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Hair Color: Brown
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Tattooed muscle hunk Bo Sinn is lurking in an alleyway in a dark raincoat, he’s nursing a huge boner.

Who knew he was a flasher waiting for his next victim to show his huge dick.

When he arrives at the voting station when he sees election clerk clean-cut young stud Felix Odair jerking his big cock all alone during a quiet spell in voting.

Bo decides to give Felix a fright when he suddenly appears from nowhere and opens his coat showing him all that he’s got.

Felix gets hard and tries to top Bo, but Bo picks him up and carries him to the table where he fucks Felix’s mouth.

He puts the bottom up against the wall and fucks his ass doggy style, then pounds him missionary and even ballerina in the voting booth.

Felix rides Bo’s cock reverse till he cums, and Bo gives the bottom a huge creampie.

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Young soccer player Felix O’Dair is excited for his soccer match today.

His hunky hairy stepdad Romeo Davis has promised to be there supporting the home team.

But after a call from work Romeo has to cancel on his stepson.

After the match, Felix arrives home having a ball kicked in his crotch.

Stepdad Romeo reaches inside his stepson’s shorts and feels his already hardening young cock.

Romeo wanks his young dick before wrapping his lips around it and sucking it back.

Young Felix returns the favor sucking his stepdad’s huge uncut dick.

Romeo then bareback fucks Felix’s hot hole getting his cock balls deep in the young soccer dude.

They switch up changing positions each time Romeo getting his big uncut cock deeper into his stepson’s hot hole.

The bare fucking continues until Felix can hold off no longer and shoots a huge cum load across his stomach and chest.

Romeo follows this showering Felix with his hot jizz in long spurts until his balls are empty.

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Young cutie Felix O’Dair is lying on his bed chatting with his friends on his phone when his stepdad Manuel Skye drops in for a chat.

He wants to know why he hasn’t seen Felix’s school report card. Felix denies one is due, but Manuel presents him with a paper report showing Felix’s terrible grades.

He knows Felix is lying and he tells him to get on his knees as Manual unzips his pants and lets his big soft uncut dick flop out right in front of Felix’s face.

As Felix grabs ahold of the huge hardening erection he shoves it in his mouth sucking it right to the back of his throat, choking when it hits the limit with Manual’s balls on his chin.

Manual then forces Felix in just his socks onto all fours and opens his ass cheeks and gets his tongue deep into the young boy’s hole, Felix cries out with pleasure.

Holding him tightly from behind Manual then forces his huge uncut cock deep into Felix’s young asshole till his balls slap against his smooth ass cheeks.

He bareback fucks the young stud switching up positions each time getting deeper and harder till he can feel every inch moving inside him.

This sensation sends Felix over the edge and he is close to orgasm but Manual is there first, he pulls out and sprays his cum all over Felix’s ass before sliding his wet cock back inside.

Felix blows his load jizzing all over himself with Manual’s cock still deep inside him.

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Young sexy pup Felix Odair was the top scorer at his school soccer match.

When his stepdad Ryan Bones picks him up after the game he’s horny and looking to score again.

Felix fell and bruised his ass on the field, so Ryan pulls down his shorts to give it a little massage, then offers the athlete a sweet ice pop.

Ryan rubs the treat on Felix’s injury to ice it, then starts teasing the twink’s hole with it.

Felix sucks both the cold pop and Ryan’s hot dick at once, then rides his stepdad’s cock as he jacks himself off and cums before taking a nice big facial.

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Felix O’Dair has been crushing on his teammate, Jake Hayz, for a long time.

His big beautiful soapy-hung cock flopping around in the locker room shower makes Felix’s hole twitch.

It was a no-brainer when Jake asked to come to Felix’s room when the practice before regionals was canceled because of rain.

They kissed on the bed and then got undressed. They kept kissing and exploring each other’s bodies until Felix’s mouth made its way down to Jake’s soft cock.

Felix slowly licked his balls and sucked on his meat while playing with his nipples.

Then Jake took Felix’s jockstrap off and started sucking on his dick.

His mouth was so warm. He bent Felix over and started eating his ass as Felix’s hole started opening up for his dick.

Jake then slipped his cock into Felix’s raw ass, and fuck, that dick felt so amazing.

Jake fucked Felix then played with his boy hole until Felix could not hold off and shot his load. Just what young Felix needed.

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