Joey Mills

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Joey Mills is an 18 year old from St. Louis MO. I like to hike and kayak, etc. I work 6 days a week as a server at a pizza restaurant, but I hate pizza.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 120 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

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It’s a hot day at the carnival, and after some flirting with intent in the line for the ride, Joey Mills and Ty Mitchell decide to get freaky on the Ferris wheel.

The crowd spots Ty sucking Joey’s cock as the big wheel goes around and around, and sexy ebony police officer DeAngelo Jackson is waiting for the two naughty twinks when the music stops.

DeAngelo starts getting turned on when he watches the video Joey recorded, so Ty hops up on the desk and soon Officer Jackson is eating his ass while he sucks Joey’s dick.

Both twinks get fucked by that big black cock, then Joey and DeAngelo take turns pounding Ty’s ass till the bottom cums on the one-way glass and licks it up, before they both give Ty a big facial…Join them!

They say you always want what you can’t have, but today master pickup artist Michael “Dom Juan” Del Ray is here to show you how to get what you want, with his proven tips and strategies for taking home someone who’s already in a couple.

Michael is at the park on the hunt for a hottie with a boyfriend. Joey Mills fits the bill, and with a bit of smooth talking, he has Joey thinking it’s his idea to head back to Michael’s place.

Michael deep throats Joey’s cock, then the hot twink goes down on him before riding his cock reverse.

Michael pounds Joey’s ass doggy style, then makes him cum hard, finishing with “the grand finale,” something Joey’s man doesn’t give him much anymore: a facial…Join them!’s tribute to the work and legacy of legendary gay porn visionary Tom of Finland continues as director Matt Lambert ventures into the territory of the postmodern with CockyBoys Exclusive Sean Ford, Angel Rivera, Tannor Reed, River Wilson, and Joey Mills.

The nude twinks hang out at the Pleasure Park, shooting the breeze, challenging each other to self-suck, and bonding over the question, “What would you do if the world was ending tomorrow?”

As the day turns to night, the sunny teen sex party turns into a rock-n-roll-fueled orgy…Join them!

Coat check guy Joey Mills is bored and the coast is clear, so he gets out his cock and starts stroking it. Joey gets so into his self-pleasure that he doesn’t even notice as William Seed approaches, and William quietly enjoys the show.

When Joey finally looks up and sees the muscular French stud taking him in, William gets out his own dick and hops over the counter to feed it to the pretty twink.

While Joey has his hands and mouthfull, William helps out a customer before taking Joey in the back to bend him over and fuck that ass. Joey cums hard and William gives the twink a facial…Join them!

Caught by Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson after defying her orders, things are looking grim for Johnny Rapid, but when he warns Constable JJ Knight that Sophie’s trying to poison him in order to give her favorite, Joey Mills, the job, things finally start looking up.

JJ sits down with Johnny, Joey, and the other new whore, Ty Mitchell, to hash out how things are going to be.

JJ and Johnny get their cocks sucked by both Ty and Joey before fucking the twinks doggy style, and when it’s time to cum JJ fucks Ty’s mouth as he watches Joey fuck Ty’s ass while getting his ass fucked by Johnny.

The guys seal their alliance as Ty gets covered in jizz…but down in the basement, the Cock Destroyers are also making up, and vowing to take over the world…Join them!

Cock Destroyer Rebecca More’s plan for revenge after fellow Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson’s betrayal can finally cum to fruition now that she has handsome twink Johnny Rapid on her side.

But Johnny will have to go head-to-head with Sophie’s most loyal twink, Joey Mills, who’s determined to ensure her success so that she’ll make him constable, letting him fuck whoever he wants, whenever he wants.

Joey is the most in-demand guy in the house, and he shows his amazing customer service with valued guest Leander. Joey treats the bearded ginger hunk to a mind-blowing blowjob before Leander eats his ass and fucks his tight hole.

No sooner has Leander cum on his face than Johnny enters looking to steal the top spot…Join them!


When JJ Knight spots his boss in the elevator he decides to seize the opportunity to present some of his brave new ideas about capitalizing on the expanding market and squeezing ever greater quantities of surplus value out of the company’s work force.

JJ’s boss tries to brush him off, but sexy twink assistant Joey Mills encourages the boss man to hear the stud out.

With the boss still in the elevator, JJ and Joey start fooling around, stroking each other’s cocks while the big man’s back is turned.

Unsatisfied with hand play, Joey seizes an opportunity of his own, letting the elevator doors close on him to create a dangerously sexy office crisis.

JJ pulls down Joey’s tasteful office slacks and gives him a deep pounding in the elevator, rimming his hole on a handstand and driving Joey wild…Join them!

Black muscle stud Adrian Hart is looking for the hand sanitizer at the health center.

He finds a unique dispenser, a realistic jizzing dildo mounted to a cardboard cutout of a naked man.

Adrian decides to have a bit of fun, he removes the dildo and pokes his big black cock through the hole.

When another patient can’t make Adrian’s dick squirt, janitor Joey Mills keeps the horny guy’s secret while stroking and sucking his cock till his face gets covered in jizz.

Joey gets naked and Adrian eats the janitor twink’s ass, fingering his hole before sliding his big dick inside.

Joey rides Adrian on the desk before taking a deep mish pounding that soon has him shooting the slippery liquid, and Adrien pulls out to dispense one last load all over him.

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Hot cute young Barista boy, Joey Mills informs tattooed hunk Chris Damned that he cannot enter the coffee shop without a mask.

But Chris doesn’t want to return to his car sho he pulls his t-shirt over his mouth as a makeshift mask.

When he exposes his tattooed chest and abs… and his hard cock poking up over his waistband young Joey can’t help but look at the sexy young man’s hot dick.

The horny bottom decides to turn his customer into a snack, pulling down his pants and adding some whipped cream and a cherry before sucking down that dickaccino.

The pair get caught by another customer as Joey bends over the counter to let Chris fuck his hole doggy style, then Chris pounds him in missionary.

The twink adds more whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries to the action then rides Chris’s delicious dick till he cums, and the top shoots his own cream on Joey’s face.

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Sexy stud Archie has been playing with the new Men Pop app, and he has been playing tricks on his roommates with funny schemes and tricks.

He’s a bit disappointed when his “drop the towel challenge” falls flat as Joey Mills and Michael Boston don’t even look up from their video game screens.

So Archie decides that his next spectacular will get their attention, so when he jizzes on their pizza both hot dudes sit up and take notice.

Joey checks out Archie’s profile to take his revenge, then hides in his room to give him a “surprise facial” just like Archie wanted.

Archie sucks out the last of Joey’s cum, and then Joey deepthroats the top’s cock.

Archie rims Joey and then gets a close-up on his phone as he pounds his ass doggy style.

Joey climbs on top to ride Archie, then takes his dick super deep as the top penetrates him in missionary till he cums.

Archie pulls out and shoots so far that he gives Joey a facial of his own.

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Suited muscle businessman hunk Sean Cody Jax catches the eye of hot young twink Joey Mills who is checking him out down in the subway.

Jax gets in closer so he can play a little footsie before massaging Joey’s huge crotch bulge with his socked toes.

As they meet across a pole from each other, they touch each other’s hard erect dicks and Joey drops to his knees to deepthroat Jax’s huge cock.

The tall, jacked top rips open Joey’s boxers and fucks him doggy style before taking a seat as Joey jumps him like a turnstile.

Joey’s face gets pressed against the glass as Jax pounds him up against the doors, then the top lays him back on the seats as his subway train enters Joey’s tunnel.

Jax gives Joey a big facial, and the twink’s load lands on the pole.

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Its panic stations at the airport as sexy young twink Joey Mills and his ‘girlfriend’ rush up to the gate to be met by horny ripped hunk Reese Rideout the always smiling customer service agent.

“You’re late!”, announces Reese as he winks at Joey.

“I’m sorry but you’ve missed the flight,” happy that he gets to flirt with Joey for a while longer now.

As the GF makes for a seat with her eye mask on, Joey gets behind the counter on his knees with his lips wrapped around Reece’s hung thick dick.

Joey sucks Reece swallowing his long erect cock right to the back of his throat, choking as it hits home.

Reece returns the favor blowing Joey’s young hard dick, just as GF catches them at it and runs off screaming.

Joey is not fazed, he sticks around lowering his pants to let Reece get his tongue deep within his ass crack rimming his hot boy hole.

Reece forces his huge cock into Joey’s tight asshole getting balls deep in the young stud’s bubble butt.

Joey moans loudly as he feels every inch of Reece moving inside him, as Reece pummels his hole.

They switch up positions with Joey’s sore butt hole getting a hard bareback ass fucking in doggy style and piledriver.

Joey can’t control himself any longer, he blows a huge cum load all over his chest and abs.

At the sight of so much jizz Reece pulls out and orgasms showering Joey’s hole with his creamy cum, before fucking his load back inside his freshly fucked boy hole.

The two collapse exhausted in each others’ arms their sexual mores sated for now.

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After causing an obscene disturbance in the airport, Joey Mills gets perp-walked naked to an interview room by airport cop Adrian Hart.

Adrian Hart asks Joey to go over the events that led him here, and as Joey recalls seeing the gate agent’s hard cock and being suddenly overcome with the urge to suck it, he starts teasing Adrian’s dick with his foot.

Adrian’s fellow officer Dillon Diaz walks in on his partner kissing Joey, and they decide to give him the D together.

Joey sucks both their cocks, and the muscular cops take turns rimming each other as Joey sucks them, then Dillon pounds Joey’s hole doggy style over the table as the twink sucks Adrian.

The cops put their detainee up against the one-way mirror and take turns fucking his ass until Joey cums on the glass, then gets on his knees for a double facial.

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We’ve all dreamed of meeting and hooking up with our favorite gay porn stars?

Here we try a bit of the next best thing with bad-boy big muscle stud Chris Damned showing us just what he likes.

In his office, Chris sneakily rubs his huge cock bulge through his pants before he undoes his white shirt showing us his muscled tattooed chest.

Chris continues to undress, sniffing his shoes and sweaty socks before licking his feet and sucking his toes.

As Chris wanks his thick erect dick, he spies hot young twink, Joey Mills, watching him and invites him to join in.

The super dominant top strips Joey naked, kissing him and blindfolding him with his own tie before fucking his mouth. Chris rims Joey’s hole, then fucks him missionary on the desk.

The twink bends over the bookcase to get fucked from behind, then rides Chris in a chair.

The horny top pounds Joey in piledriver, making him cum, then pulls out to shoot his own hot load in Joey’s gape!

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Felix Fox is preparing for an important job interview when “Disaster” he spills coffee all over himself.

In a panic, Felix rushes to Joey Mills’s shop and strips off all his clothes for some emergency dry cleaning.

He hides behind the counter when another customer comes in and sucks Joey’s cock, and the twink returns the favor before Felix fucks him doggy style behind the racks.

Joey hops up on the counter for muscular Felix to penetrate him in missionary, then rides the top’s cock reverse, stroking himself till he cums, and Felix empties his balls on Joey’s face. Time to clean up again.

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Sexy young stud Joey Mills and hottie curly-haired dude Felix Fox arrive at the movie theater to celebrate their one-year anniversaries with their girlfriends, but as soon as they clap eyes on each other they’ve only got eyes for each other.

After flirting in the popcorn and drinks line, the guys managed to sit next to each other and sneakily hold hands before Felix slides his dick through a hole in his popcorn bucket, and Joey strokes it.

Joey does the same, but when the girls notice their boyfriends jacking each other off, they storm out.

The horny twinks openly suck each other’s butter-flavored cocks before Felix fucks Joey piledriver on his seat.

Joey rides the top’s dick, then Felix lays the cute twink on his back before penetrating him doggy style as the usher sneakily watches.

Felix gives Joey a hot facial, and the bottom jacks his cock till he cums.

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Chris Damned built up a nice big load fucking his boyfriend Joey Mills doggy style, so he’s annoyed when Joey dodges the facial.

His next attempt is foiled by Joey’s sheet mask, but he finally catches the twink coming into the bedroom.

Joey gives his man his due, sucking Chris’s cock, then taking it deep in missionary.

The top puts Joey facedown to pound that hole, then rims him before the bottom rides Chris reverse.

Joey cums, and this time he’s prepared to take a facial, no dodging.

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The morning after his epic party, Pax Perry is awoken by the cleaning service he hired, and he lets in Joey Mills and his coworker with his cock still hanging out.

Joey is intrigued by the sexy blond client’s hot body, and when he finds a sex machine while cleaning up, he has to strip down and try it out.

Drawn by the noise, Pax finds the hot twink riding the toy and strokes his cock, then lets Joey suck him.

Pax fucks Joey doggy style, then it’s time for a flip fuck as Pax stretches his hole on the fucking machine while sucking Joey’s feet before getting fucked doggy style by the twink.

Joey penetrates Pax in missionary, then rides him reverse till he cums, and Pax gives the cleaner one more thing to mop up, on his face.

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Watch firm favorite Joey Mills bring his fantasies to life.

Looking like a statue from classical antiquity, Joey shows off his taut body behind gauzy draperies, crowned with a golden laurel wreath.

Joey shows you his eager asshole, tipping you a saucy wink before he’s joined by bearded hunk Dante Colle.

The guys kiss and stroke each other, and Dante worships Joey with his mouth, then Joey rides the top reverse.

Joey sucks the top and eases himself down on Dante’s cock, then Dante pounds Joey doggy style before turning him on his back, making the twink cum as he pounds Joey’s hole.

Dante anoints the bottom with his jizz, which Joey accepts as his due.

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When his client goes to a club for a night out, dedicated bodyguard Malik Delgaty assesses all possible threats, including giving cocktail waiter Joey Mills a very thorough pat-down.

The twink enjoys it so much, he does whatever it takes to get Malik’s attention again, pulling down the stud’s pants and sucking his cock.

The head is so good, Malik neglects his duties to pick the bottom up for an upside-down bj, then fingers his hole and fucks him doggy style.

Joey rides the top, then cums as Malik pounds him on a table before taking the muscular hunk’s load on his face.

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It’s Joey Mills’ first-day working concessions, and he immediately flirts with his new coworker, Devy, holding his hand for a long time as he gives him seductive looks till Devy has to do something about it.

Joey does his best to serve customers as Devy blows him and rims him under the counter, but when the lobby clears out, the guys take their chance to fuck.

Devy pounds Joey doggy style, then the twink lies back over the counter and sucks Devy’s cock.

After Joey fucks Devy’s face, they hop up on the counter where he rides the top reverse till he orgasms, then Devy fucks him doggy style till he shoots his hot “butter” on some popcorn.

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Angel Rivera wants to fool around with his college roommate, Joey Mills, but Joey’s more interested in his video game, even when Angel rips open his jeans and starts fingering his hole.

Once Angel leaves, Joey decides to hit pause so he can use his controller for stimulating his p-spot.

Angel sneakily watches before he gives the gamer twink what he needs, a big, hard cock.

Joey eagerly sucks Angel, then the top pounds him doggy style. Joey rides Angel reverse, then takes that dick deep in spoon so he can keep gaming while they bone.

Angel fucks the bottom’s mouth, then pounds Joey mish till the twink cums before he covers him with his hot load.

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Offices can’t run without a hot cup of joe, so when the coffee machine is broken, Kyle Connors and his coworker call in janitor Joey Mills to repair it.

The hot twink’s shirt gets doused in coffee, so he takes it off, and Kyle loiters to watch, checking him out and even jacking his cock before he has to get a taste of Joey’s ass in doggy style.

The twink sucks Kyle’s cock, but they get caught by a coworker as Joey rides Kyle on the floor.

The bottom orgasms as he gets drilled in a chair, then Kyle sprays hot “milk” all over him.

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College student Joey Mills pulls the fire alarm to get out of a test, but he immediately gets caught by hot firefighter Finn Harding, who chastises the thoughtless twink with an over-the-knee spanking.

To Finn’s surprise, the punishment just makes Joey hard… so he feeds him his cock.

After rimming the bottom, Finn pounds him doggy-style against a bookcase.

The twink rides the hot top, then gets drilled on the table till he blows a hot load on his abs, then Joey sucks out Finn’s cum.

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Sexy young studs Joey Mills and Troye Dean are camping out under the big sky when it gets rather chilly in the mountains as night draws in.

The hottie twinks Joey and Troye cuddle up and share a blanket to conserve body heat and keep warm.

But Joey is feeling horny and he isn’t ready to close his eyes just yet.

He rubs his ass up and down against Troye’s bulging cock until Troye rips open his briefs and fucks him spoon.

The guys 69 and Troye power fucks the bottom doggy-style, then pounds Joey on his back.

The guys steam up the tent as Joey rides the top reverse until he cums, and Troye pulls out and shoots his load.

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Always the one to arrive early to events, eager beaver Felix Fox’s promptness goes horribly wrong when he and his new young bf Joey Mills show up an hour early to the cookout and find their hostess in a state of utter madness.

Felix offers Joey a sneaky bj by way of a small apology, squirting mustard on his sausage and then licking it off.

Joey sucks Felix behind the grill, but when he’s called away, Felix sneaks into the kitchen to stick his dick in a pie instead.

Luckily, Joey comes in to pick up where he left off, deepthroating the blond hunk and bending over the counter to get fucked.

Felix pounds the bottom missionary on the counter, then Joey rides the top till he cums before getting a little pre-cookout snack on his face.

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