Olivier Robert

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Hair Color: Redhead/Ginger
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Canadian

Cocky Boys gay porn scenes of Olivier Robert

Sexy Canadian redhead Olivier Robert is back and today Manual Skye is the lucky stud who gets to fuck him.

Manual is very keen to get access to Oliver’s hot bubble ass.

When the guys meet it is Manual who initiates contact, grabbing Oliver and making out kissing him passionately.

As Oliver strips off his clothes, Manual runs his hands all over his ripped body. Manual pulls at his jeans getting the first glimpse of Oliver’s hot sculpted bubble ass.

Once they are both naked the guys concentrate on sucking each others’ big uncut cocks.

Manuel proudly shows off his oozing pre-cum, feeds it to Olivier, and then strokes their cocks together.

But he soon turns to Olivier’s hot ass and tongue fucks his hole before turning him around to suck him.

The pleasure Olivier gets motivates him to give Manuel the same pleasure and before long he’s getting face-fucked with Manuel drilling his throat.

Manuel wants to own Olivier’s ass and turns him around to pound him against the wall and brings cries of pleasure from Olivier.

Manuel is close but takes Olivier to the bed to feast on his cock, totally in control.

Manuel’s sexual creativity emerges and he flips Olivier over slides him to the edge of the bed to drill him in a few variations of the “reverse bulldog” position.

Again he gets close but brings Olivier up to the bed. Manuel makes out with Olivier even more aggressively and orally deep-diving his hole

Manuel begins fucking Olivier from the side relentlessly…until he partially cums inside him.

He pulls out to lick up his own oozing cum and probe Olivier’s hole but in short order resumes pounding him.

Soon he cums again, this time shooting a huge load over Olivier’s hole and into it.

When Oliver lies back and shoots his load in an intense orgasm, cum-hungry Manuel licks it all up.

Manuel wraps his arms around Olivier but this isn’t the end: they agree they have many more rounds of sex ahead of them.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Olivier Robert and Skyy Knox make out kissing passionately feeling their muscled bodies through their clothes.

Oliver gets on his knees and undoes Skyy’s pants unleashing his already hard big dick, sucking it to the back of his throat, balls deep.

Skyy strips off his clothes, as Oliver continues his cock worship, playing with Skyy’s nipples and rubbing his cock against his hairy chest.

Skyy returns the favor parting Olivier’s bubble butt ass cheeks, getting his tongue in between licking his ass crack and finding his hole.

Now with Olivier on all fours, Skyy lubes his hot ass hole with his lips, kissing and rimming his hot hole.

Skyy pushes his big thick dick against Olivier’s ass hole and presses it home, entering his hole and slowly getting balls deep inside him.

The feeling of Skyy’s big cock moving inside Olivier makes him so horny that he wants more.

Skyy drills and thrusts into Olivier deep, mixing it up while maintaining his passionate focus.

And when it’s time to change it up, they just know it: Skyy lies on his back, and Olivier sits on his cock and rides him.

They move together intuitively, each guy fixing their gaze on the other’s reaction, as Olivier grinds on Skyy who also thrusts up to pound his hole.

Finally, they stand up and kiss again before Olivier takes his turn topping.

He matches Skyy in his passion as he drills him from behind in front of a mirror, and in his control making out with him before lying him on his back to pound him.

Olivier fucks a thick load out of Skyy and he keeps fucking until he pulls out to shoot a load that glazes Skyy’s ripped torso.

As they lock lips once more, they acknowledge this was good…just as they probably already knew it would be.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we enjoy the sight of two sexy Canadian dudes Raphael Louis and Olivier Robert who, although you may not have guessed it, are quite quiet and reserved in real life.

There is a definite bond between these two ripped muscle dudes and they admit that filming porn increases their own confidence and totally turns them both on.

The guys start off making out, sensuously kissing with Olivier’s soft lips running up the length and breadth of Raphael’s ripped muscular body.

Olivier’s mouth reaches Raphael’s crotch releasing and sucking up, his huge dick which is already fully erect, right to the back of his throat.

Olivier can’t get enough of Raphael’s cock and he just keeps going even as his ass rimmed.

But eventually, Raphael wants his turn and after worshiping Olivier’s sculpted body he gives the French ginger a balls deep blowjob.

Soon he turns Olivier around and bends him over to bury his mouth and tongue on Olivier’s smooth ass hole.

After fingering and cock-teasing his hole, Raphael pumps his huge raw dick deep into Olivier’s ass making him moan with delight.

Raphael drives his bare cock in slowly and deeply, in and out, until he picks up speed making Olivier cry out loudly with ecstasy.

Before they go too far though, Raphael leads Olivier to bed.

There Olivier resumes his lovingly focused attention sucking Raphael, making out with him, and rimming his smooth bubble butt ass hole.

One big passionate embrace is just the catalyst for Raphael to take control again.

Raphael takes Olivier from the side and he makes Olivier cry out from the start. But soon he bareback fucks Olivier on his back, pinning him down and pounding him hard and deep.

Finally, Raphael pulls out to shoot his massive cum load all over Olivier before fucking his cum back inside Olivier’s hot hole.

He’s also right there finger fucking and kissing Olivier as he lies on his back stroking himself to a breathlessly intense and euphoric orgasm.

It’s only when they passionately kiss once more, do these two “shy” guys ever calm down.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we get to welcome back Benjamin Blue and Olivier Robert who are both sporting sexy new looks. See these horny guys bonding right from the off.

They are playful together, opening up about the sex that they like and making out kissing passionately.

Soon enough it is top man Olivier who forces Benjamin to swallow his thick erect dick, telling him how he likes a guy to pleasure him.

As Benjamin does, Olivier fucks his throat, pushing his gag reflex to the limit.

He does so well that when Olivier returns the favor he lets Benjamin face-fuck him right back.

With their sexual heat rising they get into a 69 with Benjamin returning to deep sucking while Olivier eats his ass.

Olivier’s slick & wet cock and Benjamin’s spit-lubed hole finally meet as Benjamin rides Olivier and the moaning bottom takes his deep upward thrusts.

They both almost go over the edge but slow it down momentarily to kiss and change positions: Olivier puts Benjamin on his back and pounds him relentlessly.

As Olivier drills Benjamin, he moves him to his side and then back to a full missionary with a variety of thrusts, each time hitting his prostate.

Finally, Olivier takes total control, fucking Benjamin faster while stroking his cock for him. He jerks and milks a big intense cum shot out of Benjamin and just keeps drilling him.

Soon he pulls out with an intense orgasm of his own shooting his load over Benjamin.

In the end, they’re both spent but thoroughly satisfied and glowing with post-sex euphoria and affection.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Men gay porn scenes of Olivier Robert

Celebrating their anniversary Olivier Robert and his BF have invited over some of their closest friends for a beautiful Sunday brunch, but Olivier discovers a whole new taste for his handsome guest.

When he lets Malik Delgaty in, he sucks his fingers, then starts rubbing Malik’s cock under the table.

When Malik sees Olivier’s booty bent over in front of the fridge, he is too tempted and has to sink his cock inside.

They get caught by the other guest, but Malik sends him packing as Olivier lies back on the counter with his legs spread to take the top’s cock.

Olivier sucks Malik and rims him before bending over the counter for more hard drilling, then rides Malik on the floor.

Olivier may have dropped the cake on the floor, but luckily Malik gave him a creampie.

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Ripped curly-haired young hunk Felix Fox’s huge dick fucking hotties Tayler Tash and Olivier Robert.

Tayler Tash and Felix Fox forgot they booked a sunrise yoga session bright and early with instructor Olivier Robert until his knock wakes them up.

Olivier doesn’t fail to notice Felix’s morning wood in his shorts, and after the couple stare at his booty as he stretches, he sucks Felix’s cock while Tayler gets a little more shut-eye.

The dark-haired hottie perks up when he gets to swallow the cut instructor’s big dick.

Olivier leads them in a naked yoga class before getting an even hotter workout in with a threesome where he shows off his strength and flexibility till both Oliver and Felix cum on Tayler’s face.

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Hottie young punk Theo Brady’s huge twink dick barebacking Olivier Robert’s bubble butt.

Theo Brady is balls deep in Olivier Robert’s ass when suddenly they hear Olivier’s boyfriend get home.

Annoyed that Olivier tells him to sneak out the window instead of finally being honest, Theo pretends to be a food delivery guy with a bag full of dick, telling Olivier to finish what he started.

The horny bottom finally kicks his now-ex to the curb and takes Theo back to the bedroom to celebrate by sucking him and taking that dick doggy style.

The top drills Olivier in piledriver and fucks the cum out of him in missionary, then gives him a facial.

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Hottie hunk Olivier Robert bottoms for sexy twink Cody Viper’s huge young dick.

Cody Viper has come to see sex therapist Olivier Robert today because things in his relationship are getting stale with him always bottoming.

But Cody’s nervous that he might not be a good top, so Dr. Olivier suggests some confidence-building exercises… and hands-on skill practice.

Cody tries out rimming the therapist, and Olivier shows him how nice it can be to get head before encouraging Cody to penetrate his ass for the first time.

Cody builds skills in doggy style and even tries out piledriver.

The first-time top successfully makes Olivier orgasm in missionary, then pulls out and cums.

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Professor Olivier Robert’s bubble butt bareback fucked by failing pupil Maverick Sun’s huge young dick.

Maverick Sun is in danger of failing his physics class, so he goes to office hours to ask Professor Olivier Robert if there’s any way to earn some extra credit.

The red-haired professor tells the college student there is a shortcut and rubs his leg against Mavericks under the desk.

The twink is surprised but interested, and Olivier quickly undresses him and sucks his cock, then sits on it.

Maverick may not be good at physics, but he gets an A at blowing his teacher’s back out in doggy style and missionary, filling him with a creampie.

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Hairy chested hunk Paul Wagner’s huge bare cock barebacking ripped muscle stud, Olivier Robert.

Young sexy boyfriends are with their family camping in the woods.

After pitching their tents Paul and Olivier head out alone to chop some wood for their campfire.

As Olivier bends over to swing his axe, Paul comes in behind him and slips his hands up into Olivier’s shorts feeling his already rock-hard cock.

Dropping to his knees bearded hunk Olivier sucks hairy-chested stud Paul’s erection, balls deep running his tongue up and down Paul’s thick dick.

Paul forces Olivier down allowing him full access to round bubble butt, pressing his huge cock deep between Olivier’s raw ass cheeks.

Sliding in and out with long strong strokes, Paul fucks Olivier hard pummelling his ass like a ramrod, making him moan loudly.

As Paul sits astride a tree stump Olivier lowers his aching hole down onto Paul’s throbbing cock, feeling every inch.

Olivier’s six-pack abs ripple as he slides up and down each time getting Paul’s huge dick deeper and deeper and bringing both hot men closer to orgasm.

Expert bottom Olivier knows just how to relax and contract his ass muscles so that Paul can hold off no longer.

Paul pulls out and blows his load over Olivier’s furry face, cum dripping down his beard.

As soon as Paul cums, Olivier wanks himself unloading his balls with a volley of jizz all over his ripped abs.

The sexy men lean in for a cummy kiss.

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Beefy big muscle dude Malik Delgaty’s huge uncut dick barebacking bearded hottie Olivier Robert’s bubble ass.

When the exchange goes sideways, new enforcer Malik Delgaty knows he needs to find the police surveillance van and do whatever it takes to get the evidence.

In the van, officer Olivier Robert is so distracted watching the feed of the gangster fucking the undercover cop and jacking off he doesn’t spot Malik approaching till he busts open the doors.

Malik decides if his boss can fuck a cop, so can he, and takes out his cock for Olivier to suck.

He pounds him in doggystyle, then the bearded officer rides him before taking it deep in spoon position till he cums.

Olivier takes a facial so good it’s criminal… and that’s not all.

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Young blonde twink Theo Brady’s huge dick barebacking ripped hottie hunk Olivier Robert’s hole Theo Brady and Olivier Robert dance beneath the lights at the blacklight rave, their hard bodies covered with neon paint that entices them to explore each other with their hands. After Olivier suckers Theo, he rims the bottom and bends over to get through his hole. After Theo drills Olivier on his back while riding the top on the floor, he orgasms, and Theo blasts a huge neon load into the face of the bottom! See all Theo Brady gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here. See all Olivier Robert gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here. Join them!

Bromo gay porn scenes of Olivier Robert

Instead of hunting big game, dirty hunters Markus Kage and Olivier Robert are looking for big bottoms.

Olivier lets Markus use his ass as a tripod, but the booty they were looking for slips away into the trees.

Markus gets hard watching Olivier’s bare rump as he answers the call of nature, and Olivier hungrily devours that rifle before they find some privacy on their four-wheeler for Markus to pump the bottom’s hole full of cum.

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Masqulin gay porn scenes of Olivier Robert


Sexy bearded muscle dude Olivier Robert’s hot hole fucked by Latino stud Rocky Vallarta’s big dick.

One dark and foggy evening, a predator lurks in the dark, ready to pounce. The neighborhood is being terrorized by a crazed night stalker, putting the whole community on edge.

Olivier Robert’s roommate has a few idiosyncrasies but rules are rules. And, with Rocky Vallarta, things need to be just so. Rocky has a tendency to fixate on the details and Olivier certainly doesn’t want him to get crazy… Suddenly a breaking story comes on the TV. Another body has been found in an alley downtown. As Olivier puts two and two together, all of a sudden the room goes dark.

Rocky’s sexy roommate has discovered his secret, now he can’t leave any loose ends. Olivier awakens tied up and gagged in a plastic-covered room. Excitement and terror fill the room. In a tense moment, the truth comes to light, and the darkest secrets are revealed.

Rocky dominates his prey, producing waves of pleasure throughout his killer body at the touch of his fingers, before putting Olivier’s admissions to the test.

He plunges his hard cock into Olivier’s throat and rims his submissive muscular bubble ass. He glands his roommate, who sprays his load all over his tight abs. Rocky finishes, thick ropes of cum glazing Olivier’s face.

With passions riding high what comes next? Will Olivier join Rocky in his madness?

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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