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Jaxton Wheeler is a popular gay porn star with a lot of work under his belt. No matter what he does Jaxton is a favorite of his fans. He looks like a Greek god with his curly black locks, fierce beard, and majestic body. Watching Jaxton Wheeler will make you dream of Mt. Olympus.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.5 inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 200lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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69221 01 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Bryce Evans met a guy named Jaxton Wheeler at the gym who has a nice thick fat cock and he has told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited him over to play with them.

Both are a little nervous, and when Jaxton arrives they waste no time in getting down to business. All three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other.

Once the clothes are off, Bryce and Hans share Jaxton’s big fat cock with each other taking turns sucking it. Bryce then move to Hans’s big fat dick and sucks him while Hans continues sucking Jaxton.

Jaxton fucks Bryce first while Bryce continues to suck Hans’s throbbing cock. Jaxton flips Bryce on his back and continues to fuck him as Hans buries his cock deep in his mouth.

Then Hans rides Jaxton’s hard shaft while Jaxton sucks on Bryce. Hans then lies on his back as Jaxton fucks him balls deep until he shoots a huge load all over himself.

Bryce then shoots his load into Hans’ mouth and Jaxton ends by feeding Hans his load…Join them!

68985 01 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler and Aston Springs are in the locker room and Aston is admiring how big his muscles are.

Recognizing that Aston is turned on by him, Jaxton lets him rub on his massive muscles and nuzzle in his armpits.

He then forces Aston down to his very big thick cock and Aston eagerly sucks him.

Jaxton then sucks Aston’s throbbing cock before rimming his ass.

He then fucks him with his thick cock in a few positions until they both cum…Join them!

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Here’s the Jaxton Wheeler that we love, with men at his command.

But is he the one taking orders now? Let’s see if anyone is actually able to take charge of our favorite power fucker.

One way of the other, Leon Lewis is getting his tight ass stretched out in this steaming Bromo classic…Join them!

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In the first installment of this boundary pushing series, prepare to see Jaxton Wheeler at his finest: as a chain rattling beast with uncontrollable sexual urges.

Although Buck Richards and Jaxton are both held captive by the same mystery man, it’s clear who’ll be the bitch in this dungeon.

Will Buck be ready when the beast breaks free from his cage? Watch as Jaxton bends Buck to his will and boy does he bend…Join them!

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66031 05 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

The ‘Gun Show’ is winding down from a long and successful weekend of gun sales. Julian Knowles is packing up his booth when he hears something unusual. He walks over to investigate and finds Jaxton Wheeler jacking off to a rack of semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

When Julian questions Jaxton about what’s going on, he commands Jaxton to put his hands on his head. Jaxton explains that guns turn him on and when Julian sees how excited Jaxton is, he walks over to lend his mouth to the action.

Julian sucks on Jaxton’s thick knob and forces him to keep his hands on his head every time he tries to lower his arms. The cock sucking puts Julian in the mood to have his bubble butt serviced and he tells Jaxton that he wants him to eat and fuck his ass.

To avoid any problems, Jaxton obliges and gets down to munch on Julian’s crack and big balls. He slips his fingers inside the tight pink hole to loosen it up before he slams his cock all the way in. His big pole makes Julian sweat as it goes in and out before Julian gives his ass a slap and has his new butt buddy hop on to take a ride.

Jaxton gives the ass a jackhammer pounding and gives the go ahead for Julian to let loose. Julian does as he’s told and within seconds of seeing him pump his cum all over himself, Jaxton allows himself the pleasure of doing the same.

He covers Julian’s fuzzy crotch with gun-inspired load and scrambles out the door as Julian tells him to get the fuck out…Join them!

66031 04 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Good ol’ boy gun lovers Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran, pull up to the gun show and park in the parking lot. Sean is excited to head in to see all the automatic and semi-automatic weapons but Jaxton is a little reluctant saying he’ll catch up with Sean later.

Sean discovers that Jaxton has a boner and needs to take care of it before they can head into the show. Sean reveals that he’s got a hard-on too, so to avoid getting arrested for beating off in the car, the two head into the building to find a private spot to rub one out.

This ‘Gun Show’ has the studs so turned on that they enter a storage room and take to their own corners to jack their raging boners. Sean keeps edging closer to Jaxton, who protests with every step closer that Sean takes. Sean won’t shut up and wants to finish as fast as possible so they can head in to see the gun demonstrations.

‘Dude, you take too fucking long,” Sean says as he gets on his knees to service his buddy. Jaxton is reluctant at first and responds with: ‘What the fuck are you doing, ya faggot?’. But once he feels Sean’s lips wrapped around his thick cock, Jaxton relents and lets the tatted hick take his cock down his throat.

Jaxton fucks Sean’s face as Sean jacks his own big hairy cock. After sucking Jaxton’s dick for what seems like forever, he stands up and once again tells Jaxton that he’s taking too long. ‘It’s your turn now,’ Sean declares.

After a bit of protest from Jaxton on account of not knowing how to suck a dick, Jaxton finally agrees to give it a try. It’s a rocky start on Sean’s pulsing shaft, but Jaxton gets the hang of it and is able to service his buddy without another hitch.

It’s almost as if Jaxton was born to suck cock. He doesn’t miss and inch and even gets in to suck on Sean’s big low hanging balls and fuzzy taint. When Sean is close, he pulls out and paints Jaxton’s black hairy beard white.

With all of Sean’s sticky jizz clinging to his face, Jaxton returns the favor and sprays his muscled-up buddy with his own brand of relief.

Once they’re done, the party is over and they immediately search for a cum rag to wipe down and clean up before they head back out the door to join the masses of gun-loving patriots…Join them!

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68095 03 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Sexy twink JD Phoenix gives in to temptation and meets with muscled, bear daddy Jaxton Wheeler at a hotel.

Jaxton pounds the sex-crazed JD with all he’s got, and JD growls and moans with pleasure as Jaxton brings him to an intense orgasm. Jaxton finishes the job by cumming all over his young, satisfied lover…Join them!

68095 02 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Hot and horny daddy Michael Roman strokes his massive, hard cock while fantasizing about hairy, muscle bear Jaxton Wheeler fucking his hole.

Watch this daddy vs. daddy encounter as two muscular men fuck and suck each other to mutual explosive orgasms…Join them!

67729 04 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Sexy young bear Jaxton Wheeler recognizes older Max Stark as his former teacher, and can’t resist thinking back to his schoolboy fantasies.

Little does he know Max has been craving cock, and has come to see Jaxton hoping for a happy ending.

Jaxton obliges, using his big muscles to throw the older man around like a toy, and fuck him every which way.

Jaxton gets an ‘A’ for effort from this former teacher who leaves his sexy massage cum drunk…Join them!

67729 03 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Hairy muscle hunk Jaxton Wheeler seduces young Diego Diaz while giving the timid twink a sexy massage sure to ease his aches.

Watch Diego turn to putty under the expert touch of burly bear Jaxton, and finally give in to the needs of his young, rock hard cock.

Jaxton gives this inexperienced twink the orgasm of his life and indoctrinates him into the pleasure-filled world of male-on-male sex…Join them!

67975 02 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Closeted bros Jaxton Wheeler and Roman Todd escape the veritable hell of their nagging girlfriends by stealing away for a sexy fuckfest.

Hairy muscle bear Jaxton fucks Italian bad boy Roman with the force and aggression the closeted bad boy has been longing for, until the two sweaty, ripped men explode in mutual, intense orgasms…Join them!

66075 02 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Couple Jaxton Wheeler and Pierce Hartman, get down and dirty in the basement sucking each other’s hard cocks. Jaxton aggressively fucks Pierce’s tight asshole.

Letting out all their stress on each other’s bodies. Finishing with explosive cum all over each other! Passionate intense sex leaving them orgasming like never before…Join them!

65626 03 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

When both couples end up at a swingers bar Billy Santoro and Jaxton Wheeler go all in on this crazy idea to try out new men.

They head over to the motel next door, it’s time to get wild. There is nothing better than a brand new huge hard cock.

They aggressively fuck each other’s asses and suck on each other’s cocks. Cum blasting into orgasms.

Swinging is definitely going to be a regular thing after sex like this…Join them!

66075 01 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler seduces older man Rodney Steele for free rent he knows Rodney craves his young muscular, hairy body. He fucks his ass hard till he climaxes to cum filled orgasms.

The pair fucks and sucks each other to mutual earth shattering orgasms…Join them!

65626 01 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Gabriel Alanzo and boyfriend Jaxton Wheeler are looking to spice up their love life. While reviewing a hookup bar online they both agree maybe it’s time to start swinging with other couples.

They are both so heated by the idea. They end up all over each other. Sucking each other’s thick hard cocks and banging each other’s tight assholes.

Exploding in cum all over each other. Here’s to trying out new things…Join them!

65377 04 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

While Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler’s room he starts jerking off to the thought of fucking Jaxton. In the middle of his jerking off session Jaxton happens to walk in and catch him.

He is extremely turned on and decides to give him a hand. He then he gives him his mouth, ass and cum. All of Kory’s jerking off fantasies just became a reality…Join them!

65377 02 01 - Jaxton Wheeler

Brother in law’s Roman Todd and Jaxton Wheeler sneak away from their wives for a couple days. They finally can get exactly what they’ve been craving, which is to get their hands all over each other.

Once the wives are away the boys can play. There’s no time to waste they get straight to fucking each other like crazy. They put their hard cocks all over each other’s mouths and asses till their filled with orgasms and cum…Join them!

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