Gianni Maggio

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Kristen Bjorn gay porn scenes of Gianni Maggio

Gay porn star Jay Moore is really a sex pig who loves being fucked by sexy men with massive cocks.

Today Jay teams up with Gianni Maggio, he of the huge monster dick.

Gianni bends Jay over opening up his ass cheeks getting his tongue in deep licking his hole and getting it wet with his saliva.

Jay’s hole is fully lubed by Gianni’s sexy tongue bath.

Jay then goes down on Gianni’s massive cock taking it all the way back until it chokes his throat.

Gianni then flips Jay over onto his front, his pink hole uppermost, as Gianni gives it another tongue lashing before he plunges his huge dick deep opening up his tight sphincter muscle.

As Gianni begins pumping his cock in and out of Jay’s ass, Jay works through the pain to be able to accept what he can of Gianni’s hefty cock.

Jay is moved to all 4’s as Gianni continues to fuck with the strength of a giant.

Gianni positions himself on his feet to get better leverage and gives Jay the fucking he has dreamed of.

Jay gets flipped one last time and this time he is on his back and Gianni’s monster cock is coming in for the full glory.

Just as the pace of Gianni’s fucking picks up to a frenzied pitch, he stands up and lets his cum rain down upon Jay.

With all that hot cum coating his body Jay has been pushed over the edge and explodes his own load of cum on his ripped abs.

Jay scoops up the mixture of cum and begins fingering his smooth ass with the thick blend of lubricant.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today the expert is Gianni Maggio the muscle man with the massive cock who is teaching newbie Valentino Sistor how to always show your best side to the camera.

When Valentino gets the first glimpse of Gianni’s massive 9.5-inch dick he swallows down hard taking the full length right to the back of his throat. Gagging on the size of it at best, but managing to take it right the way down.

Gianni is thinking to himself, “if this guy’s mouth is this talented, I can’t wait to see how deep I can go in his ass.”

Valentino’s ass gets a thorough tongue lashing before Gianni slams his cock, balls deep inside of him.

While holding his ass open, Valentino shows Gianni that he is eager to take that huge, raw cock.

Gianni fucks Valentino in multiple positions before creaming his ass with his thick load of cum.

As Gianni swirls his cum all around Valentino’s ass, Valentino strokes his cock as Gianni laps up his sweet cum.

With that hot tongue teasing his ass, Valentino shoots his hot load.

Valentino may be a beginner to gay porn, but not to monster cocks.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Javi Gray is one of those guys that we have all seen online, the one wanting someone like Gianni Maggio to walk in and just fuck you without ever speaking a word. Javi sets up just that scenario with Gianni.

Javi readies himself by putting his leather mask on and leaving the door unlocked and getting on all 4’s with his ass in the air. Gianni saunters in and admires that hot, pink ass inviting him in. Stripping down, Gianni spots a pinwheel stimulator on the nightstand and begins rolling it across Javi’s smooth back, sending shivers and excitement throughout his entire body.

Gianni begins with a lite nibbling of Javi’s nipples then running his lips and tongue up and down the length of this body. Brining Javi to a seated position, we can see that Gianni’s monster cock is busting out of the seams of his latex underwear as Javi’s hands find the heat of the massive cock radiating from the thin veneer keeping his pleasure at bay.

Javi explores his anonymous partner with his hands and tongue, feeding deeply into his fantasy. Gianni releases his monster cock and Javi has no clue just how massive this cock is that is about to fill him so deeply. Javi opens his mouth and finds that he has to do better and stretch his mouth to the limits to accommodate this gifted stranger.

Javi begins sucking on Gianni’s cock and finds that no matter how deep he goes, there is more to come. Gianni flips Javi over and begins to feast on that incredible, pink hole. The feel of that hot and strong tongue penetrating his ass is also stimulated by the rough feel of Gianni’s beard bristling across his smooth ass.

This is the fantasy that Javi never thought he could have with this scenario. Pleasure and pain collide as Gianni gently uses the leather paddle on his ass while his tongue penetrates inside of Javi. Being flipped onto his back, Javi now feels the full girth and length of that massive cock that his mouth struggled to swallow.

With Gianni’s full 24 cm cock buried in Javi’s ass, Gianni leans in tenderly and nibbles on Javi’s ear as he releases him from the mask, and the tender kissing brings the deeply felt passion to the foreground. Javi is flipped onto all 4’s and the deep ass fucking continues with the same intensity and passion.

Another flip and Javi gets to grind his ass down onto that gigantic cock and fill his pleasures to a transcendent level. Gianni finds himself equally excited about this connection and is unable to restrain himself any longer and showers Javi’s balls, and taint with his creamy load of cum.

Shoving his drooling cock back into Javi’s ass, Gianni continues fucking him until Javi shoots his own milky load of cum.

This Stranger has shown Javi how to truly tune in to all of his senses and not rely only on sight.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Alan Vicenzo gets inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men in one of the biggest ways by Gianni Maggio. Stripping down to just his underwear, Alan gives a tantalizing view of his magnificently sculpted muscular body.

Gianni enters the room and relieves him of his underwear and quickly disrobes himself, releasing his monster cock. Immediately, Gianni devours Alan’s throbbing cock, feeling the hard, muscular shaft slipping across his wet tongue and down his throat.

Alan has heard of the legend and now it is right there in front of him as his smooth, firm, full ball sac fills to enormous proportions. Gianni feels the swollen ball sac and makes sure to give them equal attention as he takes each into his hot mouth, swirling his tongue around it and feeling the fluids rushing to fill it even further.

Gianni knows that he can’t let those balls fill up too fast and backs off and waits to see what Alan’s cock sucking skills are like. Alan opens wide and begins stuffing that monster cock as far down his throat as is humanly possible. With Gianni’s encouragement and guiding hands, Alan does everything within his powers to conquer the monster.

Alan flips onto his back and Gianni begins a game of cat and mouse, using his strong, wet tongue to moisten his ass and tease of his throbbing cock to prep him for what is to come. One last exchange, but this time Gianni rams his mega cock into Alan’s already drenched ass.

Alan is ready, takes a deep breath, and immediately begins riding the wave of pleasure that is filling him so profoundly. The guys swap and Alan squats his ass down hard and deep onto Gianni’s anaconda and grinds it good. Another flip and Alan is on all 4’s with Gianni coming in hard from behind.

Alan’s muscular ass opens and invites the pleasure to rush throughout his entire body. Gianni’s cock has massaged Alan’s ass perfectly in this position and Alan’s swollen balls explode his creamy load of cum as Gianni is unrelenting in his assault.

The firmness of Alan’s ass muscles wrapping around Gianni’s cock is too much to resist and Gianni erupts a huge, thick load of milky cum all over that magnificent ass.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sneaker sex Hans Berlin’s bare hole fucked by bearded muscle hunk Gianni Maggio’s huge 9 .5 inch uncut dick Gianni Maggio already knows who Hans Berlin is and what he is looking for as he sneaks into the world-famous seer’s den to see what he can learn. After lighting the candle and dealing the cards, Gianni begins to prepare a reading for Hans. What are the cards going to say? Gianni must employ a more potent reading called “The Ora-Culo of Ur-Anus” because the cards are not obvious. Gianni strips Hans down to his jock strap and gets his ora reader to get him ready for the reading. As he follows along, Han’s face is covered in anxiety. Gianni must probe further to learn what Hans’ future holds because he is unable to receive a clear reading. Gianni uses his tongue, another one of his ora readers, to delve much further into Hans’ while he is sprawled out on the chair. Gianni starts licking Han’s smooth, pink hole with his tongue, and the more he performs this routine, the more clearly he can understand the situation. Gianni needs to up the ante on this reading, so he instructs Hans to grab hold of his enormous cock with both hands and suck every last centimeter down his ravenous throat. Hans fully commits to Gianni’s enormous cock since he is determined to find his future. Gianni bends Hans over and hammers his enormous cock in and out of Hans’ ravenous hole while using another of his ora reading gadgets. Gianni fucks Hans with a ferocious energy that has both men wailing into the hereafter. There is no holding back. Hans is lying on his back with his legs wide apart as Gianni’s anaconda is pumping his ass with joy and the spirits of all giant cocks past and present because, as with all readings, sometimes a different angle will give a different perspective. Hans yells “fuck me” because he can feel the spirit inside of him. As Hans lowers his eager ass into Gianni’s huge cock and starts a roller coaster thrill trip to find answers or just a hot load of come, why not both?, another angle offers a different perspective and deeper pleasure. Gianni jets his hot load of cum all over and inside of Hans’ ass, massaging both men to the point of no return. Hans keeps up the crazy ride until he sprays Gianni’s cock and balls with his creamy load. See all Hans Berlin gay hardcore fuck sessions at Kristen Bjorn here. See all Gianni Maggio gay hardcore fuck sessions at Kristen Bjorn here. Join them!

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