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Even though Jacob Peterson has never played pool in his life, he gives it a go, but quickly is out-classed by Princeton Price’s experience. But once the last ball is sunk, Princeton shifts his focus to a different set of balls, and all of a sudden, Jacob shows just how proficient he can be with a stick in his hands.

He shows all the form of a polished pro, as he polished Princeton’s prick with his mouth, before letting Princeton go deep into his pocket. Princeton sinks his shot and gives Jacob the game of his life, before pulling out and busting his rack all over Jacob’s ass.

As they fall back onto the table, exhausted and fulfilled, Jacob asks him if he wants to go best 2 out of 3. Princeton laughs and grabs his stick for another go round….Join them!

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We’ve all been there. Caught up in a moment of horniness, taking nude selfies in the mirror and sending them off in a sext. But when Dacotah Red hits send, he unwittingly sends it to his friend, Jacob Peterson.

When Jacob receives the text, his mind quickly runs the gamut of all the things he’d like to do to that body, so he wastes no time making his way over to Dacotah’s place. When he gets there, Dacotah is confused, but Jacob quickly shows him why he came over so fast.

Dacotah tells him to just delete the text but Jacob tells him he wants to experience it firsthand, so he throws Dacotah back on the bed and begins kissing him down his body. Dacotah puts up minimal resistance to Jacob’s advances, and before he knows it, he’s pounding good buddy Jacob on the bed.

Jacob proves he can take a dick, and Dacotah proves his pictures only tell half the story. He fucks Jacob bareback every way he can think of, and both guys work up a sweat as the fuck. Finally Jacob is ready to cum, and he tells Dacotah to fuck him as hard as he can.

Dacotah does as instructed and Jacob spits his load all over his hairy stomach as Dacotah pulls out and absolutely soaks him with a massive load. As Jacob lay covered in cum, he tells Dacotah they’ll have to meet up like this again.

Dacotah agrees that wouldn’t be such a bad idea…Join them!

With his sister’s boyfriend showering in the bathroom, freshly single Jacob Peterson sneaks a peek thru his clothes, fantasizing about that good dick his sister is getting.

Boyfriend Zay Hardy catches him in the act, but rather than be freaked out by it, he’s flattered, telling Jacob he knows someone who might want to hook up, provided Jacob can keep a secret.

Jacob assures him he can, and Zay immediately whips off his towel, revealing his hard cock. Jacob seems confused, but he quickly figures out what Zay is talking about as Zay guides his head down to suck his cock.

Jacob does as prompted, getting Zay nice and hard with his mouth before mounting him on his sister’s bed. Jacob rides him reverse, suddenly realizing just how good his sister has been getting it.

Zay pumps him full of bareback cock as he pounds Jacob from underneath, finally flipping him over to pound him from behind. He gives him a nice fuck doggy style before flipping Jacob over onto his back and fucking the cum out him.

Jacob spits his pent up load as Zay pulls out and unleashes his morning nut all over Jacob’s freshly fucked hole, and as Zay gathers his clothes up to head out to work, the two of them agree to keep their little secret from Jacob’s sister…Join them!

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As Michael Del Ray and Jacob Peterson try to maintain their studies, Michael grows impatient and restless, and looks over at Jacob in an attempt to engage in a little distraction.

Jacob seems intent on finishing his reading, but Michael persists, and in no time, the two of them have cast their books aside for some more hands on training. Michael and Jacob take turns giving each other head, and then Jacob bends over the sofa for Michael to eat his ass.

Michael obliges, before standing and sliding his raw cock deep into his study partner. Jacob takes the cock like a champ as Michael fucks him all over the room, pounding him from behind and below, then hovering over Jacob as he spreads his legs wide and fucks the cum out of him.

Jacob spits his load all over himself as Michael pulls out and jacks off all over him, dousing him with a nice batch of spooge to power both guys through the rest of their study session…Join them!

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The deserted beach between the water and the woods plays host to a different kind of singles’ cruise… But it’s not just for singles.

Today, couple Alexander Muller and Jacob Peterson head into the rainy forest together to get in on the naughty fun.

The lovers take their shirts off, kissing passionately, and Jacob drops to his knees to suck Alexander’s cock.

The raven-haired top eats Jacob’s ass and slides his cock inside that tight hole.

Jacob goes wild as he rides Alexander’s dick, cumming hard as his man pounds his ass, before Alexander pulls out to jizz on Jacob’s taut abs…Join them!

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After a night of chatting it up with a beautiful girl, John Magnum decides to text the number she gave him for some after-hours action. The text goes to Jacob Peterson and he just can’t help playing along to get John for himself…Join them!

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“I like him. I like his body. I love that he’s a little guy, toss him around a little bit.” starring: Jaxton Wheeler, Bennett Anthony and Jacob Peterson.Join them!

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Just before Will Braun enters college, he hires Jacob Peterson to help prep him for what’s ahead. Jacob learns quickly that Will means practice sucking his thick veiny cock over hitting the books…Join them!

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Griffin Barrows is keeping off the streets where they’re policing who you can fuck. Roman Todd’s
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Jacob Peterson is willing to give Griffin the training he needs to get off low-key, working both the pole and the hole. Griffin is truly learning from the best in the biz.

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There is a lot of money in the world of secrets. The agents need some time to clear their heads in order to complete the mission. What better way than a quick suck and fuck? Diego Sans dips his dick into Jacob Peterson, fucking him hard and getting his head back in the game…Join them!

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Jake Ashton is let go by the authorities in order to help track down Trevor Long and Jacob Peterson. The three outlaws strip down in the desert and get it on as they may never have another chance.

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