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I’m 19 years old and i am from Washington D.C, where I study Biology. I love to spend time with my friends whether it be hiking, quality time, or just the mere idea of existing together.

Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 110 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

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Garrett Kinsley has been fantasizing about his big, beautiful, brawny new roommate, Josh Brady since they moved in; and, tonight’s the night all his dick thickening dreams cum true. The tight tailed twink kneels on the bench at the foot of his bed, showing off that spectacular seat in a sexy pair of super snug slacks.

Beefcake Brady can’t resist, and steps right up behind him, to takes care of business, letting his new roomie know who’s in charge. After a rig rocking, rump rub down, alpha boy Brady smacks that incredible ass hard, holding onto the boy by his belt to keep the lad in line.

He dishes out porny punishment to the pretty boy’s perfect posterior, kisses his neck, then strips his slacks off swiftly, and gets back to work wailing on that underwear clad ass. He hits hard, turning that bangin’ bubble butt, beat red.

He hikes up the boy’s briefs to show off his heavy handed work on Garrett’s crimson colored can before closing the curtains, and really goin to town on that tail. He smacks Kinsley’s sexy seat hard enough to make him wail with the perfect combination of pleasure and pain, before completely pantsing pretty boy, spreading that smooth hole, and continuing the cracking on that naked can.

Kinsley loves Brady’s big handed beat down, and lets him know it. He takes it like a champ, as his cherry cheeks and slender thighs burn bright. Then, in a stunning surprise, and a BIG bonus for us, Kinsley wakes from his delicious dream, ROCK HARD in a pair of tight shorts that can barely contain his colossal cock.

He whips his big beast out, then starts beating’ his meat like Brady beat that ass. He smacks that super sized schlong against his tight torso while slapping his own backside, imagining it’s josh’s hot jock hand, handling his dreamy can.

His fuckable frame tightens and tenses as with erotic anticipation; then, his extra thick dick douses his tan torso with white hot nut, as the rest oozes down his king kong dong and onto his hand, which he shoves up his hot little hole…Join them!

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Helix Studios’ new series “Inside Helix: the Orgy!” is back, with another hot episode. As always the next episode in the series opens up with a big boner hardening behind the scenes tour. Travis Stevens explains that this is just like Big Brother only everyone is butt naked and gay.”

In this chapter the guys talk about how they prepare for a scene; and, they REALLY go there, talking on topics from doing photos first to get everyone in the groove, to douching! They truly hold NOTHING back, even sharing inside jokes, kisses, after porn parties, and at home dinners, where Trevor and Ashton cook for the entire cock sucking crew.

The at-home footage shows the fuck stars fun personalities, dancing in their drawers, and cuddling with a few cocktails with cameos from fan favs, Max Carter, Alex Riley, and more. The party ends in a steamy hot tub! Then, the boys share their epic experiences at this year’s porn awards, which naturally gets them all horned up!

Riley Finch is more than ready, saying, “I’m not leaving this orgy before I get DP’d.” That dick thickening declaration takes us into an EPIC orgy, starring Riley Finch, Ashton Summers, Johnny Hands, Travis Stevens, Jacob Hansen, and Garrett Kinsley! The sexy six swap spit, strip, and get downright dirty, as they grab ass and cock like hungry porn star pigs.

The cock sucking comes in every configuration, and show boy Riley makes sure he’s in the center of all the action. Our guys take full advantage, unloading the first of TWO fuck loads onto the thirsty lil’ dude! Finch loves being drowned in jock juice, licking every dripping dick he can get that tongue towards.

Stevens sucks Finch’s full sack, causing him to bust buckets onto that smooth boy body of his. Kinsley wipes the cum lover down with a pair of dirty drawers; then, Johnny flips the fuck boy over, and eats that cake, causing a chain reaction of incredible ass eating.

Once the smaller guys are slippery with spit, the hard-bodied hunks take over and open those asses with their oversized appendages. Hansen spots Kinsley getting crazed on Hands’ huge hog and decides to join the party, for a delicious DP. Not to be outdone, Riley squats atop Summers’ and Stevens’ stiff dicks and eases that tight twink tail all the way down to the boy’s balls!

After the ass stuffing overflow, fellow double-dipper Kinsley plants his well-worked self in the center for the next round of raunchy release. The cream heavy cock strokers absolutely cover him with nut, most of which he swallows like a true cum whore!

This is an epic orgy, which concludes in a playful pillow fight, showing just how “tight” this gorgeous group of guys are…Join them!

Already creating a big, throbbing buzz with only one episode, “Inside Helix,” our brand new, naughty series that takes you deep inside the porn industry, AND deep inside the beautiful boys which inhabit it, is back with episode 2.

This ball slapping second helping of hotness combines the cock crazed talents of Alex Riley and gorgeous Garrett Kinsley.

The pretty pair pack quite a wad sloppy wallop in this one!

As with every edition of, “Inside Helix,” one can always expect cameos from all your favorite Helix hotties.

This erotic excursion includes appearances from hot jock, Johnny Hands, and twink superstar, Riley Finch, among others.

The guys give us unlimited access into porn parties, events, hang out sessions, and ass banging, boy sex at it’s absolute best…Join them!

12 hot boy gay sex orgy Max Carter, Travis Stevens, Corbin Colby, Ashton Summers, Johnny Hands, Riley Finch, Zach Letoa, Jacob Hansen, Alex Riley, Garrett Kinsley, Seth Peterson and Daniel DeLuca…Join them!

Settled in, and anxious to check out their surroundings, Garrett Kinsley, and Dallas Preston decide to take a walk around the “Lake House.”

It isn’t long before they spot sexy, Silas Brooks, and throw some serious tag team game on him.

Naturally, Brooks winds up back at the pretty boy’s pad, kissing, caressing, anxious to get some dick.

Raunchy roommates, Garrett and Dallas take turns sliding Silas’ supersized schlong down their throats.

Then, Garrett takes the rod thrusty reigns and double duties both dude’s dicks down his gorgeous gullet.

Next, the thirsty threesome form a train, and Dallas gets that delicious derrière eaten out ferociously.

Once he’s got his workspace wet and ready, Silas slams Preston’s perfect posterior like a pro, while our brunette beauty gorges on Garrett’s gargantuan groin.

The thrusty three go gangbusters, porning one another out in every perfect, pervy position before banging the bust out of each other.

Horny housemates, Garrett, and Dallas wind up doused in dick, from a well-earned, and ASKED for facial from their new fuck boy buddy.

Brooks load is extra-large, and he fucks those perfect faces up like a pro, painting them with a gorgeous glaze of giant groin goo.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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