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Malakai White waits like a good boy for his visitor to come, and he’s heard this one has quite an impressive cock. When that infamous prick finally pokes through the door, Malakai eagerly tackles it with his mouth, sucking and licking that huge shaft. He tries his best to deep throat it but chokes as it hits the back of his mouth, making him gag on it. Malakai gives the visitor’s big balls some attention, pulling them into his mouth before going back for seconds of that sweet dick. When Malakai has his visitor’s dick rock hard, he bends over for him and lets his visitor put that fat cock in his ass. Malakai braces himself against the counter as he gets pounded raw and hard until he nuts and then that tight hole makes the visitor cum right between Malakai’s ass…Join them!

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Cody Smith and Malakai White have both gotten pretty comfortable in the house and much more comfortable in their role on camera. Now they’re about to get comfortable with each other as Malakai strips down and lets Cody suck his big dick. Running his lips and tongue all over that cock, Cody makes Malakai moan for more before spreading Malakai’s ass to taste that next. Cody’s tongue rims Malakai’s hole while his hands gently rub those thick thighs before standing up to let Malakai go down on him. Tipping his head back, Malakai opens his throat and lets Cody face fuck him, choking and gagging on that long cock as Cody pushes it farther down his throat. Cody gives Malakai’s mouth a much needed break from the pounding to fuck his ass instead, getting him on all fours on the floor and ramming his raw cock into him from behind. After doggy style on the floor, they move to the couch as Cody relentlessly pounds the fuck out of Malakai, making him cry out as Cody gets balls deep in him. That raw dick stretches Malakai’s ass, filling him up inside as his tight hole grips Cody’s shaft until both these guys are shooting a huge load, covering Malakai in hot cum…Join them!
Jos Alvarez and Malakai White make a cute pair, and this pairing gets even hotten when we unleash these horny guys on each other and they make out. Jos works his way down to Malakai’s cock, catching that dick between his lips and teasing it through Malakai’s underwear; soon his underwear turn dark with Jos’s drool. Pulling Malakai’s balls out, Jos sucks them as Malakai gently pushes Jos’s head to take those balls deeper in his wet mouth. When Jos’s sore lips need a break Malakai treats him to oral next, licking and sucking Jos’s prick until he’s hard enough to ride as Malakai straddles that erect cock and sits on it. Lowering his ass so that Jos is balls deep inside of him, Malakai rides him hard and raw before Jos takes over, lying Malakai on his back and burying himself in that ass again. Jos fucks him faster, making Malakai groan and cry out as that ass gets hammered by Jos’s big dick and Malakai reaches for his own member as he starts to stroke himself. The closer Malakai gets to cumming the louder he screams as Jos slams into him bareback until he finally nuts hard and Jos pulls out of that ass to shoot his huge load next…Join them!

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