Emir Boscatto

Ex Big Brother contestant EMIR BOSCATTO who makes a leap into the world of Gay Porn. At age 30 Emir came runner up in the 2011 Argentinian edition of the reality show and has been a regular face on the celebrity scene in Latin America, appearing in a number of TV shows and gaining a huge following on twitter.

But Emir being the hot blooded Latino that he is, has always had a desire to show his fans his other talents on camera. His stacked body, his blonde brown, almost auburn curls (a rarity on Men at play) and his beautiful translucent hazel yes are perfect Men at play material combining the ruggedness of a real man with a sensual beauty that can work so well in tailored suit.

Emir looks great in a shirt and tie, his hard muscled physique busting through a tight white shirt is just as horny as seeing him stripped out of it. But his rough rugged looks make him perfect fantasy material for construction worker, or mechanic type scenarios.

Imagine going to pick up your car from the garage and being greeted by that body all greased up and sweaty, oiled and ready. So far Emir has been a total top but lets see if we can get him to offer up his Argentinian ass to some other fiery alpha male.

Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 185lbs
Sexual Positions: Top
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Argentinian

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Emir Boscatto


Big, beefy Emir Boscatto brings Sergyo Caruso down to the basement for some dirty action. The basement looks like a medieval dungeon, with stone walls and a metal gate, and Emir is the master of this dungeon. Sergyo falls to his knees and services Emir’s gigantic cock.

The intimidating top selfishly facefucks Sergyo, whose lean, ripped body flexes and writhes. Bending Sergyo over a crate, Emir dives in to eat Sergyo’s tight ass. With Sergyo’s hole lubed and ready, Emir slides in with his huge cock.

He picks up speed, railing Sergyo’s ass with intense, deep pounding. Climbing up on the crate, Emir sits down and invites Sergyo to sit on his dick. The willing power bottom eagerly climbs up and lowers himself down on Emir’s throbbing tool.

As Sergyo’s cock swings through the air like helicopter blades, Emir thrusts up from below. Re-positioning Sergyo in missionary, Emir enters the home stretch, ramping up his fucking to a blistering pace.

To complete their session, both muscled hunks stand and jerk their cocks, letting loose with huge loads one after the other…Join them!


Emir Boscatto comes inside soaking wet; he’s been out working in the cold rain, and Dani Robles helps him warm up. Dani strips off Emir’s shirt, revealing smooth abs and a massive chest. The coveralls Emir was wearing fall to the ground, revealing his huge cock standing at attention.

They kiss, and Dani lowers himself to service Emir’s throbbing member. Using his tongue, he stimulates the sensitive tip of Emir’s uncut cock, then swallows the entire shaft. To return the favor, Emir pulls down Dani’s shorts and dives in face first.

The rim job gets Dani’s hole ready to be used, and Emir eagerly uses his meat to stuff Dani’s hole. With assertive movements, Emir pins Dani down on the table and unleashes full-throttle thrusting. Changing it up, Dani rolls over on the table and takes Emir’s cock in missionary position, throwing a leg over Emir’s shoulder to achieve maximum penetration.

Jerking his stiff cock, Dani lets loose with a torrent of cum that spews across his hairy chest. Emir gets a few more pounding thrusts in for good measure before pulling out and spilling his load right on Dani’s cock and balls…Join them!

Men at Play gay porn scenes of Emir Boscatto

Many hot suited and naked men have enjoyed some sordid fun. We’ve seen Ivan Gregory get it on with both Denis Vega and Victor Rom, Dani Robles getting splattered with cum and then fucked by Enzo Rimenez, and Emir Boscatto get rammed by the beautiful young Sunni Colucci.

Well in this the 5th and final installment the boy with one of the most ripped hard bodies in porn, Darius Ferdynand, is back to get his holes filled from both ends by Antonio Miracle and the amazing Flex. Yes in ‘Cine-X Finale’ we have three hot men and 4 shots of their juicy jizz.

There’s something for everyone, the butt naked Darius sucking off the impeccably dressed Flex, while sleazy daddy Antonio Miracle watches from a distance and wanks off while Darius rides Flex’s cock as he sits in the cinema seat.

Just the sight of that is enough to make Antonio shoot his milk. But that’s not the end for Mr Miracle as he joins the two to lick out Darius’s hole and then fuck him while Darius continues to suck on Flex as he strips out of his suit, climaxing in the three of them cumming all over Darius’s perfect pecs.

Now that’s what you call a Finale…Join them!

Emir Boscatto is a successful international businessman interviewing candidates to be his new personal assistant.

Bruno Max, an experienced professional, believes he has all the requirements needed for the position and decides to apply.

At the interview, Emir starts to evaluate his new candidate’s skills asking how many things he can handle and how far he is willing to go to obtain the job.

All job candidates say the same thing: Yes, they have the skills and right mindset for the job. So, Emir has Max prove it. He takes his handkerchief from his jacket and throws it into the swimming pool and asks Bruno to fetch it.

Bruno jumps into the pool without any hesitation suited and wet, he will soon also prove that business and pleasure can mix.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sir Peter is tuxed and ready to head out to the New Year’s Gala they are attending but not his partner, Emir Boscatto.

And, to make matters worse, Sir Peter receives a notification that their chauffeur is running 40 minutes late.

The refined art of being fashionably late to a party is tolerated.

But Sir Peter has always preferred being punctual anywhere he goes and starts getting anxious and frustrated.

Emir knows what it’s like to have a Type A personality partner, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, impatient, anxious, and concerned with time management.

However, over the years he has learned the art of getting Sir Peter to calm down, and it usually involves letting him get down to personal business.

They’re going to be late regardless, might as well enjoy a pre-party tuxed play session ringin’ in the new year early with a bang.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy office manager Sean Weiss and his hot colleague Emir Boscatto hardcore anal fuck.

Sales Director Sean has been having some problems with Emir, a member of his sales team. This is the third time Emir does not meet the deadline for submitting his monthly report

Sean walks over to Emir’s office and asks if everything is okay and Emir tells him that he is almost done. Sean is trying to understand what the issue is but is not getting the answer he is looking for. The salesman asks how he can fix it and Sean simply says by finishing the report.

Emir softly touches his boss’ thigh and tells him that he didn’t understand the premise of his last question. The hazel-eyed, muscular Argentinian stud has seduced Sean in the past and is hoping to use his sex appeal again as job insurance.

A seductive face, wet mouth, and big cock are hard to resist and it isn’t long before the two studs get down to business and enjoy some raw office sex!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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