Hair Color: Dark brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: Unknown
Sexual Positions: Top

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Armando De Armas

Completely naked, fiery stud Armando De Armas and stunning Max Gianni kiss deeply.

The connection is real, and their desires clear.

Plump buns, pumped pecs and taut muscles fill the screen.

Armando’s arms wrap completely around Max, his hands squeezing his inviting ass, his fingers teasing the hole.

The fur on Armando’s chiseled torso is a forest in which Max’s hands get lost while he sucks Armando’s uncut cock and nibbles on his foreskin.

Armando’s hands continue their exploration of Max’s bubble-butt, adding lots of spit to ease the entry of his fingers into his hot hole.

Armando’s tongue comes next, and they both use their hands to spread Max’s ass for a deep basting.

Armando’s cock is so hard, it glides into Max’s eager crack with ease.

Switching positions, a sideways sit-fuck brings them to the point of no return.

Throbbing cocks spurt a generous helping of cum, leaving behind a sticky and satisfying pool…Join them!

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Armando De Armas and Alex Torres had a great workout once again at the local gym they always attend. Armando is ready to go home but Alex is horned up and wants to fuck in the locker room.

Armando isn’t too sure about it and doesn’t want someone walking in on them but it’s a rainy day and the gym was empty for the most part. After some haggling by his partner they strip down and suck each other off.

Armando pounds that sweet ass balls deep until Alex cums all over himself which makes Armando empty his load as well…Join them!


Trey Turner hasn’t been fucked in weeks and can’t stand it any longer. He met Armando De Armas awhile back but didn’t hook up with him because he was being faithful to his BF at the time but now that his man won’t give him dick, he turns to Armando for help.

Trey only has about an hour before his BF gets him so Armando fucks hard and deep in all the positions that Trey has been longing for. The eagerness of Trey is through the roof as he rides Armando’s cock sliding up and down with his big furry booty.

Armando can give the dick and Trey who can only think of being fucked needs to make sure he doesn’t leave any evidence behind…Join them!

Inmate Armando De Armas tries to pass the time in his cell by reading, but prison guard Riley Mitchel wants to get his dick sucked.

Armando might not be able to read his book because of the guard, but he surely found a better way to pass the time.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Armando De Armas and Trey Turner are a very competitive couple and tonight they have David Benjamin laying on the bed as they caress his body while trying to decide who gets to fuck him first and they start to argue about who will fuck him the best.

As they explore David’s body they continue to argue until David flips over and tells them to put their cocks in his mouth. David is going to take control over these indecisive tops.

He’s got two cocks in his face sucking and stroking as he goes from one dick to the other. He now wants his ass licked so he tells the boys to get on it and please him. Armando and Trey fight over his ass as they both try to share it.

Some pushing and shoving ensues but eventually they find an ass eating balance. David is tired with the warm up and tells Armando he gets to fuck him first. David gets bent over and starts sucking Trey as Armando fucks deep and hard.

David likes it rough with none of that wimpy fucking. David is a control freak so after they fuck him a couple times he tells them to lay down and he jumps from cock to cock riding each one until they are all ready to explode all over David…Join them!

Armando de Armas receives the hot tattooed client Sean Duran for a deep hard massage, but of course a massage like that lights up their desire for a kind of massage that he can only satisfy by putting his client’s cock deep in his ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Mischievous and sexy Brian Bonds parks outside the strip club, where he waits for dancers who will service his pole. When Armando De Armas comes out, Brian flashes a wad of bills and Armando jumps into the passenger seat. He is now Brian’s for the evening.

After they arrive at Brian’s place, Armando strips to display a furry, tan and muscular body. Brian goes straight for his cock, inhaling the aroma and pinching the foreskin in his lips. Armando’s cock glides smoothly down Brian’s throat.

Brian kisses him, so Armando can taste his own juices, then Brian tongue-bathes his way back to Armando’s armpits and nipples. Armando stoops and flicks his tongue rapidly all around the head of Brian’s cock.

He gulps Brian’s nuts while Brian pinches his own nipples. Brian spreads his legs to expose his hole, and Armando’s tongue and fingers easily glide into the hungry abyss, following Armando slowly inserting his raring cock. He rams Brian on his knees and on his back, until the sweat runs down his torso.

Brian commands, ‘fuck me ’til I cum’ and Armando continues pounding until fountains of cum spurt from Brian’s cock. Brian swivels around to capture Armando’s load in his mouth…Join them!

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Rikk York is an online “Vlogger” who’s invited three of his bros to a weekend trip to Fort Lauderdale where he has secured a house with a boat and jet-ski.

After checking out the house and the water sports toys, Rikk takes Armando De Armas to his favorite bedroom for some hot sex. Meanwhile, Jay Seabrook and Nick Milani get their hands on Rikk’s Vlog Camera and capture the debauchery.

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Today is the final episode of “Sun, Fun, and More” starring hot gay porn stars Armando De Armas, Jay Seabrook, Nick Milani, and vlogger Rikk York.

The sexy muscle men take their motorboat and jet ski out on the water intent on enjoying the sun and having a little bit of naughty fun too.

After a beautiful day, they return to the house and shower, that the “more” happens ending their weekend away with extreme hot indulgence in all their sensual pleasures.

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Overwhelmed by everything he needs to get done, Felix Fox calls out “I need some fucking help!” and his digital assistant calls in Armando De Armas of At Your Service, the company dedicated to getting the job done.

But Armando’s so hot, he makes it hard for Felix to concentrate on his work… especially when he pulls down the blond client’s jeans and rims him.

Felix asks Armando to fuck him, and he services the bottom doggy style, then the guys 69 before Felix does the splits on the top’s cock.

Soon it’s Felix who’s at Armando’s service as he rides his dick, then sucks Armando until the top cums.

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Welcome to another exciting game of What’s In Me?, where only the most discerning asses cum out on top.

Today, sexy twink Leo Vice and platinum-blond hottie Armando De Armas are competing to see who’s better at identifying objects with their holes, for the prize of deciding who’s going to bottom.

The guys are pretty evenly matched as they get penetrated with items from veggies to party noisemakers, but after the lightning round, Armando is declared the winner, and he gets right to enjoy his victory.

The lucky top rims Leo’s hole then fucks him doggy style.

Leo sucks Armando and rides his cock before the top pounds him on the table till he blows his load on Leo’s ass.

Then it’s the bottom’s turn to cum, and Armando licks it up.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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