Aiden Ward

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Handsome East Coaster Aiden Ward perhaps may strike you as a soft-spoken, shy young man with a sweet smile but that’s just a part of him. He’s a very sexy and a naturally and apologetically sexual person, versatile in action, diverse in his interests, and open to just about anything. Strong, lean-muscled Aiden also has a big, thick cock that has as much staying power and stamina the man himself. You want to see someone having fun as often as possible?

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

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When car trouble brings Aiden Ward to a stop in the middle of a forest in winter, he enters a nearby cabin in search of shelter, unaware that he’s being watched through the trees.

Aiden finds himself playing a mysterious DVD that tells him where he belongs is on his knees, worshiping cocks.

When Ryan Bones enters and tells Aiden to kneel, the mystified bottom does, and gives Ryan the hungriest blowjob of his life.

The bearded, burly top fucks Aiden doggy style against the wall, spanking his ass, then breeds his hole mish before Aiden rides Ryan’s cock till he blows his load.

There’s only one thing for Ryan to do: cum on this newly converted cock worshiper’s face…Join them!

Sexy hunk Roman Todd and young dude Aiden Ward are roomies they are chatting in the kitchen after a heavy night partying.

Aiden is stressing as his boss is complaining about waiting for his latest video review for his channel, which Roman reminds him is due today.

As they are sat on the couch surrounded by dildos of all different sizes and shapes Roman seems to be offering to help as he deep throats a particularly long thick sex toy.

In the next moment, Roman is butt naked probing his tight bubble asshole with another thick one, all the while Aiden is studiously taking notes.

All this hot fake dick play is making Roman horny as he kneels down on the floor and undresses Aiden releasing his soft cock from his underwear and sucking it to the back of his throat.

Aiden’s dick quickly becomes rock solid and his erection chokes Roman’s throat causing him to gag as Aiden moans with pleasure.

As Roman is sprawled out in front of him, Aiden reaches forward and fingers Roman’s smooth ass crack before spinning him around and getting his tongue deep in his ass hole.

Aiden then forces his thick erect dick balls deep into Roman’s raw asshole bareback fucking the cute stud with long deep strokes in and out till his cum filled balls are slapping on his ass cheeks.

The sexy dudes change positions many times with Roman’s hot hole taking a pummeling from all directions and Roman cleaning Aiden’s cock with his wet tongue.

The hardcore raw fucking continues until Aiden turns the tattooed hottie on his back and pounds him in missionary till Roman can hold off no longer and sprays cum all over his sexy body.

Aiden then pulls out and gives Roman a huge cum facial, with hot creamy jizz dripping off his beautiful face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Ty Mitchell is practicing Kegels keeping his ass muscles nice and strong during the lockdown.

His loud breathing alerts his flatmate Aiden Ward who questions what Ty is up to.

They start an argument over who is the better bottom.

Ty proposes that they solve this with a little healthy competition, but when they try sucking and fucking some dildos, their bottoming skills are evenly matched.

So Ty brings out the secret weapon: a double-ended dildo for a little bussy tug-of-war.

The guys resort to some cheating, but in the end, Ty’s tight hole is victorious.

The gracious winner gives Aiden a consolation prize of a blowjob, and Aiden rims him before experiencing Ty’s tight ass for himself in doggy style.

The hotties lie back on the couch as Aiden spoons Ty, then Ty uses Aiden’s cock, riding him reverse.

Aiden fucks Ty’s winning hole till the bottom cums, and he pulls out to give Ty a facial. Next time will be a top-off.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Blaze Austin can see his best buddy Aiden Ward is upset when he arrives home.

It turns out that Aiden has lost his job and he is freaking out.

To calm his nerves Blaze offers him a few magic sips of his secret elixir of smooth, soothing brains, Himbo Juice.

Okay, it’s just water, but with the power of the placebo effect, Aiden starts feeling super relaxed… and super horny.

The guys start making out and sucking each other’s cocks in the kitchen, and then Blaze bends over with a foot up on the counter as Aiden fucks him doggy style.

He rides Aiden on the floor, and the horny himbos fuck missionary till Blaze shoots his load, and Aiden cums in his mouth.

That Himbo Juice really works.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Aiden Ward knows that watching him play with his cock is turning Paul Wagner on, and he enjoys teasing the top by stroking his cock till Paul has to help out, jacking his dick, rubbing his balls, and teasing his hole with his fingers.

Aiden pulls out Paul’s cock and sucks it, getting on top as he swallows every inch before lowering his ass onto it.

Paul turns him on his back to pound his ass, and Aiden urges the top to cum inside him, then jacks off his rock-hard cock till he orgasms.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Nico Leon fucking raw Aiden Ward huge cock bareback blows cum load Cockyboys 020 Gay Porn Pics - Aiden Ward

There’s more condom-free fun at the Camp CockyBoys pool, this time with Nico Leon and Aiden Ward. After getting Aiden hard & teasing him, Nico gets him to suck him while floating atop the huge peacock pool inflatable.

Soon Aiden climbs aboard the raft to relentlessly suck Nico so well that Nico just has to pleasure him right back. But, Aiden wants more.

Aiden flips over Nico to rim his hot ass and get it wet for fucking…just as Nico begs. Aiden slides in his cock and fucks him slow and deep, but soon picks up speed with a rhythm created by the rocking pool toy.

And actually Aiden’s pounding propels the raft forward in the water. After deep drilling him, Aiden flips Nico over on his back to propel them into the middle of the pool!

Eventually they return to the shallow end where Nico returns to hungrily suck Aiden as he lies back on the side of the pool. Soon though Nico mounts Aiden’s cock and rides it, along with taking his deep thrusts…in perfect sync.

In no time Aiden pulls out and gives an eagerly open-mouthed Nico his load and is just as read to get a mouthful from Nico. Aiden keeps sucking Nico, stopping only to tell him this was “so fuckin’ hot”…Join them!

Jacen Zhu is back, bringing plenty of joyful energy, and he makes a sensual connection with Aiden Ward on the path to a passionate flip-fuck.

Their chemistry is instantaneous when they start kissing and making out, enjoying each other’s bodies as well as their lips.

Aiden’s mouth soon makes its way down Jacen’s body to suck his cock down to the base and make him softly moan with pleasure.

Jacen wants to give Aiden pleasure too, so they ease into a 69 where Jacen eats his and tongue-fucks hole while Aiden continues to savor his cock.

At one point, Jacen is almost giddy as Aiden brings him too close to the edge, so they slow down and switch it up.

Jacen sucks Aiden’s ever-hard cock and Aiden fucks his mouth in response, again getting close to the edge.

Aiden resumes sucking Jacen in a 69 but soon he’s rimming him while Jacen gulps down his cock.

Jacen only stops when Aiden fingers his hole, and while he is eager to get fucked it’s Aiden who goes first by sitting on Jacen’s cock and riding him deeply.

Aiden bounces up and down on Jacen’s cock and takes his deep thrusts and they get into a groove.

Jacen has to stop before he orgasms, but Aiden’s tight hole around his shaft will not be denied as Jacen shoots his load inside Aiden.

As he slides his cock out of Aiden, Jacen’s thick load starts to ooze out BUT he’s not done.

Still hard, Jacen fucks Aiden on his back and pounds deep, riding the crest of his sexual stamina as they kiss passionately.

And yet, seemingly tireless Jacen keeps going flipping Aiden on his stomach to get on top of him and drill him deep and neck with him.

Finally, Jacen slows down so Aiden can take the reins and fuck him.

Still reeling from the unexpected thrill of being bred, Aiden wants to return the favor, so he gets Jacen on his back to plow him intensely.

Aiden is a fuck machine, partly fueled by passion kissing and Jacen’s vocal encouragement, but it’s when he takes Jacen’s hole from the side that he reaches the point of no return.

Aiden pulls out to shoot his load between Jacen’s muscular thighs then finishes his orgasm inside his hole.

Jacen all smiles once again as they kiss with Aiden’s cock still resting inside him.

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Fisting Inferno gay porn scenes of Aiden Ward

As club manager Aiden Ward is leaning on the stripper pole with his rock-hard meat out, Declan Blake does his best to deepthroat the thick monster in his face.

The tasting continues as Aiden spins around the pole and offers his scruffy hole to get devoured.

As Aiden arches his back even further, Declan quickly lubes up and plants his fist in Aiden’s butt.

Aiden’s ass welcomes Declan’s handball eagerly.

Each time Declan gives Aiden’s hole a slight break, the manager’s sloppy ass pokes out a meaty rosebud that slowly goes back into place.

Switching positions, Aiden slides up and down the pole and onto Declan’s hand while his cock is planted in Declan’s mouth.

Declan gets envious of Aiden’s hole being stretched, so he rides Aiden’s hard cock bareback while he fist fucks Declan’s ass.

Aiden continues taking the deep stretching until his cock won’t hold back anymore and his releases his cum all over himself.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!