Franky Fox

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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World-famous porn star Gabriel Phoenix has a band of fans who want to know everything that he does on a daily basis.

So Gabriel is filming a day in the life of video to show them a normal day.

Filming starts as his alarm buzzes in the morning. He gets in the shower, first but while showering he receives a hookup text on his phone.

Bottom boy Franky Fox wants a quick morning fuck and Gabriel tells him to come over straight away.

The guys make out on camera and Gabriel fucks Franky’s mouth, then eats his hole before pounding him doggy style.

Franky climbs into Gabriel’s lap to ride his cock, then the top pounds Franky mish on the table til he cums, and fills Franky’s mouth with jizz.

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Franky Fox and Dato Foland are excited and a little nervous to be part of an experiment where a screen will guide them in getting to know each other.

They introduce themselves, hesitating a little as they receive the instruction to take off their clothes, they must look at each other for one minute without speaking.

They are directed to the bed, where they begin by cuddling and caressing each other before they start sucking one another’s cocks and exploring each other’s holes with their tongues.

First Dato fucks Franky’s ass hole doggy style, then the burly Russian rides Franky’s cock reverse before returning his dick to Franky’s hole till the bearded Australian cums and Dato finishes with a facial.

Did both guys feel a connection? Watch and find out.

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When Diego Reyes is apprehended for allegedly falsifying votes in city elections, he immediately asks to speak with his lawyer Franky Fox before making any statements.

When Franky comes into the interrogation room, he finds his client highly agitated and anxious.

But while Diego claims his innocence, Franky doubts him and tries to get Diego to trust him with the truth.

Remember, their conversation is safe through lawyer-client privilege.

As it turns out, Diego did alter the results of the elections, and he collaborated with his party to do so.

Being found guilty of election fraud is a crime that comes with hefty fines, imprisonment, and a certain end to one’s political career.

A cost too high for Diego! Therefore, if he wants Franky to get him out of this predicament, it will cost him.

He’ll need to take it from and give it to the best lawyer in town or else.

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