Every gay porn video and gay porn image gallery of Chris Damned.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Chris Damned

Businessman Dillon Diaz checks in and starts taking off his work clothes and hops in the shower.

The motel makes a mistake and gives Chris Damned the same room as Dillon’s.

When Dillon comes out of the shower, he’s shocked to find Chris naked on the bed.

Figuring they might as well make the best of the situation, Dillon gets between Chris’ legs and deepthroats his uncut cock.

Chris returns the favor, throwing Dillon on the bed and giving him a sopping wet hummer.

Chris moves from Dillon’s cock down to his hole to tongue-fuck it before sliding his raw meat into Dillon’s ass.

Dillon takes Chris’ bare cock on his back, flipped over, up on top and then back in missionary while he strokes out his load all over his stomach.

After destroying Dillon’s hole bareback, Chris pulls out and coats Dillon’s hole with his seed before shoving it back inside his new motel buddy.

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Sexy tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned has just checked into a local motel and he sneaks into a room occupied by a very sexy young stud he spotted leaving earlier.

As expected no one is there but he finds a suitcase full of clothes.

He looks through the clothes finding a pair of dirty underwear and picks them up immediately.

As he sniffs them deeply he reaches into his jeans fondling his already hardening big soft uncut cock.

Chris rubs the undies all over his tattooed body as he works his cock over.

Clenching onto the underwear, Chris lays back and strokes out a hot load that hits him in the face.

When he’s done, he uses the mystery underwear to clean himself up, put them back in the suitcase, and slips out unnoticed.

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Builders hottie tattooed young stud Isaac X and bearded muscle dude Marco Napoli are installing some plasterboard drywall in a house under reconstruction.

As they are positioning a new wallboard Isaac is attracted to Marco’s ripped muscles and big thick dick.

Without thinking twice, Isaac pulls down Marco’s jeans and wraps his lips around Marco’s throbbing cock.

The job site cock sucking continues as Marco sits back on his knees and deepthroats Isaac’s meat.

Marco makes his way from Isaac’s cock, back to his ass to lick his tight hole.

When Marco is mid-lick in Isaac’s crack, head contractor Chris Damned catches them and joins the fun.

Chris starts by burying his face in Marco’s ass, while Marco focuses on throating Isaac’s dick.

The raging testosterone overflows as they all take turns sucking and rimming each other before Chris lubes up and slides his raw cock into Marco’s ass.

Isaac takes a bareback go at Marco’s hole too before getting his own ass spread by both studs.

Marco and Isaac take turns taking dick until everyone makes Isaac their own little cum dump before getting back to work.

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Sexy hot car mechanic Chris Damned arrives at work late today after a busy night partying.

His manager Vince Parker is not happy and complains about his attitude of late.

Once at work their first customer Jake Nicola drives into the workshop with his hot-rod that is giving him some problems.

After taking a look under the hood Chris can’t seem to find the problem but he instead unzips his jumpsuit coveralls as Jake falls to the floor sucking down hard on Chris’s huge erect dick.

Chris lies back on the car’s hood as Jake swallows his whole thick cock balls deep massaging his huge cockhead with his tongue.

Vince returns to find Jake on his knees blowing Chris and joins the horny pair kissing Chris and twisting his hard nipples.

Both Jake and Vince service Chris’s thick erect dick before Vince pushes Jake down and parts his hairy ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue in deep along his ass crack.

Vince rims Jake’s hot hole prepping it for Chris’s bareback dick. Chris plunges his raw cock hard into Jake’s tight bubble ass in long strong strokes making him moan.

While Jake chokes on Vince’s big cock Chris pummels his bare hole switching positions midfuck and getting Jake close to orgasm.

Jakes’ hardcore anal fucking continues with Chris forcing his hot cock in and out of Jake’s sore hole until he can cope no longer and blows a huge load of jizz across them all.

Chris and Vince quickly follow shower their horny bottom stud with their huge cum loads.

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It’s first thing in the morning, and Chris Damned brewing a pot of coffee.

Alpha Wolfe catches the aroma and meets Chris in the kitchen with his morning wood bulging thru his shorts.

He catches Chris staring and invites Chris to get on his knees and deepthroat his hard dick.

As the coffee finishes brewing, Chris works his mouth all the way down to Alpha’s bush as he strokes his own uncut cock.

After Chris’s cock swells, Alpha switches spots with him to choke down Chris’ thick meat.

Now that they’ve both been orally serviced, Chris bends Alpha over the sink and slides his hot cock right in.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, Chris lays back while Alpha rides him hard and bareback.

When both hunks are ready to blow, Chris pounds Alpha on his back until Alpha shoots his thick ropes on his hairy abs, while Chris shoots his seed all over every inch of Alpha’s body.

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While on a walk around the holiday resort, Beau Butler comes across Chris Damned’s giant dick getting swallowed by Isaac X’s open throat in a middle of an open courtyard.

The beefy stud decides to join in on the public play, and it’s not long before Beau’s ass is getting drilled bareback by Chris’ extra-large pole while Isaac’s anal cavity is getting stuffed by passerby Alpha Wolfe.

With his hands wrapped tight around his bottom’s neck, Chris pounds his cock into Beau’s thick muscle butt before Isaac’s meaty member gets a turn to pump itself in and out of Beau.

After swapping partners and working out their cocks, it’s everyone’s turn to bust a fat nut onto Beau’s hairy junk, stomach, and open mouth.

Now covered in three stranger’s loads, Beau strokes himself to completion and blasts one final burst of raw cum all over himself.

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Roman Todd is already soaking wet, soaped up, and rock hard when Chris Damned walks in on him in the shower.

When he can’t resist the temptation of Roman’s soaked, god-like figure, a fully-clothed Chris walks into the shower and begins exploring Roman’s naked body.

Chris slowly removes his drenched clothes as Roman swallows every single one of Chris’ girthy eight inches.

Now on a bed with his face shoved in the sheets, Roman loudly moans as the dominant top spits on him and barebacks his wet hole.

Chris’s XL cock continues to destroy Roman as the muscle bottom lays on his back and covers himself in a hot coat of jizz.

That’s when Chris pulls out and adds his own load to the sea of seed that’s covering a completely drained Roman.

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Sexy prison inmates Bennett Anthony, Drew Valentino, Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe, and Reign’s hardcore anal fuck fest in the jail gym.

To punish Beau for his misconduct at rap star Andre’s estate, the warden instructs his henchmen to take it out on the one thing that Beau loves most, his boyfriend.

The guards arrange for intimidating inmates Bennett, Chris, Reign, and Alpha to gang-bang Drew until he’s completely broken down.

Bennett pushes Drew over a cafeteria table as Chris and Alpha hold the hairy prisoner in place.

Ripping Drew’s prison-issued boxers at the back, Bennett rams his ginger cock straight up Drew’s bushy butthole before letting Chris have a turn. 

When Bennett notices that the stoic Reign is tentative and hanging back, he pressures the tattooed hunk to get his enormous cock warmed in Drew’s guts.

With Drew on the ground, he is served not only the raw dicks that were just deep inside him but also Bennett’s red-hot cum-chute. 

Once Drew is flipped onto his back, his legs are held wide apart by Alpha and Reign while Chris squats down to cover Drew with his sweaty asshole. 

Bennett next licks Drew’s meat ring, warming it up for the second round of bareback hole-punching that leaves Drew covered in everyone’s cum. 

Will Drew survive to protect his boyfriend from The Warden’s wrath?

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<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Bryce stops in for treatment by ‘Maniacal’ Doctor Chris. </p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>After telling Bryce to strip, Chris duct tapes his feet to the bed and binds his hands with rope. </p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Chris uses a candle to trickle wax on Bryce’s hard cock. </p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>As his patient lays there helpless, Chris grabs a thick silicone dildo and works it deep into Bryce’s tight ass. </p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

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Tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned’s huge uncut dick bareback fucked by Jack Bailey’s bubble ass.

As Chris prepares for his big day, he makes one last stop to get his shoes shined by Jack. As Jack is buffing Chris’ shoes, he can’t help but eye the increasing bulge growing in Chris’ pants.

Without a word, Jack glances up at Chris and reaches for the cock in his face. Chris nods and unzips his trousers to reveal his uncut cock for Jack. He quickly switches from polishing the groom’s shoes to polishing Chris’ meat, while Chris works on shedding the rest of his suit.

After shining his cock, Jack bends over to let Chris shine his hole with a deep ass rimming. Now that he’s lubed up and ready to go, Chris bends Jack over a chair and works his pole deep into Jack’s ass bareback.

Since it’s all about servicing the customer, Jack lays back and lets Chris pummel his hole until Chris shoots a thick load all over Jack’s torso and sticks his cock back in the young, handsome stud.

Covered in Chris’ cum and stuffed with his cock, Jack rubs his cock out until his own shiny load is pooled on his stomach.

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Active Duty gay porn scenes of Chris Damned

New inked muscle boy army recruit Chris Damned is really excited to share his first scene with Johnny B II.

Sexy tattoo muscle hunks Romeo Davis and Chris Damned double fucking Beau Butler.

Beau James (Beau Butler) thinks he has the family’s billion-dollar tech business in the palm of his hand, but that all goes out the window when his identical twin brother walks in with some surprise documents that wreck his entire plan.

Ruined, Beau can’t even leave the conference room without company bodyguards Romeo Davis and Chris Damned taking him down to pound him at both ends.

Chris takes charge of the failed businessman’s open mouth as Romeo rims and manhandles his hairy ass.

With a tie wrapped around his neck and the windows wide open for the city to see, Beau yells onto Chris’ cock as Romeo’s girthy dick drives deep into his hole.

The two men rotate between the bottom’s north and south holes, always making sure that he’s being stuffed non-stop with at least one of their engorged, bareback members.

After Beau unloads into his own hand, the two rough and rugged guards mark their territory by covering the top and bottom of Beau’s body in their thick white ropes before leaving the defeated man completely naked and alone in a conference room that he’ll never own.

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Enjoy this scene as these soldiers share their privates until they blow loads in the hottest way.

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Hot military men Chris Damned and Justin Lewis strip off their army uniforms kissing and making out.

While kissing, they feel up each other’s bodies and slowly have their hands rub each other’s crotch.

Chris helps Justin find his way to his crotch, but Justin begins to kiss his pants and make his way towards his boots.

Justin is soon on the right path and he sucks down hard on Chris’s huge muscle cock and licks his cum filled balls.

Chris forces his hard erect dick deep into Justin’s hot bare hole getting balls deep with every in-and-out thrust.

The sexy army dudes switch up positions a number of times with Justin’s ass hole taking a really hard pummelling as he gets close to orgasm.

As Chris’s rampant bareback reaches high-intensity Justin can hold off no longer and he blows huge streams of cum all over his chest and abs.

Once Chris sees the creamy mess he launches a massive cum explosion spraying cum all over Justin’s ass before fucking the cum back inside his freshly fucked hole.

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What better way to get indoctrinated into the army than to have superstud Chris Damned plow your ass?

Hugo Santana is Chris’s lucky recruit, and damn does Chris handle Hugo.

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Brandon Anderson and Chris Damned, these two men are SEXY as all hell.

And? Brandon hasn’t cum in a week!

It’s the perfect opportunity for Chris to show his skills to give Brandon the time of his life.

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Blain O’Connor is certified horny. Chris Damned?

Also certified horny. The two together?

A spectacular combination of charm, muscle and most importantly, sex.

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Chris Damned and Niko Carr are hot, horny, talented with their tongues, and super tattooed. The two sexy soldiers go hard in this active anal scene.

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Young Perps gay porn scenes of Chris Damned

Young perp Kai Masters has been caught red-handed by sexy tattooed security guard Chris Damned.

He’s now trying to make Kai crack under pressure and admit to his wrongdoings.

But Chris’ methods are a little off track, Kai is a little surprised when he’s asked to strip naked. What about a search of his pockets first?

Chris is a law unto himself, once Kai is stripped bare Chris goes to work probing Kai’s ass with a dildo he just found in the filing cabinet drawer.

After an ass bashing with the rubber sex toy, Kai is more amenable to what comes next.

Kai has a choice it’s the cops or it sucking Chris’s huge thick dick. Well confronted with those options what would you do?

So Kai gets on all fours and sucks down hard on Chris’s already erect cock. He sucks it like a trooper, but Chris is not over with him just yet.

Chris wreaks the ultimate punishment sliding his cock deep inside Kai’s smooth ass, making him moan increasingly loudly. How is this going to end?

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Family Dick gay porn scenes of Chris Damned

Sexy business guy Chris Damned is busy working from home but he keeps getting distracted by his noisy young stepson Braden Taylor.

After Braden interrupts yet another meeting, Chris decides he needs to take care of Braden to keep his quiet.

He forces Braden under the desk and unleashes his huge hard uncut dick.

Braden works the huge cock in his mouth choking on it at the back of his throat.

Chris turns Braden around and pulls down his pants and shoves his massive uncut cock deep into his asshole.

Braden moans as Chris enters his hot hole. Chris braces himself on the desk pumping his dick even deeper.

Braden loves Chris taking his ass and bareback fucking him hard.

Then Chris stops suddenly and tells Braden to go do his homework.

“What I don’t get to cum?” cries Braden.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Proud stepdad Chris Damned is happy to welcome his son Sebastian Hunt back from college for the holidays.

Chris helps him settle back in, helping him unpack when he finds a dildo sex toy in his son’s backpack.

Holding the dildo aloft Chris asks Sebastian about it.

Sebastian decides not only to explain but to show his dad how it works.

After blowing the rubber toy a few times, Sebastian strips off his clothes to just his white socks and bends over the bed, asking “Do you want to try it?”

Chris inserts the dildo carefully into Sebastian’s asshole slowly working it in until it is all the way in.

Sebastian asks “Dad, are you hard?” as he unzips Chris’s pants and sucks his big erect uncut dick to the back of his throat.

“Do you wanna show me how you fuck Mum?

Chris then fucks stepson Sebastian until he blows his load all over himself quickly followed with an explosive cum shot all over them both.

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Perverted step-dad Chris Damned has a little Easter surprise for his cute blonde young stepson Andrew Powers.

Andrew is super excited as he sets off around the house finding all the hidden eggs.

The final egg is under the sofa and as he crouches down to retrieve it, step-daddy Chris doesn’t a trick shoving his huge erect dick between Andrew’s smooth ass cheeks.

Chris pummels the young stud tight asshole going balls deep into the young dude’s hot hole.

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Men gay porn scenes of Chris Damned

Sports fans blonde hottie Felix Fox and tattoo muscled hunk Chris Damned are watching the big game with their couple friends Kyle Connors and his boyfriend, but when their other halves go to get some snacks at halftime, Kyle starts hitting on Chris behind their backs.

Felix catches Kyle sucking Chris’s cock and shows the interloper how it’s done, then Chris sneakily rims Felix.

When Kyle’s boyfriend returns with the food, the three horny dudes hide under the blanket as Kyle and Felix vie for who will jack off Chris.

Kyle’s boyfriend makes a trip to the store, and Kyle steals another taste of Chris’s cock before sucking Felix as Felix rides his BF.

Then Felix sucks Kyle as Chris pounds him doggy style, and Kyle jacks off as he watches Felix get fucked till the bottom gets covered with all three loads.

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Chris Damned built up a nice big load fucking his boyfriend Joey Mills doggy style, so he’s annoyed when Joey dodges the facial.

His next attempt is foiled by Joey’s sheet mask, but he finally catches the twink coming into the bedroom.

Joey gives his man his due, sucking Chris’s cock, then taking it deep in missionary.

The top puts Joey facedown to pound that hole, then rims him before the bottom rides Chris reverse.

Joey cums, and this time he’s prepared to take a facial, no dodging.

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The High Court falls silent as sexy tattooed deviant Chris Damned is into the dock in an orange jumpsuit and BDSM leather studded bondage chains.

Chris is accused of sticking his huge dick through a painting.

Cockspert witness Felix Fox arrives, confident that he’ll prove Chris’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, but ends up proving Chris was falsely accused.

To apologize, Felix sucks Chris’s cock, then Chris bends Felix over, pulls out his butt plug, and fucks his hole.

The bottom asks Chris to unlock his cock cage, then the top fucks him missionary, and Felix rides Chris on the judge’s box.

Chris fucks the expert bottom doggy style till Felix cums, then accepts his apology with a facial.

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We’ve all dreamed of meeting and hooking up with our favorite gay porn stars?

Here we try a bit of the next best thing with bad-boy big muscle stud Chris Damned showing us just what he likes.

In his office, Chris sneakily rubs his huge cock bulge through his pants before he undoes his white shirt showing us his muscled tattooed chest.

Chris continues to undress, sniffing his shoes and sweaty socks before licking his feet and sucking his toes.

As Chris wanks his thick erect dick, he spies hot young twink, Joey Mills, watching him and invites him to join in.

The super dominant top strips Joey naked, kissing him and blindfolding him with his own tie before fucking his mouth. Chris rims Joey’s hole, then fucks him missionary on the desk.

The twink bends over the bookcase to get fucked from behind, then rides Chris in a chair.

The horny top pounds Joey in piledriver, making him cum, then pulls out to shoot his own hot load in Joey’s gape!

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Dante Colle and Archie are about to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but Dante asks Archie to hide so he can video call his boyfriend, Chris Damned, first.

As Dante chats with his man, he can’t see that at the other end, Pierce Paris is on his knees sucking Chris’s dick.

Archie impatiently rubs Dante’s dick, then gets his cock out and rubs it on Dante’s arm, while Chris bends Pierce over the kitchen island and fingers his hole.

As Dante hears Pierce’s moans and Chris hears the sound of Archie sucking Dante’s cock, both guys mute the connection to fuck their respective bottoms.

Chris pounds Pierce doggy style, while Archie rides Dante’s dick till he cums, then Dante fucks him doggy style. Meanwhile, Chris lays Pierce on the dining room table till they both orgasm.

Dante blows a load on Archie’s sexy ass, then the bottom cums again all over Dante’s face, just in time for Chris to notice.

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Hot cute young Barista boy, Joey Mills informs tattooed hunk Chris Damned that he cannot enter the coffee shop without a mask.

But Chris doesn’t want to return to his car sho he pulls his t-shirt over his mouth as a makeshift mask.

When he exposes his tattooed chest and abs… and his hard cock poking up over his waistband young Joey can’t help but look at the sexy young man’s hot dick.

The horny bottom decides to turn his customer into a snack, pulling down his pants and adding some whipped cream and a cherry before sucking down that dickaccino.

The pair get caught by another customer as Joey bends over the counter to let Chris fuck his hole doggy style, then Chris pounds him in missionary.

The twink adds more whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries to the action then rides Chris’s delicious dick till he cums, and the top shoots his own cream on Joey’s face.

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