Noah White

Noah White says: I’m 18 (finally) I enjoy dancing and going out with my friends. I work as a server, part-time and enjoy going out to run with my dog.

Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 6-inch dick
Height: 5’6″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 115lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

Helix Studios gay porn scenes of Noah White


Proving that boys will be boys, twinktastic Noah White and Evan Parker are horsing around on the playground. They reminisce about their first scene together; then, out of the blue Noah tackles Parker to the ground and a sexy wrestling match ensues.

Knowing things are heating up, the pair move somewhere more private before being arrested for public indecency. Inside the teen boy’s bedroom amongst skateboards and posters, the tasty twink some tear each other’s clothes off. Wonderboy White works his magic on Evan’s massive member, mouthing the balls and milking the shaft.

Evan whips Noah around like the little plaything he is, gobbling his tasty twinkie every step of the way. Parker lubes up his pole and Noah knows it’s go time. He rides the stallion like a rodeo champ, dick facing a hard north the entire time.

His boy boner bounces with each hard thrust of Evan’s hips. Without unplugging, Parker stands up, holds the twink in the air, puts him back down, then just fucks the shit out of the boy. Holding White’s legs wide open in the air, Parker pile drives dick long and hard.

He gets the tea cup pub in every position to make sure he hits the kid’s sweet spot. By the look on Noah’s face, he’s doing that and then some! Noah starts sweating and working his cock at a fever pitch; just then his dick blows a giant load of boy butter all over the bed.

With every blast his hole clenches down around Parker’s perfect piece, bringing Evan to the nut-busting brink! He blasts the boy’s butt, then paints his perfect cheeks with gooey glistening goodness…Join them!

The perfect couple, Noah White and the camera should never ever be apart. They compliment and love each other on another level that always leads to greatness. Two blonds are always better than one, therefore dick-tastic director Max Carter is here to help make magically delicious things happen.

The barely legal babe chats up Max for a minute about his time in Florida among other tasty topics, but it isn’t long before he gives us what we came here for. The picture-perfect All-American white boy wacks his wang while Max carefully films every inch.

We know you want to reach through the screen and touch the trophy boy as we all do, so Max makes sure to do exactly that just for you. Tight and tiny with zero percent body fat, the pocket-sized twink plays with his pecker then flirts with his hole and the camera.

Noah probably has the tightest tush on the entire Helix roster. Max makes sure to get in deep, filming (and touching) every gorgeous angle of this juicy jack fest. Gaining some steam, White works up some speed before spreading his seed like a sexy sprinkler all over his sinewy stomach.

As Max goes in for the close-up money shot, he whispers what we’re all thinking, be sure to “squeeze every last drop out.” And then Noah makes it happen spectacularly, draining his well till every last wonderful white pearl drop drips from his perfectly pink twink pleasure source. It is pure heaven…Join him!

Boy Fun gay porn scenes of Noah White

Smooth and sexy Jamie Kelvin has another new blond friend to have some hot fun within this new BoyFun video, and you can bet British twink Noah Carter is more than eager to play.

The weather outside might be keeping them behind closed doors for the day but these two are imaginative when it comes to finding special indoor games to play.

With Jamie’s hardening dick swelling up in his jeans his new buddy is soon on him and the two are making out and grinding.

Noah is no novice when it comes to sucking a delicious dick, a fact his friend soon discovers when his boner is out and between those wet lips.

In no time at all the two are naked, their erections drooling with spit and precum while they swap their lengths and pleasure each other.

A little taste of young Noah’s smooth little hole and Jamie is ready to plunge his bare penis in deep.

The list of things these two boys could have been doing around town if the weather was nice is long, but the pleasure they’re soon enjoying while Jamie pumps that pucker from behind and gives the British boy a ride on his raw dong more than makes up for any missed outdoor adventures.

With the long-dicked London lad on his back and wanking off Jamie pumps him deeper and helps the twink to shoot off his milky cream in an intense climax that leaves his tight body dripping with spunk, but there’s more hot semen for Noah to receive when his pal pulls out and jerks his sausage right over Noah’s waiting face and into his welcoming mouth.

No doubt this beats walking around town looking for entertainment, whatever the weather.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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