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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 178lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Dan Saxon

Josh Moore seems to have some kind of breakthrough and finally admits to road trip buddy Dan Saxon that he’s always had a crush on him after they get back on the PCH, and Dan confesses the crush is mutual.

With the ice finally broken, they decide they don’t want their adventure to end. They stop at a diner and on a dare from Dan, Josh picks up smoking hot surfer boy Greyson Lane, and they go back to his beach shack for a three way.

After some dick sucking in the van, they go inside for blowjobs on the couch and Greyson devours their tasty uncut British bangers.

Dan and Josh happily take turns bare backing the younger dude, as Greyson takes them both on like a trouper, riding their beautiful cocks to a jizz dripping finish as they fill his hole with their delicious spunk.

With a new sense of playful sexual freedom thanks to his enlightened friend Dan, Josh decides not to go back to San Francisco and new adventures await as the sun sets on the ‘Califuckinfornia’ coastline..Join them!

Road trip buddies Josh Moore and Dan Saxon have wildly different opinions about casual sex, as proven when they pull into a gas station to fill up the tank on their van.

Josh uses the bathroom where cute cocksucker Dakota Payne is cruising the urinals and waving his big boner. Josh spots Dakota and scurries back out to the gas pump.

Dan takes his turn, and his time, once he discovers Dakota and a glory hole stall inside. Never one to turn down an opportunity for sex or a sweet hot mouth, Dan puts his girthy uncut dick through the hole.

Dakota pounces and works Dan’s meat for all it’s worth in a sloppy, drool dripping blowjob while Josh waits impatiently in the van.

Dan joins Dakota in the stall, to better fuck his face and throat, and hunky stud Dick Dawson comes in to fill the other glory hole and give Dakota all the big cock the trashy toilet troll craves.

Dan glazes Dakota’s sweet face with an enormous load right in the eye and leaves him to polish off Dick’s dick as he joins Josh back in the van..Join them!

Josh Moore is visiting Santa Cruz for the first time to see his best surfer dude friend Dan Saxon.

He’s gonna surprise him but when he gets to Dan’s beachside house he finds that he is not alone.

Josh catches a glimpse through the window of Dan and Devin Franco getting it on so he hangs around the boardwalk to wait until they are done.

Devin is Dan’s latest fuckbuddy and he can’t wait to suck down hard on some hot surfer stud cock.

He swallows Dan’s big dick whole in a deep-throated blow job session before opening his ass to that raw monster cock.

Dan bare fucks Devin’s bubble ass with all his might, pressing his cock deeper and deeper into that hot hole.

Devin receives a thorough big dick ass drilling which leaves him begging Dan to seed his load in his ass.

Dan cannot hold off too long before delivering a huge cum load in his ass before Devin jerks out his own creamy orgasm.

Both studs relax their sexual desires sated for now.

Just in time as Josh knocks on the door, Devin hits the road and the boys catch up for old time’s sake.

Josh and Dan laugh about the encounter but it is clear that they don’t agree about what love, sex, and fidelity is.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Dan Saxon

The third episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ sees the remodel of Wess Russel’s vacation house well underway, as he and host Austin Avery watch the crew on camera.

In the kitchen, plumber Dan Saxon and his assistant Beaux Banks are laying pipe under the sink till it’s time for a much-needed boner break.

Sexy Brit, Dan hauls out his thick uncut cock as he strips Beaux down to just his jockstrap and rims his bubble butt.

Beaux backs into Dan and rides his tongue till he is begging Dan to fuck him raw.

The plumber replies with a hardcore, bareback deep dicking that leaves Beaux literally cross-eyed and Dan shoots his load all over in a huge cum-splattering ejaculation.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Bearded hottie stud Dan Saxon’s bare ass raw fucked by black muscle hunk DeAngelo Jackson’s huge cock.

With only hours to spare before Christmas Eve, these holiday hunks have officially saved the family bakery and are looking to make the yuletide gay.

Alone in the kitchen with some assorted baking supplies and high school fling DeAngelo Jackson, Dan Saxon drops to his knees to suck some sugary icing off of DeAngelo’s delicious dick.

DeAngelo reciprocates the food play by turning Dan around and taking a nearby stick of butter to his cheeks, rimming his buttery hole, and barebacking his slick ass.

With his naked body covering the kitchen counter, Dan breathes deeply as the former love of his life pumps him full of dick until he’s glistening in a layer of shimmery sweat.

Ready to bust, DeAngelo pulls out to frost Dan’s cakes in a thick layer of icing right before going down to get a creamy facial from Dan’s uncut cock.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Lucas Entertainment gay porn scenes of Dan Saxon

Hottie young punk Jack Bailey’s bare hole fucked by curly blonde haired Dan Saxon’s muscle dick.

Jack Bailey is a young man with a smooth face and blond hair. He is a horny young man who enjoys having a top with a large cock pounce on his ass, especially when the top is skilled at doing so.

During the course of the interview for “Bareback Auditions 24Thrusted And Pumped,” Jack Bailey makes his formal presentation to our followers.

After they finish talking, Jack Bailey undresses to show off his toned body, and then Dan Saxon gives him one hell of a workout by sucking dick and slamming him up his ass!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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