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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Men gay porn scenes of Theo Brady

Theo Brady loves having his new stepbrother Collin Simpson staying at his home.

Theo is a fun guy and loves to prank Collin, he does this relentlessly.

Theo is preparing for the best practical joke yet.

Theo plans to secretly stay in his room all night long as Collin sleeps.

However, Theo is shocked to find a suggestive picture of himself in his stepbro’s bedside table before he hides in Collin’s closet.

Collin takes a post-gym selfie and then lies down on the bed to jack off until he notices Theo recording him.

Collin has Theo suck his cock, then makes the bottom beg for him to eat his ass.

The prankster is now at his prankee’s mercy as Collin pounds Theo’s ass till he cums, then makes Theo swallow his jizz…Join them!

Poor Theo Brady has come to the hard decision that he needs to break up with his boyfriend, Michael Del Ray, because Michael is working too much and fucking Theo way too little.

But of course, when he shows up, Michael’s brother Zane Williams invites Theo in and tells him Michael’s at work.

When Zane hears about Theo’s frustration, he pounds the sexy bottom on the couch… and the third brother, Jack Hunter, catches sight of them.

Theo’s hot body and bottomless hole make Jack horny, so after his brother finishes, he pulls Theo into the bathroom and asks for a piece of that cake.

As Theo gets his ass bred by brother number two, he doesn’t realize that Michael has arrived home and is spying on them from under the bed.

Zane and Jack decide Theo needs to have it out with Michael, and the three bros gang bang the hot twink before saying goodbye for good…Join them!

Zane Williams and Jack Hunter drag their brother’s now-ex-boyfriend, Theo Brady, into the living room so he and Michael Del Ray can talk things out… or fuck things out.

Theo sucks Michael’s cock and Zane begins eating the twink’s ass as Jack watches and strokes his cock.

Zane fucks Theo doggy style till he cums on his ass, then it’s Jack’s turn to penetrate the bottom in mish while Michael fucks Theo’s mouth.

Jack jizzes on Theo’s stomach, and then Michael pounds his ex’s hole hard.

Theo rides Michael till he cums, then the top gives him a facial before the three brothers give Theo the bum’s rush. Bros before hos…Join them!

Theo Brady has decided to break up with his long term boyfriend Michael because he’s feeling neglected as he is always too busy working and he’s missing getting fucked.

When he gets to his place, Michael’s brother Zane Williams says he’s not there but already at work. Always the friendly face Zane offers a sympathetic ear, and when he hears about Theo’s sexual frustrations, he offers his own hardening dick.

Theo sucks down hard, balls deep, on his big cock and Zane fucks the bottom boy’s face before fucking his tight ass pile driver and doggystyle.

Theo rides Zane’s big dick till he orgasms shooting a huge cum load, and Zane cums all over Theo’s cum filled balls. The bottom goes to wait for Michael to get home… but first he gets pulled into the bedroom of another brother…Join them!

Theo Brady’s boss, Alex Mecum, is very hands-on in the office… and as he checks out the junior employee, Alex has his hands on his cock.

During his coworker’s pitch, Theo gets under the table to suck the boss’s dick, then pitches Alex his own tight hole.

Alex fucks Theo doggystyle, but they get caught by a coworker.

Once Alex gets rid of her, he can sit back and enjoy as Theo sucks him some more, then eats his underling’s ass and gives him a deep pounding till Theo cums on Alex’s face and asks for a facial from the boss…Join them!

How do you know who’s a top and who’s a bottom? The Pickup Artist, Michael “Dom Juan” Del Ray is here to show you.

Michael shares his tips for telling whether that hottie nearby prefers to give or receive, but his system breaks down when he runs into versatile Theo Brady.

Michael isn’t convinced that verses really exist, so Theo goes back to his place where they can find out.

Theo sucks the top’s cock and Michael fucks Theo’s tight hole in missionary and doggy style, then Theo rides Michael’s cock so good the top needs to pull out and give Theo a facial before telling the bottom to cum…Join them!

Theo Brady is an unruly top who knows how to rim, and since getting out of stir he needs a job… and some good dick.

In his new gig as a towel boy at the spa, Theo gets to dick around to his heart’s content while seeing all the dicks on display in the sauna… and he wants Lance Hart’s.

Theo presents Lance with a special towel and helpfully gives him his keys, then makes his move when he brings Lance a fresh towel in the steam room to fuck the silver fox doggy style.

Theo eats Lance’s ass and sucks his cock, then takes a hot and steamy bareback fuck as Lance pounds him in mish and doggy style before cumming on Theo’s face and taking a facial in return…Join them!

Handsome and horny Kaleb Stryker thinks there’s just time for a BJ before his boyfriend Theo Brady’s mom arrives, but she knocks on the door just as Kaleb leaves some cum on Theo’s face.

Annoyed that his man’s mother chased him out of the room in his own house, Kaleb vows to mark his territory Theo’s face with jizz.

With the meddling mama down for the count, Kaleb eats Theo’s ass and fucks his man doggystyle, showing Theo who that hole belongs to.

Kaleb finishes things off with a huge facial…Join them!

With tunes in his headphones and his mom’s lacy panties on his slim body, twink Theo Brady doesn’t even notice his stepdad Ryan Bones is watching him until the muscular hunk pulls down the knickers.

Ryan pulls out his cock and Theo gets right to work sucking it as Ryan warns him that they need to be quiet.

It’s hard to keep your voice down with your stepdad’s huge dick in your ass, but Theo takes it raw in the bathroom and on the couch before he cums and Ryan covers his face with jizz…Join them!

Men.com’s first collaboration with iconic queer erotic illustrator Tom of Finland takes things back to Tom’s early days in 1957.

Birdwatcher Theo Brady catches a glimpse of fisherman Kurtis Wolfe through the trees and snaps a few pics before getting out his big cock as he watches the burly stud.

Kurtis catches his watcher in the act, but no sooner than Theo starts sucking Kurtis’s cock, the sound of a siren pierces the air, and Theo and Kurtis scatter as police officer Matthew Camp stalks through the woods brandishing his nightstick.

Theo can’t believe his eyes when he spies Matthew eating Kurtis’s ass and fucking him doggy style, and the pair entice the shy twitcher from the woods to take photos as Kurtis rides Matthew’s cock before joining their threesome for some double penetration…Join them!

The deserted beach between the water and the woods plays host to a different kind of singles’ cruise.

Paul Canon makes his way to the sand and sits on a piece of driftwood, jacking his huge cock in the unmistakable signal for male horniness.

Soon blond twink Theo Brady appears out of the forest, greeting Paul with a hungry kiss.

Paul wants to eat Theo’s ass, and they find a secluded spot in the woods to spread their blanket before he continues tonguing Theo’s tight hole…but not that secluded, as two more guys begin observing them.

Paul fucks Theo doggy style, then sucks Theo’s cock, and the slender bottom puts on a hot show as he rides his handsome top till he cums, then takes Paul’s huge hot load all over his smooth chest…Join them!

When Theo Brady’s boyfriend heads upstairs, Theo decides it’s time to take a little break from the unpacking… only to get caught with his dick in his hand when their buddy, Markus Kage, arrives to help out.

Theo helps Markus’ cock out of his pants, deep throating him and hiding behind a stack of boxes when his man comes in to say hello.

Markus fucks Theo’s hole doggy style, pounding him up against the window where the new neighbors can get an eyeful of the twink’s slender body.

When Theo’s boyfriend catches them fucking he wants to get some of Markus’ dick too, but they make the cuck watch as Markus fucks Theo, then they give him a double cum facial.

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Chris Damned is playing with his virtual reality headset and his new VR gay sex game.

His BF Theo Brady is frustrated when he sees Chris on the sofa wearing his headset and wanking his huge thick cock.

“You won’t fuck me but you’ll fuck that?”, he fumes.

Theo Brady is horny, but his roommate Chris Damned would rather fuck a fake ass in his virtual reality game than fuck Theo’s real one.

Theo peeps on tattooed, muscular Chris during a stroke sesh, but he gets too horny and ends up shooting rope across Chris’s face.

As Chris gets cleaned up, Theo tries out the headset while stroking a dildo, and Chris sees his chance, taking the toy’s place so his roommate blows him.

Two can play at that game, so Theo swaps himself in for the fake ass, finally taking Chris’s hard cock doggy style.

The horny top realizes his roomie’s IRL booty is way better, especially when Theo rides his cock.

Theo gives the fake ass a try as Chris fucks his hole from behind, then rides Chris till he cums, and the top enjoys Theo’s hole some more in missionary before he orgasms.

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Sexy young punk Theo Brady is visiting big hairy bear Colby Jansen’s house and this trip he’s been fantasizing about Colby and he just can’t help wanking and jizzing all over his belongings.

He’s especially turned on when he sees Colby with his big thick dick stuck in his fly.

Theo has to go and lie down on his bed and jerk off imagining sucking Colby’s cock.

One time Colby catches Theo wanking off over one of his books, which now drips with his hot cum.

Colby decides to teach young Theo a bit of a lesson showing the inexperienced guy the secrets to lasting longer.

The experienced top starts by sucking Theo’s dick, but he won’t let Theo cum till he’s satisfied.

He puts the bottom to work swallowing his meat, then rims Theo’s hole before fucking him doggy style.

Theo manages to last while Colby pounds him mish, but as he rides the top reverse he can’t hold back anymore.

This time it’s Colby’s turn to cum all over something of Theo’s… his face.

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Horny young blonde stud Theo Brady fancies his big muscular roomie, Jax but Jax tells him he is adamant he doesn’t fuck around with roommates.

Undeterred Theo gets an idea from the internet and using a deep fake face changing app he changes his face to that one of Jax’s Sean Cody costar’s Archie.

Theo then sends him a message as Archie asking Jax to come and fuck him again.

Jax gets totally horned out and rushes over to Theo’s room finding him lying in wait face down with his bare ass available for the taking.

Jax’s huge hard erection is tenting his shorts already smiles as he forces his big dick all the way into Theo’s young hole.

Theo then swallows Jax’s hot cock taking it way back until his balls are bouncing on his lips and he’s nearly choking as Jax’s huge cockhead slams into his deep throat.

The muscled top then holds onto Theo’s legs and raises him off the bed to get his tongue between his ass cheeks, rimming his good.

Now with Theo’s ass hole fully lubed, Jax raw fucks him in a number of different positions, each time changing up and hearing Theo’s moans grow louder.

Theo gets on top and loves to be in control as he presses his ass down hard onto Jax’s massive dick till he is almost about to cum.

Jax then power fucks young Theo’s aching bare hole while he jerks his own dick till he can hold off no longer and explodes in a volley of cum shots all over the bed.

Jax then fucks him till he fills the young dude with a creampie. Think you know Jax from Sean Cody then you are not wrong catch all his sordid bareback fucking scene here.

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Twink Theo Brady is waiting in line for his college graduation photo, but somehow he ended up with a backless gown.

To make his buddy feel better about his ass hanging out, Felix Fox flashes his dick, and Theo crawls under Felix’s gown to suck it.

Felix tries to keep it together for the pics as Theo surreptitiously swallows his cock.

He gets his revenge as Theo poses by slipping his cock through a slit in the backdrop and fucking Theo doggy style.

As soon as the coast is clear, the guys get naked and Felix fucks Theo on the stool, spinning him to fill his hole mish then penetrate his mouth.

The guys flip fuck as Felix goes down on Theo, then rides his cock, and the shaven-headed grad fucks his blond buddy missionary till they both jizz all over their mortarboards.

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Hottie young twink Theo Brady’s old “pal” has taken him on a shopping trip to New York for a spot of some shopping.

As they pull up on the tarmac to get on the private jet, Theo notices that the pilot is Kyle Connors who is waiting for him in the cockpit.

Theo is bored and horny, so he gets his cock out, but his rich old patron is on an important business call and doesn’t want to be interrupted.

Luckily, Kyle joins Theo in the cabin. Theo sucks Kyle’s cock and the pilot navigates his tongue into the twink’s hole.

It’s Theo who takes the stick as Kyle fucks him doggy style, then the bottom rides Kyle’s jet before he cums, and the pilot’s jizz lands on his ass.

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Bearded businessman Grant Ryan has a sexy young blonde assistant, Theo Brady whose job is not just to keep track of his upcoming appointments, but to help Grant’s keep his stress levels low.

When burning some sage isn’t enough to calm Grant’s blowup, Theo gets naked and tells Grant to work out his stress on his hole.

Grant rims the helpful twink, then fucks his mouth as Theo lies across the counter.

Grant fucks the bottom doggy style, and the guys 69 on the counter.

Grant seems a lot less stressed as he pounds Theo spoon, and by the time the twink rides him and cums on his abs, he’s very relaxed.

The only blowing up around here now is Theo blowing his boss and taking a facial.

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Nerd icon Nick LA is late to his own game conference and can’t even remember what the event is for, but when he invites cosplay-clad fan Theo Brady to suck his cock under the table, it’s the final straw for his long-suffering agent, who quits on the spot.

With no one to answer to, Nick brings Theo back to the green room, where he sticks a unicorn horn dildo to the door of the fridge and fucks the eager twink’s hole with it.

Nick lies down with the dildo on his forehead and Theo rides it, then does the same to the top’s real cock.

Nick bends his fan over a chair to fuck him doggy style, and Theo rides the famous top till he cums, then proves his number-one fan status as Nick fills him with a creampie.

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Theo Brady’s excited to try out his new VR game, but when his roommate Finn Harding spots him wandering around in his underwear grabbing at imaginary poles, he pranks his buddy by taking his cock out and letting Theo play with it.

Finn heads into his room to jack off into a sock, and when Theo comes in looking for stuff to wash, he picks up the sock and gets a face full of Finn’s load.

Theo wants the D, not just the cum, so he rides Finn reverse before giving him a sensual blowjob.

Finn fucks Theo missionary before the twink asks to get pounded doggy style.

Theo orgasms as Finn penetrates him from behind, then Finn fucks the bottom in piledriver and cums in his gaping hole!

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Nerd icon Nick LA’s unprofessional behavior at the convention to hype his newest game, Anal Cumbat, costs him his agent when she quits after catching him encouraging unicorn-costumed fan Theo Brady to suck his cock under the table.

That’s fine because Nick would much rather take Theo back to the green room and penetrate his hole with a unicorn horn dildo!

The twink even rides his cock and takes a creampie.

But Nick’s absence means the arcade demo of Anal Cumbat is alone and unguarded… and cosplaying fans Dante Colle and Felix Fox decide to sneak in and check it out, only to find themselves zapped inside the game, where they suddenly sport big muscles and even bigger hard-ons.

After defeating an enemy with a cock blaster, Dante blasts Felix’s hole with his own dick in doggy style, and the guys are soon transported back to the real world, where they hide from the security guy to keep fucking.

Felix takes Dante’s big dick deep in his hole, and as the security guard comes to find them, he takes a facial from each of them.

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DeAngelo Jackson isn’t amused when his boyfriend, Theo Brady, gets back to their train compartment with jizz on his face.

Theo’s pouty apology isn’t cutting it, so he slips off his boots and runs his toes up DeAngelo’s leg, right under the nose of his paper-reading seatmate.

DeAngelo massages Theo’s feet then pulls down his jeans for a foot job.

When the other rider catches these two hunks stroking themselves, he pulls the emergency brake, making Theo fall right onto DeAngelo’s cock.

The train may not be moving, but these guys are sure getting somewhere as the top fucks Theo piledriver, then Theo sucks that big cock.

DeAngelo rims the hot twink, then penetrates that hole doggystyle before Theo lies back on the seat and takes a deep missionary pounding till he ends up with two more loads all over him!

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Have you been waiting for your chance to hook up with hot young twink Theo Brady?

Get the next best thing as you follow Theo through his favorite haunts as he poses under the bright neon lights of the city, then leads you to a luxurious bathroom where he strips down and caresses his cock in the bath.

Reese Rideout is waiting just outside the door for him, and the pair make intense eye contact before he kisses Theo’s abs and sucks his dick.

Theo lowers himself onto Reese’s hard cock, riding him on the bench before the top puts him up against the wall and fucks him doggy style.

In the bedroom, Theo blows Reese, then takes him deep in missionary.

Reese pounds the bottom’s ass in spoon until Theo moans with his orgasm, then Reese pulls out and cums.

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In the latest episode of The Price Is Tight, can Pierce Paris and Theo Brady’s relationship stand the test of Johnny B?

It all comes down to the final tie-breaking challenge to see who can shoot his load the farthest… when Johnny B is caught with a syringe of fake cum and disqualified.

But his win by default isn’t satisfying enough for Theo, so Pierce challenges him to try the game, just the two of them.

Pierce fucks Theo doggy style and Theo sucks his man’s cock before riding him on the floor.

Pierce pounds that twink in piledriver position and puts him up against the wall to take him from behind, then lifts the bottom as he fucks him in a stand-and-carry.

Theo bends over the jizz battlefield to take his man’s cock some more, then both guys cum simultaneously to see who will be the winner.

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Malik Delgaty and his new husband are attending the fertility clinic together, but the sexy employee Theo Brady wants to harvest Malik’s cum personally.

As he locks Malik’s husband out of the donation room he then sneakily watches the muscular top jack off, then sits on Malik’s cock.

Malik will definitely have a huge load to give after Theo sucks his dick and rides him, and the horny bottom cums all over his abs as he gets pounded reverse.

But when it’s time for Malik to give his sample, Theo wants it on his face instead of in the cup.

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Theo Brady wants a facial after muscular top Pax Perry fucks him doggy style, but Pax’s aim is off, wasting his precious load.

Theo refuses to wait for another, going after Pax’s cock with a penis pump till the top shoots, then pouring the jizz on his face.

But Theo prefers his facials straight from the source, so he sucks Pax, then takes that cock in piledriver and missionary.

Theo rides Pax till he cums, then finally gets the load he’s been waiting for.

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The rain pours down over Theo Brady’s lean body, dripping over his tattooed skin and down his ass as he pulls down his bathing suit.

Then it’s Andre Donovan’s turn under the spray, the water coursing over his defined muscles as he rubs his bulge through his skintight briefs.

The guys kiss under the water, with Theo swallowing the top’s thick cock, then Andre tastes the bottom’s hole.

Theo gets pounded doggystyle in the rain, then looks up at the muscular top as Andre fucks him in missionary.

The guys 69, then Theo rides Andre reverse till he sprays his load, then the top rains his jizz on Theo’s face.

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