Stevie Trixx

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: FTM Trans
Nationality: American

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Smooth as velvet. That’s how in sync FTM trans man Stevie Trixx and Jonah Wheeler are with each other. They start with gentle passionate kissing; nothing too abrupt or rushed. Just two hot guys getting familiar with each other’s hot…

Full StoryJonah loves to feel the ginger FTM stud’s nipples between his hot fingers, each tweak bringing a sexy groan from Stevie’s mouth. They linger in this state of exploration. Stevie unzips Jonah’s pants and slides a hand inside. Jonah’s hard as a rock! Stevie strokes Jonah and the tall hairy stud responds to the delicate touch. Sensational but unhurried!

Jonah’s reaches between Stevie’s legs and gently fingers Stevie’s hot pussy. Stevie’s already dripping wet from the foreplay, which is exactly what Jonah was going for!

He moves Stevie around on the velvet and kneels down; the better to give Stevie’s manclit the blow job he’s been waiting for!

Jonah’s licks gently at first. Stevie’s moans egging him onward. Jonah takes it all in his mouth and Stevie’s squirming kicks into overdrive! Our hot ginger is loving the pussy-whipping he’s getting from Jonah’s tongue!

Stevie stands Jonah up, revealing the long hard cock Stevie’s been waiting for! He takes the rod into his mouth to give it the smooth blowjob it deserves! Jonah’s dick is long and thick but Stevie’s throat is up to the task! Jonah gets harder and harder as Stevie makes sure this huge cock gets the milking it deserves.

With Jonah good and hard, Stevie wants that dick balls-deep in his pussy. Jonah kneels up to get right at the bonus hole opening and rams his spit-lubed rod right into Stevie’s dripping hole. Both moan out loud, these feelings are intense!

Jonah’s cock glides along Stevie’s manclit, sending shivers through both men. Stevie switches them to cowboy position after a long first fuck. The pace starts to increase as Stevie now controls the pumping! Faster and faster!

Jonah lays Stevie down on his back and plunges back into Stevie’s inner walls. The speed picks up, Jonah’s getting close! Stevie’s begs for Jonah to breed him and our hot daddy is happy to please!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hottie muscle hunk Johnny Donovan’s huge raw dick fucking trans stud Stevie Trixx’s hot hole.

Redhead Stevie Trixx can’t find his headset and goes to check in his roommate Johnny Donovan’s room.

The Tguy finds something unexpected under the bed, a toy torso and cock that he just has to try out.

He strips down and starts riding the toy’s dick… which is when Johnny comes home and sees him.

The horny top strokes himself and watches as his trans roomie gets off on his toy, then comes up behind him to fuck him doggy style! Johnny goes down on the redhead, then fucks him missionary.

The guys share the toy, then Johnny fucks the bottom spoon, and Stevie shows why his hole is so much better than the plastic one as he rides the top till Johnny cums.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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