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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Masyn Thorne has been extra stressed lately and Zander Lane knows just the thing to get him much more relaxed.

Moving toward Masyn, Zander kisses him deeply before pulling Masyn’s shorts off and sucking on that already erect cock.

Zander works his lips and tongue over that shaft and then lets Masyn get a taste of his meat next as he gets that dick sucked by Masyn.

Zander’s ass gets rimmed and explored by Masyn’s tongue too, pushing and licking Zander’s tight hole before stretching it open with his dick.

Zander takes every inch of Masyn’s raw cock, bottoming for him as Masyn fills him up inside with that fat prick.

They move to the bed and Zander lies on his back, legs spread as Masyn enters him over and over while Zander plays with himself.

Masyn fucks Zander bareback until both these guys explode, shooting huge loads and leaving Zander dripping with hot cum…Join them!

Tyler Slater gets a visit from Mason Thorne his brother’s best friend. They are alone in the house while his brother heads out to the store.

While he is away the boys start making out in the bedroom, it’s a bit naughty but if they are quick then Tyler’s bro will be none the wiser.

Both young dudes feel each other’s bulging cocks tenting their underwear before slipping down their undies, unleashing their big twink dicks.

Tyler is first to kneel down and take Masyn’s hardening dick to the back of his deep throat before Masyn blows him. Tyler throat fucks Masyn’s mouth then he bends Tyler over onto the bed and gets his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, rimming his hole and getting it lubed up.

Masyn slips his rocket hard cock into Tyler’s tight asshole bareback fucking him raw. Masyn loves the feeling of Tyler’s tight ass as it squeezes around his big dick pumping back and forth until his balls slap against his butt cheeks.

They switch up with Masyn getting raw fucked by Tyler’s thick dick all the while Tyler grinds away. shaft.

Tyler fucks himself with Masyn’s cock until both these guys cum hard, Masyn covering Tyler’s asshole with his hot jizz before they go get cleaned up.

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Masyn Thorne is a lucky boy, today he’s together with ginger young stud Calhoun Sawyer who is giving him plenty of his sexy attention.

Calhoun’s inquisitive lips move slowly over Masyn’s smooth body, kissing, licking his nipples, and sucking down hard on his hardening cock.

Masyn returns the favor deepthroating his huge dick nestling amongst his red pubic hair bush.

But Calhoun still wants more, he stretches Masyn’s legs up so that he can rim Masyn’s ass, getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, licking wet his hot straight boy hole.

Masyn’s hole is lubed up and Calhoun presses home his erect cock till it is halfway in. Masyn asks him to slow down as he struggles to accommodate Calhoun’s full length.

Masyn tries one more time with him on top and slowly releasing his ass muscles around Calhoun’s thick dick. But he’s just too big and they decide to flip so Calhoun takes a cock instead.

This works much better as Calhoun’s ass is used to big cocks, he straddles Masyn his legs akimbo with Masyn’s dick pumping balls deep and slapping against Calhoun’s butt cheeks.

Calhoun grinds himself up and down taking every inch of Masyn’s hard meat. Then Masyn flips Calhoun onto his back and bareback fucks him hard until they both erupt with huge orgasms spraying cum all over themselves.

Calhoun cleans up licking Masyn’s dripping cock clean.

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Jesse Bolton and Blake Dyson share turns, sucking Masyn Thorne’s huge twink dick before bending over and presenting their tight ass holes to the young top.

Masyn rims their asses getting his tongue deep between their ass cheeks like he’s starved.

When it comes to time to fuck, he can’t get the angles right for the camera.

Enter, hot-hung director Jax Thirio, who jumps in to show Maysn the proper form and turns the twinks out just right.

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Masyn Thorne had a hard day on the wrestling mat and his coach Jax Thirio wants to see better from him.

A lot is at stake for Masyn. If he doesn’t get it together, he could lose his scholarship.

Masyn gets to work straight away, pumping iron after hours. It’s only a matter of time before Jax pumps that ass.

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Brandon Anderson is the new pledge master and he has a fresh group of pledges to whip into shape.

But first, some good old-fashioned fraternity fun. With the help of Fraternity President Elliot Finn, Brandon teachers Masyn Thorne and Carter Del Rey about the bonds of brotherhood.

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Dr. Cade Maddox just told young jock Masyn Thorne that if he wants to stop getting random boners all the time, he’ll need to beat his meat a little more often.

What Cade didn’t expect was for Masyn to ask for jerk-off advice right there in the locker room.

Always willing to help out, the doctor uses his own girthy cock to show Masyn his best masturbation techniques and the fast-learning student quickly takes this lesson to the next level by opening up his hole for the doctor’s oversized equipment.

With his legs thrown in the air, Masyn gasps as Cade pumps himself in and out of his wet hole.

The doc’s constant bareback thrusting causes the athletic bottom to shoot out an ocean of jizz all over the bench before kneeling down and being showered by the doctor’s dick.

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