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Benjamin Blue is young, cute, and very new to sex. He’s one of our CockyBoys from Montréal, bilingual in English and French, and has a pretty adorable accent when he opens up and talks. Naturally shy, Benjamin is a total bottom, he loves the feeling of a big cock up his perky little butt.

With his blue eyes, blond hair, smooth torso, and uncut dick, Benjamin basically made fellow Québécer Gabriel Clark fall head over heels for him. It wasn’t long before Ben was broken in with an exceptionally passionate “Clark-ing” experience, proving he’s got what it takes to make any top’s dreams come true.

The very definition of a cutie, Benjamin’s open-mindedness and boyishly handsome good looks make him a real CockyBoys winner.

Hair Color: Blonde/Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom

Cockyboys gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue


Benjamin Blue and Danny Montero are two fun, crazy for each other, passionate guys who can’t seem to be able to keep their dicks in their pants when they meet. As Danny admits “I’m a shy guy but within 5 minutes of meeting Benjamin he was already sitting in my lap”.

As Benjamin starts to tickle Danny he finds his weak spot is his feet but then Danny finds his revenge when he kisses Benjamin behind the ear. As the two are giggling and throwing around on the bed the clothes start to come off and Benjamin reveals his rock hard cock.

Danny wastes no time and starts to suck on it right away. Apparently Danny is a sucker for pre-cum because he licks every drop of it off of Benjamin’s uncut cock. Clearly Danny is doing such a great job at it that Benjamin feels the need to turn him around and start smacking Danny’s ass to leave his hand print on those ass cheeks as he is rimming his hole to get it ready for some serious fucking.

Danny is in pure heaven as Benjamin tongue fucks his hole and opens it up before he slides his hard cock balls deep. First, Benjamin take Danny from behind doggy style and rides him hard for a while before pushing him down on the bed to really get deep in his hole.

As Benjamin plows Danny’s ass like never before Danny can’t stop telling Benjamin how good his feels up his ass. Of course Benjamin already knows that so he just keeps pounding him harder and harder until Danny shoots his load over his head.

As Benjamin sees Danny cumming all over himself he immediately pulls out to cover him with his cum shot too. Then it’s back to tickling…Join them!


Ashton Summers and Benjamin Blue spent the day together checking out the local parks in Montreal. But all the sight seeing in the world can’t compete with two horny guys and before you know they’re swapping blowjobs on a park bench.

They took this as a sign and headed back to the room for some serious fucking. The two hop on the bed and Benjamin takes Ashton’s enormous cock in his mouth. Swirling his tongue around the swollen head as he looks with those beautiful blue eyes.

Ashton responds by grabbing his head with two hands and pumping his cock in and out of his mouth. But Ashton wants more so he leans over and takes Benjamin’s perfect uncut cock his mouth. Stopping to admire is beauty before bobbing his head back and forth on Benjamin’s knob.

The two share a steamy sixty nine before Ashton announces that he wants at Benjamin’s ass. He sits up and spreads Benjamin’s cheeks to get a good look at that perfect little hole then dives right in. Sliding his tongue all the way in Benjamin’s tight hole as the little blonde twink moans his approval.

Ashton smacks his ass a couple of times then he sits up and aims that huge cock at Benjamin’s ass. Sliding it all the way to the balls in a single thrust that leaves Benjamin gasping for air. He fucks Benjamin hard on his knees then flips him over and fucks him slow on his back.

Inching his cock all the way out of his ass before driving it back into the balls. The whole time looking directly into Benjamin’s gorgeous blue eyes and kissing him sweetly on the lips. These two studs enjoy the ride then switch to the chair where Benjamin can ride Ashton’s cock.

That huge tool finds its way easily back into Benjamin’s ass and he rides it like a champ. Bouncing up and down on Ashton’s lap and driving himself crazy in the process. Ashton picks Benjamin up and moves him back to the bed where the two start back at a furious pace.

Ashton pounds that hole like a jack hammer then reaches down and grabs Benjamin’s cock and gives it a couple strokes. The little blonde twink must have been on the edge the whole time because Ashton’s very touch seems to set him off and he blows a big load all over his smooth belly.

Ashton pulls out just in time to shoot his own load at Benjamin’s belly. A thick and hot load that joins his buddy’s jizz and creates a beautiful mess as the two rub together and share sweet little kisses while looking into each other’s eyes. Content and satisfied at last…Join them!

Today we have a true gay porn superstar in the house. Skyy Knox is back, channeling his inner daddy with an especially hot date with Benjamin Blue.

The horny pair escape the bounds of the city and head out on a romantic road trip to Skyy’s parents deserted cabin in the wooded countryside.

The guys play about outdoors, teasing each other and flirting wildly, before Skyy’s lust takes control and he grabs Benjamin in the barn.

The guys pull at each others’ clothes as they make out passionately, their clothes falling to the ground. The guys are left naked except for their long socks and sneakers.

Skyy rims Benjamin’s hot ass getting his tongue deep between his firm ass cheeks and lubing up his hot boy hole.

He then turns him around to deep-suck his cock and once Skyy’s steel hard cock is revealed, he takes Benjamin out into the open. He bends him over the wood fence and thoroughly rim his smooth hole and bumps up the excitement with seductive sex talk.

Skyy can’t hold back any longer and jackhammers Benjamin’s hole so hard the fence shakes & rattles. Benjamin really loves it and readily obeys when daddy Skyy virtually orders him to suck him.

Benjamin takes every inch and doesn’t hesitate when told to ride “daddy’s dick”. Benjamin bounces up and down on Skyy’s cock every which way ad gets close to the edge. BUT….

Benjamin suddenly gets playfully naughty. and scampers away, goading Skyy to chase him. Skyy catches him on a nearby crate and after some more passionate kissing lies Benjamin back for more drilling. In no time Skyy fucks a load out of Benjamin and switches to power topping him.

He doesn’t stop until he shoots a thick load over Benjamin’s hole and pumps it into him.

As they kiss again you might think Skyy has fucked the naughty city boy out of Benjamin, but both Skyy and you are in for one more little surprise. Looks like Benjamin wants more fucking.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we get to welcome back Benjamin Blue and Olivier Robert who are both sporting sexy new looks. See these horny guys bonding right from the off.

They are playful together, opening up about the sex that they like and making out kissing passionately.

Soon enough it is top man Olivier who forces Benjamin to swallow his thick erect dick, telling him how he likes a guy to pleasure him.

As Benjamin does, Olivier fucks his throat, pushing his gag reflex to the limit.

He does so well that when Olivier returns the favor he lets Benjamin face-fuck him right back.

With their sexual heat rising they get into a 69 with Benjamin returning to deep sucking while Olivier eats his ass.

Olivier’s slick & wet cock and Benjamin’s spit-lubed hole finally meet as Benjamin rides Olivier and the moaning bottom takes his deep upward thrusts.

They both almost go over the edge but slow it down momentarily to kiss and change positions: Olivier puts Benjamin on his back and pounds him relentlessly.

As Olivier drills Benjamin, he moves him to his side and then back to a full missionary with a variety of thrusts, each time hitting his prostate.

Finally, Olivier takes total control, fucking Benjamin faster while stroking his cock for him. He jerks and milks a big intense cum shot out of Benjamin and just keeps drilling him.

Soon he pulls out with an intense orgasm of his own shooting his load over Benjamin.

In the end, they’re both spent but thoroughly satisfied and glowing with post-sex euphoria and affection.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Masqulin gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

Life in small-town rural America is often quiet and quaint but garage mechanic Markus Kage is a hard fucker.

Markus enjoys fucking guys over when they break down in his little town. He has special plans for helpless gay sluts like Benjamin Blue.

As Benjamin barely rolls into the mechanic with his piercing blue eyes and wanting mouth, Markus decides he will fuck him over in a whole different way.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Missionary Boys gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

A new missionary boy Elder Benjamin Blue is here today and President Manual Skye will be taking him through his paces.

Handsome young boy Elder Benjamin is a little nervous as he perches on top of a high stool whilst President Manual takes him through a number of initiation tests.

Elder Benjamin notices that Elder Manual has a huge crotch bulge in his pants as he reaches around and feels his huge erect cock.

Elder Manual undoes Elder Benjamin’s pants and gets his lips around his young dick sucking down hard balls deep.

Elder Benjamin in just his shirt and black socks returns the favor sucking on Elder Manual’s huge thick uncut cock.

Elder Benjamin bends over and opens his ass cheeks allowing Elder Manual to get his raw dick deep in his tight asshole.

The hardcore bareback fucking continues until Elder Benjamin’s cock leaks precum before he finally heads over the edge blowing cum all over himself quickly followed by Elder Manual who soaks them both.

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President Manual Skye has been on the receiving end of some disturbing gossip about one of his missionary boys and he has today called in Elder Benjamin Blue to get to the bottom of this.

Rumors have it that Elder Benjamin has succumbed to impure thoughts and has been touching himself under the cover of darkness in his single bunk.

President Skye’s spies in the dorm have reported Elder Benjamin for masturbating late at night and for moaning loudly at times and keeping the other missionary boys awake.

Elder Benjamin is quite popular amongst the other younger missionaries so President Skye wants to bring these late-night horny flushed masturbation episodes to an end and so put to bed all the gossip.

When they meet up Elder Benjamin appears nervous and President Skye questions him intensely.

“Have you sinned my son? Is there something you need to confess?”

Benjamin struggles to answer but then says, “Hmmm, Yes, last night I was um, I was thinking some impure thing and I touched myself.”

President Skye informs the young errant missionary boy that if he must masturbate he should do it properly and asks ELder Benjamin to show him his technique.

As Elder Benjamin removes his pants, President Skye feels his crotch bulge in his white underwear.

As he holds on to his soft cock he feels it suddenly spring to attention and is fully erect, tenting his under and straining on the fabric.

President Skye’s big thick dick is also sporting a massive boner and he unleashed it and forces Elder Benjamin’s mouth over it making him suck it right to the back of his throat.

Elder Benjamin works President Skye’s big erection getting his lips and tongue around his full length from tip to balls in a rhythmic in and out motion.

Then as Elder Benjamin removes his tight white underwear Elder Skye forces his large cock between Elder Benjamin’s ass cheeks and deep into his hot missionary boy hole.

It’s very tight and he has to press hard to enter until Elder Benjamin relaxes a little and enjoys the feeling of President Skye’s dick inching in and out of him.

They switch up positions a number of times getting close to orgasm, with Elder Benjamin wanking his own cock hard as President Skye pummels his asshole.

Suddenly Elder Benjamin can hold off no longer and his breathing becomes labored and he shoots his load all over his stomach, with President Skye’s big dick still deep inside of him.

Then President Skye pulls out and delivers a huge load of cum, showering the young missionary boy’s bare ass with his jizz. He then fucks his cum back inside Elder Benjamin’s freshly fucked ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Men gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

You just knew this election wasn’t going to go to plan when you’ve got Benjamin Blue going to vote.

He’s been taking voting booth dick shots and probing his hot asshole with the marker in fact he’s forgotten about the vote altogether.

He gets an even bigger surprise when polling supervisor Gabriel Clark hearing strange noises slips into the next booth and sticks his big hard cock through the glory hole.

Benjamin sucks down hard on it before Gabriel opens the curtain to eat the bottom’s ass before fucking him doggy style.

Benjamin then rides the top’s dick, and Gabriel fucks him in mish and jacks off the bottom till he cums. Gabriel covers Benjamin’s face with an “I voted!” sticker and a hot load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Benjamin Blue is visiting a straight dude Malik Delgaty and his wife who are celebrating a baby gender reveal party.

As he bends over his jeans split open so his bare ass is exposed. As this happens he happens to find a big dildo under the sofa.

Benjamin gives in to temptation and fucks his hole with the toy, then rides it on the couch… until Malik and his family arrive.

Benjamin does his best to sneak away, but the toy stays behind, where one of the grandmas-to-be finds it.

Malik gives his gay buddy a real cock to play with and Benjamin sneakily sucks it, then Malik fucks him doggy style and cums on his ass just as his wife does the gender reveal.

Malik isn’t done, fucking Benjamin in missionary and piledriver before Benjamin orgasms and the top gives him a facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Benjamin Blue gets revenge when his roommate Edward Terrant interrupts his TV watching with a loud video call by pouring a beverage over his head.

Already annoyed, Edward grumbles when he goes to put his soaked clothes in the dryer and finds it’s still full of Benjamin’s last load.

Benjamin spots his naked roommate on all fours with his tempting ass poking out of the dryer, so he quickly undresses, sneaks up behind him, and fucks him doggy style.

All Edward’s annoyance at his roommate evaporates when he gets that hard cock, and he sucks Benjamin’s dick, then hops up on the washer to get fucked mish with his legs over the top’s shoulders.

The bottom rides Benjamin, then bends over the appliance to get fucked doggy style till he cums, and Benjamin shoots an oversized load on Edward’s face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It’s another wedding and Benjamin Blue’s mom is planning to marry again for the fifth time, but what she doesn’t know when she sends him to check on his stepdad-to-be is that they’ve been having an affair.

Benjamin’s pleas for Alex Mecum to marry him instead fall on deaf ears, but Alex agrees to one last blowjob for old times’ sake.

As Benjamin is on his knees sucking Alex’s cock, they almost get caught by the bride, but that doesn’t stop Benjamin from pulling down his pants and baring his hole to entice Alex into fucking him.

The groom undresses his future stepson and rims his hole, then fucks him up against the wall.

Alex bends the bottom over a table to fuck him doggy style, and Benjamin rides Alex’s cock.

The top fucks him on the table until Benjamin cums, then fills him with a huge creampie.

Alex won’t agree to Benjamin’s final appeal to cancel the wedding, but the sneaky bottom has a plan.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It is Alex Mecum’s wedding day and he is very happy to see his veiled bride walk down the aisle.

That is until the woman he’s supposed to marry runs in, wearing just her underwear, screaming “Stop the wedding.”

Surprised Alex then pulls back the bride’s veil to see his new stepson, Benjamin Blue, who’s determined to make Alex his.

Benjamin kisses the groom and the guys run out to the waiting getaway car, where Benjamin sucks Alex’s cock as they make their escape.

Limo driver Malik Delgaty can’t help getting turned on and strokes his cock as he watches Alex rimming Benjamin in the back.

The guys invite Malik to join them, taking turns sucking his huge dick before the two tops spit-roast Benjamin.

Alex licks Malik’s cock as the muscular driver fucks Benjamin doggy style, and Benjamin rides Alex reverse while he sucks Malik.

Then both guys lift Benjamin up as Malik fucks him stand-and-carry till the bottom cums.

Alex and Malik give Benjamin a double facial, and then it’s off to the airport.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Horny art student Benjamin Blue is overly interested when still life model William Seed drops his robe to reveal his ripped chiseled physique… and his huge hard cock.

But Benjamin’s worried his painting isn’t doing the hot model justice, so William offers to let the artist touch his cock for some extra inspiration.

The guys stroke and caress each other, then Benjamin sucks the model’s dick before teasing it with the soft bristles of his paintbrush.

William gives the horny artist a taste of his own medicine, sliding the handle inside Benjamin’s tight hole before he fucks him doggy style.

The guys are both inspired as Benjamin rides the top, then William fucks him missionary until Benjamin Jackson Pollocks all over his cut abs.

The artist says his painting needs one final touch, so William adds his cum to the canvas.

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Horny Finn Harding is fucking a toy ass on the couch when he hears moaning from his roommate’s room.

He peeks inside to see cute twink Benjamin Blue face-down ass up, jacking his cock with one hand while penetrating himself with a dildo with the other.

Finn helps his horny bud out by replacing the toy with his big dick.

Benjamin thanks Finn with a blowjob, then rides the top hard.

Finn strokes the bottom’s cock as he pounds him in missionary till Benjamin orgasms, then fills his hole with cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

As musclebound bodybuilder, Phillipe Massa strips down and towels off the sweat from his ripped chest after his workout, he’s joined in the locker room by blue-eyed twink Benjamin Blue.

Benjamin catches the top checking him out and indulges his desire to touch Phillipe’s big muscles. Wordlessly, Benjamin strokes Phillipe’s chest and takes out his big cock, then sucks it.

Phillipe fucks the bottom doggy-style, then piledriver on the floor.

Benjamin lies back on the bench to get his hole pounded, stroking himself till he orgasms on Phillipe’s abs as the top pumps him full of cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hospital gay sex Benjamin Blue, Clark Delgaty, Tony DAngelo and Dane Jaxson’s orgy.

Nothing makes you feel better than good dick, and at this hospital, there’s lots of sexual healing going on.

First, Clark finds a glory hole while cleaning up, and starts a naughty workplace romp with nurse Benjamin.

The pair sneakily fuck under a patient’s nose while Dr. Tony spies on them through the hole.

Tony’s not alone for long, as horny bottom Dane wants a thorough prostate exam.

He gets it, plus a hot dick injection and a big load in his hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Dad Creep gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

Young sexy smooth dude Benjamin Blue is visiting his stepdaddy Markus Kage and step-uncle Romeo Davis at their home.

Benjamin is in trouble as he’s been neglecting his chores, coming in late, and sucking dicks.

Big muscle tattooed hairy daddy Markus lets him off this time if Benjamin sucks his big thick dick dry.

As he is finishing up, Markus reminds him that his step-uncle will be visiting and he’ll be expecting the same total service.

When Romeo arrives he wants to jump straight to the action, “show me what you got Benjamin.”

Benjamin bends over and shoves his bare ass in their faces so that Romeo can lap up that ass crack, getting his tongue deep in his hole.

Both sexy men Romeo and Markus jerk their huge dicks in front of Benjamin’s face inviting him to suck them both.

With Benjamin perched naked on a stool both feed his ass with their dicks pumping him balls deep.

Benjamin then lays on the sofa sucking Markus while his ass is bareback fucked by Romeo.

This raw fucking continues until Benjamin can take not more and unload his hot boy cum all over the place.

Markus and Romeo soon respond by covering him in both their huge cum loads.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Markus Kage’s wife is hanging out the wet washing on the line, she asks him where the gardener is?

Markus is not sure so he say’s, “I’ll go and find him.”

When Markus turns the corner and sees young gardener Benjamin Blue he is not hoeing the weeds as expected.

Instead, sexy Benjamin has his ass out of his jeans and is using the handle as a makeshift dildo.

Quickly Markus undoes his pants and flops his big soft uncut dick in Benjamin’s face.

Markus asks Benjamin, “Did you miss me?”

Benjamin eagerly sucks down hard on Markus’ thick erect cock, getting it to the back of his throat. All the while pummelling his hot hole with the garden fuck stick.

They hide from Markus’ wife as she calls out for them, continuing with a hardcore ass fucking with Benjamin’s hole taking a punishing bareback fucking from Markus’ huge tool.

Then his wife sees them both and shouts, “What the fuck are you doing Garden Fuckers!” and storms inside.

Now on their own, the hottie dudes continue with their hardcore fuck fest continues around the garden until Benjamin can take no more and he unloads his cum all over the top’s abs.

Markus follows spraying Benjamins’s face with his jizz load ending in a hot creamy facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hospital nurse Clark Delgaty finds a surprise while mopping the floor, a hidden glory hole.

He peeks through and sees sexy nurse Benjamin Blue changing into scrubs.

Benjamin gets a surprise of his own when he sees Clark’s cock coming through the hole and eagerly sucks it, then tries to hide it from a doctor and patient as he backs his ass onto it.

Clark fucks Benjamin doggy style on the hospital bed, and the horny bottom rides him reverse, as the doctor sneaks back to peek through the hole.

Benjamin cums as the top pounds him in missionary, then Clark fills the bottom’s mouth with jizz.

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Bromo gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

Benjamin Blue and his bf are stranded by the side of the road when their car breaks down.

Luckily, another car comes along and they flag it down.

Bo Sinn says he can fix their engine trouble, but he wants cash they don’t have, so Benjamin offers to work something out, rubbing Bo’s big bulge.

The bottom locks his bf in the car, then gets to his knees and sucks Bo’s huge dick as his man watches helplessly.

Benjamin loves getting fucked by the tatted top bent over the car and even lying on the engine, so he tells his bf he’s dumped by jizzing on the window and drawing a broken heart, then spitting Bo’s huge load on top.

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Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

Tony D’Angelo just finished up Benjamin Blue’s first-ever snowboarding lesson, but still thinks Benjamin needs some help with his stance.

After some very handsy adjustments from the instructor, Benjamin finds himself blowing Tony’s cock and pulling down his pants for his teacher to bareback his shaved hole.

Tony moans at how tight Benjamin’s hole is as the bottom goes to spread his cheeks and make room for Tony’s girthy dick.

The room fills with the sound of Tony’s naked, beefy body loudly clapping against his student before he throws Benjamin’s long legs in the air.

A shaking Tony then pulls out and unloads his thick nut all over the pools of cum that erupted from Benjamin’s cock just seconds before.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Men says: Hot young buck Benjamin Blue’s bare hole stretched by hairy chested muscle dude Marcus McNeil at Men Marcus McNeil and Benjamin Blue kiss and hug each other under the same blue light as Benjamin’s moniker, gradually letting their embrace deepen into more as Benjamin takes Marcus’s hard cock and swallows it. Marcus bites the bottom’s hole and slowly penetrates him making him cumbersome as Benjamin takes Benjamin on his back. The bottom spits gas when he rides Marcus and demands the sexy sexy make his hole.

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Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Benjamin Blue

Sexy young stud Benjamin Blue’s bare bubble ass raw fucked by tattoo muscle hunk Tony DAngelo.

Tony D’Angelo just finished up Benjamin Blue’s first-ever snowboarding lesson, but still thinks Benjamin needs some help with his stance.

After some very handsy adjustments from the instructor, Benjamin finds himself blowing Tony’s cock and pulling down his pants for his teacher to bareback his shaved hole.

Tony moans at how tight Benjamin’s hole is as the bottom goes to spread his cheeks and make room for Tony’s girthy dick.

The room fills with the sound of Tony’s naked, beefy body loudly clapping against his student before he throws Benjamin’s long legs in the air.

A shaking Tony then pulls out and unloads his thick nut all over the pools of cum that erupted from Benjamin’s cock just seconds before.

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