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Andy Taylor is the perfect southern gentleman with a bad boy streak. Don’t let the model-good looks fool you, this talented 22-year-old gets down and dirty, and goes both ways with a fat cock for topping, and a round bubble butt for bottoming.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 5’7″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 138 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Nationality: American

Helix Studios gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor


With a hand from Max Carter, Andy Taylor pushes himself to the next level to bring you Helix’s first ever fisting scene! The beautiful bronze bottom feeds on Carter’s cock before master Max orders him to, “bring your ass over here.”

Andy accepts the invitation and swivels his world class ass over to Carter where he gets worked over with a serious ass licking and finger fucking before Max takes a taste of the twink’s stiff dick. Carter can tell his boy is hungry for more; so, he offers Andy his hard, pulsing piece to pounce on.

Taylor tackles the thick dick, thrusting his horned up hole down hard before taking a pounding on his back. Max decided to test the twink’s erotic endurance and goes back and forth between fucking, AND working his fist deeper and deeper into the boy’s butt.

He stretches the lusty lad to his limit, then looses his load all over Andy’s wide open ass. Taylor holds his ankles further apart and accepts Carter’s cum covered cock back in.

Then, Max muscles his masculine hand back up the hottie’s hole and works it all the way in till Taylor busts right in Carter’s thirsty throat…Join them!

Guys in Sweatpants gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

“That is one of the best dicks I’ve had in a long while,” Andy Taylor says as we’re hiking up a mountain with some of Michael’s load still in him.

The last time we saw Andy, he was putting some good use to a nice hole, but now he’s getting his beautiful, smooth hole worked on by Michael’s tongue and thick cock.

You can tell how much Michael loves that hole from how he eats it. Eager to have him inside, Andy wets his hole with both of their spit, then lets Michael slide his cock in.

He plays with the hole with just the head before slowly sliding all 8 inches in and treating the hole like a nice hole should be treated.

It’s always hot as fuck watching a rock hard bottom ride the load out of his top’s throbbing cock, and Andy doesn’t disappoint us!…Join them!

Andy Taylor has put his treasured comic collection on sale on the ‘Offer it Up’ website.

He was not prepared for the buyer Mason Dean to be so damned sexy.

Andy and Mason have done the deal but they soon realize that they are both super horny and in the mood for some hot bareback sex.

As soon as they get naked Andy sucks Mason’s hard young dick before Mason turns Andy around and rims his hot bubble ass.

First Mason bare fucks Andy’s hot bubble butt then they flip and Andy’s raw cock bareback slides balls deep into Mason.

The hardcore fucking continues until both you men are on the edge of orgasm.

First Andy shoots his load as Mason pulls out and shoots a huge load of jizz across them both.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Arad Winwin is in the shower rinsing off the soap from his sexy hard body. He rubs his hands over his muscled torso and he’s feeling horny and his cock jumps to a full erection.

Arad grabs his thick hard cock stroking it slowly. His stepbrother Andy Taylor hears the rushing water and goes to investigate to find Arad pleasuring his big man meat.

Arad looks up catching his perverted little stepbro spying on him and he invites him to come closer for a sexy kiss.

The two lock lips and Andy reaches down to grab Arad’s cock while Arad man-handles Andy’s ass.

As Andy’s clothes hit the floor, so do his knees as he wraps his lips around Arad’s throbbing shaft.

Arad feeds his little bro his fat meat before bending him over and tongue fucking his hairless hole. Then, one finger, and two, and then all bets are off as Arad’s raw cock slides deep inside Andy’s ass.

Bent over and taking it bareback from behind, Andy savors every powerful thrust Arad delivers.

Wanting to feel his big bro at new depths, Andy plants his hole in Arad’s lap and rides his thick rod before getting his load fucked out of him and spraying it all over his smooth abs.

Moments later, Arad blasts the twinks face with his thick load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Roommates Andy Taylor and Johnny B have spent the day at the skate park, they’ve worked up quite an appetite and need to let off some steam.

The sexual tension is electric.

Once they get to the bedroom they rip at each others’ clothes with Andy sucking down hard on Johnny’s thick dick.

Johnny captures everything on his phone as Andy blows his cock getting balls deep until he chokes it to the back of his throat.

After getting his cock sucked, Johnny returns the favor by diving face first deep into Andy’s smooth hole.

That’s all it takes for Andy to beg for more, and Johnny delivers, sliding his raw pole into Andy’s ass.

Loving every inch inside of him, Andy takes a relentless, bareback pounding in multiple positions before taking a load from Johnny’s thick meat while Andy shoots one all over his abs.

When the men are done, they hop in the shower together to clean up.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Arad Winwin is taking a shower after a long hot day. The water feels good as it cleanses his ripped muscled body.

Arad’s big thick cock is already rock hard and he’s stroking it rhythmically unbeknown to him young stepbrother Andy Taylor is spying on him and getting turned on.

Arad continues to pump his thick veiny cock without a care in the world.

As Arad steps out of the shower and grabs a towel he sees his pervy little stepbro watching and beckons him to step closer as he plants a kiss on his sweet lips.

The two make out and Andy reaches around and grabs ahold of Arad’s thick dick as Arad feels Andy’s pert bubble butt.

Andy loses his clothes and drops them to the floor, getting on his knees and swallowing as much of Arad’s erect cock as possible.

Arad pumps his dick right to the back of Andy’s young throat choking him as it hit the back of his throat.

Arad then bends him over and tongue fucks his hairless hole.

Then, one finger, and two, and then all bets are off as Arad’s raw cock slides deep inside Andy’s ass.

Bent over and taking it bareback from behind, Andy savors every powerful thrust Arad delivers.

Wanting to feel his big bro at new depths, Andy plants his hole in Arad’s lap and rides his thick rod before getting his load fucked out of him and spraying it all over his smooth abs.

Moments later, Arad blasts the twink’s face with his thick load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Next Door Studios gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor and Johnny B are stuck at home together and they are very horny.

So they are very excited to share their homemade scene with you.

The guys get naked and swap blowjobs till they are super horned.

Johnny rims Andy’s hot hole before he bareback fucks him till they both blow their hot cum loads.

Johnny even decided to use his phone for POV shots to make you feel like you’re right there with them.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Next Door Taboo gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Step-brothers Andy Taylor and Dakota Payne return home all horny after a fun day at the beach.

Watch and see what happens next in the bedroom.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Michael Del Ray is sat on the sofa watching TV when his young cute stepbrother, Andy Taylor, enters asking him to hand over the car keys as it is his turn to take the car.

Michael insists that he still has one day left before he can give the car to his younger stepbro. Andy is adamant that Michael’s time is up and he should get the keys.

As both sexy boys won’t budge handsome hunk Michael offers Andy a deal, he can have the car keys if Andy sucks his dick twice a day for the next week.

Michael unzips his pants and lets his big soft cock flop out.

Andy on his knees swallows Michael’s big cock and holds tightly onto his cum filled balls and he feels his soft dick getting harder as it hit the back of his throat.

Michael’s thick cock is now super erect and choking young Andy as he gets it balls deep.

With Andy bent over Michael’s parts his smooth bubble ass cheeks getting his tongue into his hot hole, and licking his crack.

Andy is quiet during all this anal action so Michael moves on and forces his super erection into Andy’s spit-lubed hole.

They switch up positions this time with Andy on top, lowering his butt hole onto Michael’s awaiting big dick.

As Andy is in control he grinds his ass hole down hard filling his tight young hole with Michael’s throbbing cock, making Andy moan with pleasure.

Michael now supports Andy’s ass with both hands helping him press his hole harder down on his dick.

Both young dudes are close to orgasm now first Andy sprays jizz all over his chest and abs while Michael’s cock is still pummelling his ass.

Then Michael pulls out and shoots cum all over bare butt before fucking his load back inside Andy’s freshly fucked asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Next Door Raw gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Young sexy stud Andy Taylor gets a text message from hot ripped hunk Johnny B asking him to come over for a booty call.

As he makes his way across town, Andy’s big young dick is rock hard and he can’t stop thinking about the hot sex he’s gonna have and what he is going to do with Johnny’s big cock.

Once Andy gets to Johnny’s place he can’t help but touch himself.

That’s a nice surprise for Johnny, it’s been a while since he’s fucked outside.

Watch these two fuck and suck each other’s big cocks until someone can’t hold their load any longer.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Next Door Twink gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Scott Finn is a member of the robotics club at school and he’s visiting Andy Taylor to help him with his homework.

When Scott asks to see Andy’s designs for the robot club’s annual contest, he surprised to see the sex robots that Andy has come up with.

Andy quickly reveals that the only reason he joined the club was that he has a super big crush on the nerdy young Scott.

The sexy boys start making out kissing passionately as they remove their clothes and get naked.

Scott sucks down hard on young stud Andy’s big dick before Andy returns the favor blowing Scott’s young cock.

With Andy’s legs up over his head, Scott parts his tanned ass cheeks getting his tongue deep into his hot hole.

Scott then pumps his big thick raw dick balls deep into Andy’s bubble ass hole, till his balls are slapping against Andy’s ass cheeks.

The long rampant bareback anal fucking continues as Scott presses his big cock in and out of Andy’s smooth asshole making him moan with ecstasy.

Then the young dudes switch places with Andy’s young cock plugging away at Scott’s bare ass.

The hot barebacking continues until both boys are close to orgasm, Andy pulls out showering them both with his cum before he fucks the cum back inside Scott until he explodes firing jizz all over.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Icon Male gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Draven Navarro is practicing his Tennis skills with his young sexy Tennis Coach Andy Taylor.

When Draven injures his shoulder in a backhand swing, it is young Andy who helps him massage it better.

As Andy kneels before him he unleashes Draven’s huge cock from his Tennis shorts, sucking it down to the back of his young throat.

Draven then parts Andy’s smooth butt cheeks forcing his erect cock deep into his tight virgin asshole.

Andy loves the feeling of Draven’s big black cock moving inside him as he pumps little Andy’s hole getting his dick balls deep.

As Draven bareback fucks Andy’s hole he shoots precum as Andy moans loudly.

The hardcore anal fucking continues until both Draven and Andy are close to orgasm.

Draven increases the intensity of his raw cock fucking until Andy can hold on no longer and he sprays his jizz load all over himself.

The sight of his cumshot drives Draven over the edge and she showers the young lad’s asshole with his cum before fucking the load back inside his cute smooth butt hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Jack Hunter, Andy Taylor’s boyfriend quickly joins in when he finds out how fun “learning” can be… McKenzie was all too, how do you say “surprised” to find out what these lessons were all about.

We bring you a private lesson and a 3-way with a taboo twist as Chris Damned appears.

Watch how this French lesson quickly becomes a menage a trois!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Men gay porn scenes of Andy Taylor

Today we see another episode of the new TV show Homo Renovation where a straight couple’s home is taken over by a gay couple who work together to create a stunning makeover, well that at least is the plan.

As the happy couple, Andy and Travis begin decorating changing the heaps of beige tones for something a little more colorful, sexy black muscle stud DeAngelo Jackson offers up his services to you Andy Taylor.

“Need a bang man? as Deangelo waves his heavy hammer in Andy’s direction with a wink of his eye.

As DeAngelo works in the nude, except for his tool belt, Andy Taylor admires his muscular body and big, black dick.

When the sexy top sticks his thick cock through a hole in a tarp, Andy starts sucking, then backs right up to take it deep in his ass hole.

DeAngelo gives Andy’s cock and balls a good sucking, as the bottom licks his boot.

DeAngelo rims Andy’s smooth young hole and then blows his mind with his drilldo sex toy before Andy rides the top’s hard cock until he takes a facial while he jacks himself off and cums.

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Sexy young blonde punk Andy Taylor answers the door to the parcel delivery man who hands him a strangely shaped package and asks for his signature.

Andy rushes back inside when he bumps into his preppy downstair’s neighbor JJ Knight who grabs the pointed top of it to reveal a big black rubber sex toy.

It turns out to be the very latest bucking Bronco fucking machine.

Young Andy is mortified that his hot neighbor might know about his secret rushes back to his apartment and plugs it in.

Stripping off naked Andy hovers over the and slides the rubber dick deep into his well-lubed hole.

As the motor turns the vibrating dildo pummels his asshole making him moan loudly with pleasure.

He is so happy to have a big dick in his aching hole again.

The vibrations from the machine shake the whole house and the ceiling falls in and Andy drops into JJ’s place landing directly in front of him.

JJ is quick to take advantage of the situation and flops out his huge soft cock which gets fully erect in seconds.

Andy, who secretly had a big crush on his well-endowed neighbor sucks his dick right to the back of his throat, gagging in it as it hits the back of his deep throat.

JJ forces his thick cock between Andy’s smooth ass cheeks getting it balls deep in long hard strokes from tip to base.

Andy’s moaning increases as JJ bare fucks his tight young hole until he can take no more and he blows a huge cum load across his flat stomach.

JJ pulls out and coats his bare ass with his load before fucking his cum back inside.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hot sexy young twink Andy Taylor is learning French from horny tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned.

Chris is showering and Andy hides in the laundry basket to catch a look at his sexy French teacher naked.

But Chris is wise to his young pupil’s secret ways and smile thinking of how he will get him back.

When he is out of the shower Chris goes looking for Andy who is pretending to be asleep spreadeagled on the bed in just his tight sexy undies.

Chris rips them down exposing his cute bubble butt. Andy’s plan has worked as he kneels in front of the big muscle stud and sucks down hard on his huge thick dick.

Andy deep throats Chris’s hard cock till it is choking him as the back of his throat.

Chris then pushes Andy down into doggie style on all fours and forces his erect dick between Andy’s pert ass cheeks into his tight hot boy hole.

Andy moans with pleasure as Chris pummels his ass, in long strong strokes in and out and Andy can feel every inch of his sexy teacher’s erection moving inside him.

As they switch positions a number of times, Chris gets his thick cock deeper into Andy’s asshole until both dudes are on the edge of orgasm.

As Andy hovers over Chris’s dick and Chris pumps his hot ass like a power drill until Andy can hold off no longer and sprays cum all over his lithe young body.

Chris then pulls out and shoots a volley of cumshots over Andy’s ass before fucking the cum back inside him.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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