Jeremy London

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Jeremy London’s partner has just broken up with him via text message. His now ex-bae is dissatisfied by the lack of sex and excitement within their relationship. It’s over.

Newly dumped Jeremy is feeling more than a little betrayed, bitter, and angry. But he’s concocted a way to harness all that emotion into some truly tasty revenge. Over the course of three encounters and multiple anonymous loads, this jilted dumpee will transform into a total Cum Dump.

Markus Kage, a rugged, bearded stud Jeremy matches with on the SexMeet app, is at the ready to kick off Round 1…Join them!

Gabriel Clark joined the army and starts training in two weeks.

But before telling his girlfriend, he tells his boyfriend, Jeremy London, after a Memorial Day Weekend party at his apartment.

The day to leave for duty comes and it’s time for goodbyes.

Jeremy reminds Gabriel not to forget that he is the only guy he gets to have a good time with even when he’s away and especially where he is going.

But, Gabriel has nothing to tell he is who he is and does what he wants, so no one should bother to ask.

And right now, Gabriel wants to make sure to give Jeremy a long, hard goodbye.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hot black stud Trent King arrives back to find his roommate bearded hunk Jeremy London fast asleep on his upper bunk.

Trent is super horny and as he strips off his t-shirt and shorts his huge erect black uncut cock springs into view, pointing upright like a rocket.

Trent sits on his bed and wanks his cock with a stroker. Unbeknown to him Jeremy is awake and he sneaks a peek at his roomie’s monster cock as he jerks away silently below.

All this man wank action turns Jeremy on and he can’t help but watch and listen before he jumps down from his bunk to surprise Trent catching him as he masturbates.

Trent lets Jeremy take a turn with the toy before they put their cocks together and both fuck it at once.

Jeremy puts his dick head inside Trent’s foreskin, then the guys 69 before the horny black top bareback fucks Jeremy doggy style.

Trent raw fucks his buddy till he cums spraying cum all over them both, as Trent jacks his huge black dick till he “bros” his load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Trent King thinks his roommate Jeremy London is out like a light when he strips off and starts using a stroker on his huge, hard, uncut cock, but Jeremy was faking so that he can sneak a peek at what his roomie’s got in his pants.

Jeremy gets so horny listening to Trent masturbate, he hops down from the top bunk to give him a hand.

Trent lets Jeremy take a turn with the toy before they put their cocks together and both fuck it at once.

Jeremy puts his dick tip inside Trent’s foreskin, then the guy’s 69 before the horny top fucks Jeremy doggy style.

Jeremy rides his buddy till he cums, and Trent jacks his huge dick till he “bros” his load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Jeremy London was due on a Zoom call 10 minutes ago, he’s late as he rushes downstairs in just his tight sexy underwear. But where is his laptop?

A cheeky grin breaks over his boyfriend Markus Kage’s face as he watches Jeremy trying out the anal vibrator on the table thinking it is his mouse.

Unbeknown to Jeremy, Markus has full control of the vibrations via his smartphone.

The toy gives Markus an idea: As Jeremy tries to stay professional with his boss, the naughty top crawls under the table, rips a hole in his man’s drawers, and slips the vibrator into his hole.

When Markus turns up the toy, Jeremy has to log off as he cums hard all over his webcam.

Jeremy starts sucking Markus’s cock, then rides it on the floor before the top picks him up and puts him on the table to fuck his ass missionary.

Jeremy bends over for some doggy style till Markus pulls out to cum all over the vibrator. Jeremy slides it back inside, then gets back to work.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Jeremy London isn’t excited about the trip with his mom and her new husband, because his new meathead stepbrother, Malik Delgaty, is such an asshole.

Malik makes Jeremy hold his protein shake as he takes a leak, but when the camper hits a bump and Jeremy spills it on his stepbro’s bulge, Malik makes him lick it up.

As Jeremy sucks Malik’s cock, he starts warming up to his stepbro, and when they stop for gas, the muscular top bends Jeremy over and fucks him doggy style.

Jeremy gets pounded on the banquette bench, then rides the top reverse before taking it bent over the table and he sits down to swallow Malik’s protein shake.

The top gives Jeremy some more of that dick until he cums. This trip might be fun after all.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Jeremy London is preparing a meal, but his husband, tall, shaven-headed hunk Travis Connor, wants to eat his ass for dinner instead.

Jeremy tells Travis they don’t have time since their guests are due any minute, but after Jeremy gets his hand stuck in the sink, Travis seizes his chance to pull down his hubby’s pants and rim him right under Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding’s noses.

He oils up Jeremy’s hole and fingers him before oiling up his hand and getting it free.

The guests look on in surprise as Travis fucks his husband missionary on the dinner table and stand-and-carry up against the wall, but when the guys move to fuck on the couch, Finn and Malik join in the fun.

As Travis sucks Malik, Jeremy sucks Finn’s cock, then takes the guest’s dick. The bottom rides Finn before cumming all over his chest as the top penetrates him in doggy style.

Finn’s not done yet, putting Jeremy on his back on the couch and fucking him nice and deep before cumming on his face.

This dinner party is just getting started.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Boyfriends Jeremy London and Travis Connor have invited Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding over for a romantic dinner for four.

While Jeremy’s slaves away in the kitchen trying to get everything cooked and onto the table for their guests, his horny partner Travis Connor keeps distracting him because wanting his ass for dinner instead.

When Jeremy gets his hand stuck in the sink, Travis takes the opportunity to pull down his man’s jeans and rim that hole behind the backs of guests Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding.

After their hosts start fucking missionary on the table, the couple joins in on the action, stroking their cocks as they watch Jeremy ride Travis’s cock, then splitting up the pair.

Jeremy sucks Finn’s cock while his husband goes down on Malik, and then the guests each take their host doggy style.

Jeremy and Travis ride the tops, then Malik bends the shaven-headed bottom over on the floor while Finn fucks Jeremy piledriver until the bottom cums all over himself.

The tops fuck Travis and Jeremy missionary on the couch, and Finn covers Jeremy’s face with his load. Travis orgasms and Malik treats him to a matching facial.

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Have you ever dreamed about hooking up with hot gay porn star William Seed? Well, this is your chance to find out.

We get to see how William sexily teases just for you, pulling up his t-shirt exposing his ripped chest and abs, and massaging his huge crotch bulge through his shorts before taking out that big uncut dick you know and love and stroking it.

William leans against the wall, putting on a show and giving you a close-up look at that muscle ass before he’s joined by Jeremy London, who kisses down William’s perfect chest, then sucks his dick.

Jeremy rides the handsome top, then William pounds his hole in piledriver.

The guys enjoy some full-body contact in missionary and Jeremy gets on his hands and knees as William takes him in doggy style.

The top gives Jeremy a facial and the bottom sucks out every drop as he strokes himself till he cums.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!