Lionel Lilac

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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Aquarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 9-inch dick / 22.86 cms
Height: 6’5″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 230 lbs
Sexual Positions: Top
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Spanish

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Spanish ripped muscle hunk Lionel Lilac’s massive 9-inch uncut cock bareback fucking Tonyx’s bubble butt.

Tonyx enters the room with a glimmer of innocence in his eyes and a wicked smile just rising to the surface as he is in high anticipation to meet with Lionel Lilac for his induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men.

This Casting Couch is a “David and Goliath” of powerful muscular men living out their gay porn fantasies.

With both amazing cocks on display each is sucked to perfection, the desire of any talented cock sucker.

After some fingering and tongue fucking, Lionel can sense that Tonyx’s ass is primed and ready for fucking.

Lionel fucks Tonyx in multiple muscle stretching positions before he showers Tonyx’s muscular ass with his thick load of creamy cum.

Tonyx and Lionel Lilac muscular bodies take a lot of gym work but their hard efforts are all on show as they suck, fuck, and cum that will captivate you.

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Massive muscle hunk Lionel Lilac’s huge 9-inch uncut cock barebacking Jason Rock’s smooth bubble butt.

Just because you have a big cock, huge ass, and big muscles, like Lionel Lilac doesn’t mean you can leverage all that hotness to get Jason Rock to assist you, or is it the Perfect Excuse?

Jason meets up with Lionel at a local shop to help him find his best friend the perfect birthday gift.

What starts out rather innocent turns to a ruse as Jason is continuously stripping down and trying on sexy swimsuits and underwear.

With each new garment, Lionel’s huge cock is rising in his shorts.

The thong is the select gift and the item that brings Lionel’s growing cock to the light of day.

Jason is no fool and they leave the store and head to Lionel’s flat for further exposure.

Lionel strips to his hot tighties as Jason continues showing off the birthday gift.

Jason gives Lionel the full fashion show while Lionel slugs down his cerveza.

As Jason turns around Lionel grabs the back of the thong and begins eating that magnificent, almond-colored hole.

Both men are beyond excited and it takes no time to ignite the flame between them.

Jason’s ass is hungry and wet and needs to make sure that Lionel’s monster cock is also wet and ready.

Jason works his mouth up and down the full length of the massive cock shaft.

Lionel’s huge cock is throbbing, wet, and hungry and Jason backs his amazing ass up onto his cock and swallows it whole.

The guys swap it up and Lionel wants to make sure that Jason is getting all the attention he deserves and begins sucking on his rock-hard cock.

Jason is then flipped over the back of the chair and Lionel’s cock is coming in from above.

The beauty of this angle is breathtaking. Lionel takes full advantage of this position and rides Jason’s ass balls deep.

One last flip and this time Jason is hungry for cum and begins sucking Lionel’s cock as if he is worshiping it.

Jason has brought Lionel’s cock to the strength of Hercules and is rewarded with his huge load of cum.

Lionel’s load showers Jason’s face and mouth with all its sweetness.

The smell and taste of cum drives Jason wild as he begins exploding his huge load all over his furry abs.

No matter who or what hypnotizes you, just make sure it is the perfect excuse for you.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy muscle hunk Sergey Blue bottoms for hottie Spaniard Lionel Lilac’s huge uncut dick.

Lionel can see and feel the passion coursing through Sergey’s body and gives him exactly what he has dreaming of ever since he hit the slopes earlier today.

Lionel slams his cock balls deep into Sergey and Sergey’s passions are set aflame with a deep desire for more. Lionel hooks one of the binding ropes as a bit into Sergey’s mouth and uses the loose ends as his reins. Sergey and Lionel are off for a rough and wild ride.

Sergey gets flipped onto his back and this time Lionel takes his time. Slowly injecting his cock in and out of Sergey’s relaxed and open ass. Lionel wants to make sure that Sergey feels every centimeter as he buries his cock deep inside.

Another flip and this time Sergey is lying on his side, which turns out to rub Lionel in all the right ways. Lionel fucks his cock with a fast-paced rhythm and finds that this is the perfect position as he showers Sergey’s furry ass with his hot load of cum.

Lionel begins feeding Sergey his cum slicked cock and Sergey unleashes all of his adrenaline and cum at the same time. The smell, taste and feel of Lionel’s cum overwhelms Sergey as his bulbous cock head explodes a huge load of cum that splatters onto his heaving chest. Be cautious of what people keep locked away from prying eyes.

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