Cody’s feet as he fucks him, reaching around to stroke Cody’s dick while he dominates that ass.

Jos pushes balls deep into Cody until both these sexy guys shoot huge loads, leaving Cody dripping in cum as they kiss a few more times…Join them!

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Jos Alvarez and Malakai White make a cute pair, and this pairing gets even hotten when we unleash these horny guys on each other and they make out.

Jos works his way down to Malakai’s cock, catching that dick between his lips and teasing it through Malakai’s underwear; soon his underwear turn dark with Jos’s drool.

Pulling Malakai’s balls out, Jos sucks them as Malakai gently pushes Jos’s head to take those balls deeper in his wet mouth.

When Jos’s sore lips need a break Malakai treats him to oral next, licking and sucking Jos’s prick until he’s hard enough to ride as Malakai straddles that erect cock and sits on it.

Lowering his ass so that Jos is balls deep inside of him, Malakai rides him hard and raw before Jos takes over, lying Malakai on his back and burying himself in that ass again.

Jos fucks him faster, making Malakai groan and cry out as that ass gets hammered by Jos’s big dick and Malakai reaches for his own member as he starts to stroke himself.

The closer Malakai gets to cumming the louder he screams as Jos slams into him bareback until he finally nuts hard and Jos pulls out of that ass to shoot his huge load next…Join them!

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Jos Alvarez and Brandon Evans have been getting to know each other better as they spend time together at the house, and they’ve gotten a lot closer in that time.

Now they’re preparing to get to know each other in a different way as they undress and Brandon sucks and kisses Jos’s nipples and chest then kneels on the bed to get some head from Jos.

Jos sucks that sweet dick and Brandon swings his legs around, 69ing with Jos as Brandon sucks Jos’s prick and Jos eats Brandon’s ass, rimming his hole and spanking him while Brandon deepthroats his cock.

When Brandon’s expert tongue has Jos’s cock pulsing with desire, he straddles him reverse cowboy style and lets Jos push his hard bareback shaft into his ass, getting deep and hard as every inch of his thick cock disappears into Brandon’s ass.

Brandon plays with himself while he gets pounded, his hand running over his dick as Jos fucks him from every angle, turning him onto his side and dominating him as Brandon begs for more.

When Brandon turns onto his back, Jos fucks him harder than ever, slamming his huge cock into him until Brandon shoots a huge load all over himself.

Jos reaches down for a taste of that jizz as he gets balls deep in Brandon’s ass until he can’t take anymore of that tight hole and pulls out to drain his dick between Brandon’s ass cheeks, his cum covering Brandon’s sore hole…Join them!

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Jos Alvarez may not be bashful during sex, but he still has trouble getting started with the intro. After a couple reshoots we’ve got him talking and a few minutes later we’ve got him undressing Danny Cruz.

After some quick kisses Jos is down on his knees, pulling Danny’s cock in and out of his mouth and playing with his balls as Danny runs his fingers through Jos’s dark hair.

The pair climb on the bed and have some more fun, sucking each other’s fat dicks and making out, kissing each other’s body before Danny fingers and fucks Jos’s sweet little ass.

Danny takes Jos hard and raw, pounding him as Jos moans but spreads that ass and lets Danny get even deeper and then climbs on top of him and rides his prick.

Jos’s cock bounces up and down as Danny pushes himself deeper into Jos’s hole and then puts Jos on his back, holding his legs apart and fucking Jos hard while Jos jerks his own dick.

The faster Danny pounds him the harder Jos pulls on his dick until both these horny guys cum hard…Join them!

Jos Alvarez and Zeke Weidman start making out as soon as they meet.

As they kiss passionately both boys undress with Zeke kneeling down as sucking up Jos’ huge cock and cupping his balls in his hands.

Jos is hungry for dick and goes right for Zeke’s sweet cock, deepthroating it as best he can and sucking on Zeke’s balls.

All that amazing oral has Jos’s dick rock hard and he pushes it into Zeke’s hole, filling him up and fucking him from behind with his bareback cock.

Jos slams his prick into Zeke, stretching him to the limit before pulling Zeke onto his lap and letting him ride that dick for a while.

Zeke fucks himself with Jos’s shaft reverse cowboy style, grinding against Jos’s shaft while Zeke strokes his own pulsing hard dick until he nuts all over himself.

Zeke climbs off of Jos’s cock and lets Jos finish himself off, working his meat until he shoots a nice load of hot cum!

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Jos Alvarez and Calhoun Sawyer make out kissing passionately when Calhoun reaches down into Jos’s tight underwear pulling his big soft cock free and sucking it down to the back of his throat.

Jos’s soft cock gets fully erect on Calhoun’s expert tongue, Jos returns the favor deep throating Calhoun’s huge cock.

Now with them both lying on the bed, the sexy boys 69 gagging on each other’s hard dicks with Jos giving some lip attention to Calhoun’s big cum filled balls.

Jos manages to take Calhoun’s huge erect dick deep in his ass on the second time of trying. His tight hole stretches just enough to let Calhoun pump him full.

But Jos’s ass needs some special attention after getting stretched to the brim with cock, so Calhoun licks that sore hole.

Rimming and running his wet tongue around Jos’s entrance, Calhoun works that ass before filling it up with his big dick again.

Jos moans but takes every inch as Calhoun pounds him, driving that cock in and out then turning Jos on his back to give him a good pounding.

Jos jerks his own member as he gets fucked raw until he nuts all over, then Calhoun pulls out and shoots his load onto Jos, covering that boy in hot cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!