Rich Ryan

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Titan Men gay porn scenes of Rich Ryan

Sexy ripped muscled hunk Rich Ryan and hot hunk Michel D’Amours are outdoors wandering through the desert when they meet near a rock formation with a gushing waterfall. It’s desolate but beautiful.

The two horny muscled men make out kissing passionately as they feel each other’s hot bodies.

Rich then stares into Michel’s dreamy eyes and he can feel his heart beating and his blood pumping.

Michel sucks down hard swallowing Rich’s huge thick dick choking it right to the back of his deep throat.

Rich then returns the favor blowing Michel’s hot cock working his tongue over his big cockhead and getting it nice and well lubed.

With Rich lying on the towel with his legs rolled back over his head, Michel runs his tongue deeply along Rich’s smooth ass crack finding his hot hole and lingering there for a moment increasing the rimming sensation.

Rich moans loudly as Michel cums whilst rimming Rich’s ass and it’s quite a huge cum load (better not dehydrate in the desert heat, young man!).

Rich lets loose with his own fluids and pees in a mountain stream.

Don’t let the E.P.A. see that.

Well, it really must have been the water that bleached the color, because when they move to a new locale, it comes back.

Just in time for Rich to sit on Michel’s dick and promptly shoot a big load.

It’s a little unexpected that the somewhat more macho Rich bottoms for boyish Michel.

But Michel isn’t done; he fucks Rich missionary until both shoot additional loads.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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