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The young and handsome Drew Dixon could easily have “the” perfect six pack in not only the gay adult entertainment industry, but maybe the whole world. Thankfully, he shows off his beautiful stomach, chiseled cum gutters, and all of his other assets for Lucas Entertainment alongside Jake Morgan, Rafael Alencar, and Max Adonis in the upcoming “Gentlemen 26: Long, Hard Hours.”

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Cockyboys gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

International star Drew Dixon makes his long awaited CockyBoys debut, excited to be here and bottom for Gabriel Clark.

Self-proclaimed absolute exhibitionist Drew not only teases Gabriel with his cute ass he does facing the picture window.

Gabriel does some teasing of his own by fingering, rimming and cock-teasing Drew’s hole before turning him around to sensuously suck his cock.

After a little making out Drew hungrily goes down on Gabriel and is rewarded with the kind of passionate kissing he loves.

And while Drew is still swooning Gabriel turns him around to fuck him up against the window.

Gabriel’s deep thrusts are met with Drew working his hole on Gabriel’s cock and soon he’s wrapped in his arms.

Gabriel takes Drew to bed to plow him from the side, allowing them to continue making out.

Gabriel periodically laps at Drew’s hole spit lubing it for his final assault.

He drills Drew on his back relentlessly before flipping him back to pound him in a pile driver position.

He fucks the cum out of Drew and then blasts his own load over Drew’s hole and into him.

They share each other’s cum and resume kissing, the flames of passion still burning…Join them!

It is time for some basic sex education in the “What’s Your Kink?” finale for the second series.

School is in session and your teacher Drew Dixon is very experienced sexually and his young pupil Troye Jacobs is going to get his first-ever try out in a sling.

In the first “lesson”, excited but slightly nervous, Troye is eased into the experience as Drew shows him that the sling amplifies the dom-sub, power and control dynamic…which Troye definitely wants.

In the sling experience, Troy gets the royal treatment as Drew plays with his body, talks dirty to him in a sensuous voice, and fingers him.

Then as Drew laps at his hole, Troy’s experience is heightened by watching himself in the mirror above him.

Drew turns his attention to Troye’s big dick with deep and slow sucking followed by steady stroking as he exerts his control and edges Troye.

Troye’s vocal begging to be fucked is music to Drew’s ears and he elicits more pleas from Troye while stroking his cock in front of him.

Finally though, Drew fucks him, pounding him harder as he makes Troy graduate from moans and pleas to submissive sex talk.

This in turn makes Drew even more aggressive and controlling, seemingly driving them both to the edge.

However, Drew turns down the volume and takes Troye out of the sling so he can taste his own ass by sucking on Drew’s cock.

Drew’s training expertise yields results as Troye sucks him just as he wants.

After much deep sucking Troye gets his next reward as Drew has him sit on his spit-lubed cock

Drew piston-fucks into Troye’s hole and then while his dick is buried deep inside him, Drew strokes him again. Once again Drew edges Troye right up to the edge before stopping and flipping him to relentlessly fuck him on his back.

It is Drew though who goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot which triggers Troye’s intense orgasm. in his last dom move Drew scoops up Troye’s load and fucks it into him.

Troye’s giddy smile will tell you that his first experience was to his liking as much as Drew enjoyed showing him the way.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Icon Male gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Julian Grey is frustrated and needs a little one on one time with employee Drew Dixon.

Drew is happy to climb under the table and suck on the bosses big fat dick.

Soon the two men are sucking, rimming and bareback fucking all over the office…Join them!

Best friends, Nick Fitt and Drew Dixon, couldn’t participate in the trip to Los Angeles so they stayed back in their cold snowy town in Iowa.

Sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate while wearing their warm cozy sweaters, the two get heated up for each other.

After some sex talk and steamy foreplay these two studs get down to business by taking care of each other‘s big cut and uncut cocks.

They generate so much heat they could melt the snow…Join them!

Bareback That Hole gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

When Romeo Davis gets a call from Atlas Grant to pay Drew Dixon a visit, the tall bearded stud immediately jumps at the chance. He is down for the challenge of getting into Drew’s pants, all so Atlas can get dick elsewhere.

Romeo teases and taunts Drew, who puts up a good fight, but soon caves. Naturally, he ends up with Romeo’s big uncut dick in his mouth. Romeo takes great pleasure in watching Drew choke on his slab of meat before fucking his face and throat and then eventually returning the oral favor.

Romeo soon gets Drew face down and eats out his ass with great relish. Romeo then lines up his enormous shaft with Drew’s hole and works the entire length inside.

Romeo proceeds to fuck Drew bareback, eventually fucking the cum out of the horny bottom before spraying a thick load all over Drew’s face and into his mouth…Join them!

Men gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Pierce Paris is annoyed when his unromantic man, Tyler Berg, forgets all about their one-year anniversary, but Tyler asks for another chance to make it a night to remember…by having some fun with waiter Drew Dixon.

Pierce follows Drew into a deserted hall, and Tyler watches as the hot waiter sucks his boyfriend’s cock, then gets dicked down in doggy style.

Pierce makes his man watch before finally allowing him to join in on the fun, fucking Drew’s mouth as the hot waiter rides Tyler’s dick.

The best anniversary gift of all is when Pierce gets to cum on Drew and Tyler’s faces…Join them!

Horny bottom boy Drew Dixon’s hot greedy asshole doesn’t want one finger, he wants them all.

Luckily, Bo Sinn is ready to lend Drew a hand.

Bo teases Drew’s ass with just the tip, then slowly slides more and more digits inside until he’s fisting the bottom’s voracious hole.

When Drew is good and stretched out, Bo fucks him doggy style and that dick is so good, Drew licks Bo’s boots.

Bo puts Drew in missionary and the bottom jacks off and cums, then gets on all fours to take Bo’s load all over his asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Bromo gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon is just looking for a little refreshment when he enters Diego Reyes’ bar, but he finds a lot more than that when he glimpses the owner domming a tied-up and gagged sub in his private sex dungeon.

Drew sneakily peeps at the erotic sight, then hides when the sub taps out as he can’t take the heat.

Diego catches Drew watching him jack his big dick, and the horny bottom begs to be punished, promising he can take whatever Diego dishes out.

Diego collars Drew and makes him suck his cock, then treats Drew’s ass to tantalizing licks and stinging slaps before fucking that tight hole.

Once the master cums from pounding Drew in missionary, he allows his obedient sub to jack off till he cums…Join them!

After their workout, Drew Dixon and Ryan Bones are hot and sweaty, and their muscles aren’t the only thing that’s hard.

Drew rubs Ryan’s dick through his shorts, nuzzling his sweat-soaked t-shirt till Ryan fucks his face.

Ryan bends Drew over to breed that hole, and the horny bottom rides the tatted-up top’s hard cock till he cums before Ryan gives Drew’s ass a good stretch in doggy style, then sprays hot jizz on his hole…Join them!

Men at Play gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Kayden Gray and British award-winning bottom, Drew Dixon, who is making his MENatPLAY debut, are associates at a local real estate agency. Kayden is impatiently waiting for Drew, who is always late, at one of the new properties they are about to put on the market for sale.

Seemingly not caring much about being tardy, again, Drew asks Kayden why they never get to enjoy the properties they list… ‘for personal use’. And, while probably improper, the suited studs get to work on each other, even at the risk of getting caught.

After sucking Kayden’s thick cock, Drew gets his hole eaten and fingered, along with a sock job and some tie play. When Drew’s round ass is ready to get pounded, Kayden makes sure to give it to him deep and hard.

Sequentially, Drew can’t resist cumming while Kayden fucks him against the sliding glass door; and Kayden spews his hot, sticky man-juice in Drew’s mouth and face…Join them!

Lucas Entertainment gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

The high-level executive from South America, Rafael Alencar, is powerful in the business world, and he uses that power over all of the beautiful young men who are working long and hard to make their way in the world.

While conducting business in the United States, he has a late-night meeting at his Manhattan apartment with three beautiful young men trying to build a career in his white-collar empire.

Drew Dixon, Jake Morgan, and Max Adonis all have heard the stories of Rafael, and they’re fully prepared to strip off their clothes and take their sexuality to the extreme, including rough and raw double-penetration…Join them!

Boyfriends Dylan James and Max Arion are holidaying in Spain traveling around visiting different places.

The guys are wandering around a shopping center when they catch sight of two hot dudes, Drew Dixon and Andy Star.

It is clear that they are not here for retail therapy but are interesting in hooking up right there in the store.

The store isn’t seeing much foot traffic, and the clerk gives the four guys the green light to strip and fuck in the middle of the sales floor!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Drew Dixon is known for both his incredible physique the fuzzy six-pack on this guy is killer and his limitless energy as a bottom taker.

Drew is especially turned on by guys who are inked up, and Dylan James’ body art is part of his trademark.

Drew Dixon always wanted to get Dylan James one-on-one for a truly personal fuck.

Drew did enjoy some action in a foursome with Andy Star and Max Arion, but now he has Dylan all to himself.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hot black muscle stud Andre Donovan and sexy Canadian hunk Ethan Chase partner with horny bottom boy Drew Dixon in this sordid anal threesome.

Power bottom Drew’s hot hole has been aching to get fucked by Andre’s huge ebony dick and today is the day when he and Ethan get full access.

They all start off in the shower room where Andre is probing Ethan’s hot bubble ass with a huge black dildo as he kisses Drew’s hot lips.

As Andre withdraws the big sex toy from Ethan’s asshole Drew sucks down hard on it.

They each take it, in turn, sucking dick with Ethan blowing Drew and Ethan and Drew alternating swallowing Andre’s huge black member as both hot men gag as it gets stuck at the back of their deep throats.

Andre then forces his big thick black dick deep into Ethan’s muscled butt hole bare fucking him with long strong strokes getting his cock in balls deep.

Ethan moans as his ass is ravaged by Andre’s massive black butt destroyer.

Andre is also well aware of just how much of a bottom whore Drew Dixon is, so he always brings some extra manpower when he fucks the horny Brit in the behind.

Ethan Chase, with his bright and lively smile and incredible body, is invited to destroy Drew Dixon by Andre Donovan’s side.

They double penetrate Drew, and he loves having both dicks up his ass at the same time.

Drew will not be able to stave off his orgasm for too long as he is moaning deeply with both tops pumping his ass with their big dicks.

Drew suddenly cums spraying jizz across them all, he’s quickly followed by Ethan who shoots a volley of jizz shots, and finally, Andre empties his low hanging balls of their full cumload making a huge mess.

Their sex drives sated the trio relax in each other’s arms as they catch their breath after a fantastically hot sex session.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It’s another hot sunny day in Puerto Vallarta, and hung Latin stud Marco Antonio is out on his balcony at his luxury estate enjoying time with his best friend Kyle Fox.

Marco and Kyle are both alpha tops. No one is allowed near their asses—instead, it is their job to invade the holes of slut bottoms.

And speaking of slut bottoms, Drew Dixon has been flirting with Marco Antonio a long time, but never landed the score.

Well, now he finally has his chance, but he has to be ready to service two alpha cocks instead of one.

Drew isn’t a complainer, and he rushed over to take care of their needs.

On top of that, Drew Dixon gets his ass stretched wide open in an intense double-penetration session.

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Fisting Central gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

On a dark desert highway with cold wind in his hair, dirty daddy Brian Bonds is cruising for a hot dude to warm up his hands aboard the ‘Fist Bus’.

Up ahead in the distance, he sees a shimmering sight, fit with the built bod of a wandering stranger alone, the sexy Brit Drew Dixon, far from home in the UK.

Soon they are getting cozy in the back of this rolling bathhouse, stripping down to jockstraps on a leather bed behind tinted windows. Drew is an eager cocksucker and chows down on Brian’s meat with his wet, warm mouth, but deliverance to Sin City comes at a cost.

Drew must service this handsome stud and eat his juicy butthole. The bus is equipped with all the necessities needed to bust out a willing hole. With some black rubber gloves and plenty of J-lube, after a bit of foreplay, they get down to business.

Drew lends Brian a hand as oblivious truckers and tourists pass them by, busting his load before deciding to turn the tables before they hit Las Vegas.

Who needs Lady Luck when you’ve got a hot lad to fist fuck?…Join them!

Head Prison Guard Myles Landon is showing his newest inmates to the ways of Dorchester Correctional Facility, where he rules the roster with an iron fist and a rock-hard cock and uses and abuses his power on the prisoners for his own selfish amusement.

Back in restraints and with his nuts crushed in a C-clamp, Nate Grimes watches with a mix of fear, revulsion and arousal as his fellow inmate Drew Dixon is chained to a desk with a boot strapped around his neck and repeatedly violated by Officer Myles’ thick nightstick of a cock.

Myles wrecks the British brat’s butt hole, all the while taunting and tormenting Nate with threats of even worse treatment. Nate is soon told to kneel and eat his buddy’s freshly fucked ass, as Drew wisely surrenders to the hopeless situation and starts finding pleasure in his brutal punishment.

Myles makes Nate stand up and pound Drew till they all reach a thundering orgasm and the two little prison bitches are put back in their places in their holding cell to await whatever wicked new ideas Myles can whip up for them tomorrow and contemplate their new prison life that is both stir crazy and ‘sir’ crazy…Join them!

British hunk Drew Dixon escapes from the freezing weather into the ‘Fist Bus’ to be met by sexy stud Brian Bonds.

Drew gets into position on the round leather bed as Brian dons his latex gloves. Drew’s excited to get his ass hole worked over by Brian.

Brian gets Drew’s hole ready by rimming him before lubing up his gloves and starting to probe his willing ass hole.

Soon, Brian’s hand is buried wrist-deep in the British dude’s booty. Drew’s prostate is massaged until he shoots a huge cum load and Brian licks it up.

Both horny guys relax back enjoying the sight of all that cum.

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Masqulin gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Welcome to cards night where the sexy guys are playing poker.

Manuel Skye hosts the boys while sitter Jake Nobello keeps the little ones safe upstairs.

While Drew Dixon and Markus Kage are plying their cards right they are waiting for young cum slut Jake to get off so they can fuck him and unload more than their winnings.

Jake’s little tight butt is about to be the bottom end of a Daddy Gangbang.

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Drew Dixon is cooking up a storm in the kitchen when his buddy Trent King stops in just a bit earlier than expected.

Drew recently made the switch to a plant-based diet, but who says a vegan lifestyle has to be completely meat-free?

Trent happens to know of an excellent vegan-friendly piece of meat on hand.

It’s both ethically sourced, and high in protein, and really hits the spot.

And, it just so happens to be exactly what Drew’s been craving.

Drew swallows Trent’s man meat, deep into his throat and Trent returns the favor.

Trent spreads Drew’s cheeks wide and tongue-fucks his hole, prepping his sweet ass for the deep pounding to come.

Drew shoots ropes all over his stomach and hairy chest, before Trent covers his face in a delectably creamy facial.

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Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon is alone and cruising in a restroom when Sean Maygers shows up and stands at the urinal.

As soon as they notice each other, Drew shows Sean his ass to let him know it’s a go, and Sean turns around with a rock-hard dick.

Drew likes what he sees and sinks to his knees to get a mouthful.

After gagging on his restroom buddy’s dick, Drew bends over to let Sean prepare his hole for a bareback pounding.

After some tongue and finger action in front of the urinals, Drew bends over and Sean fills his hole with cock.

After pounding him doggy-style, Sean lifts up Drew and drills his prostate. Sean doesn’t ease up with the ruthless pounding on Drew’s hole.

While bent over, Sean keeps delivering cock until he can’t hold back and shoots his load all over Drew’s ass.

Before Drew can get off, they hear someone pull up outside, so they grab their clothes and scramble to get dressed and head out.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Fisting Inferno gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Alone in a rural bathroom, Drew Dixon strokes his uncut cock at a urinal.

When Drew is joined by Nate Grimes, a few words are exchanged and suddenly Drew is on his knees deepthroating Nate’s dick.

From the front to the back, Drew proves his oral skills with a sopping wet hummer and deep blowjob.

Now that Nate is all slick with spit, Drew surprises Nate with a raw cock in his ass.

When Nate wants something more than Drew’s pole, Drew hits his knees again and begins working his fists into Nate’s crack.

As the hefty fists disappear between Nate’s cheeks, Drew delivers a vigorous handballing that Nate can’t get enough of.

After taking it from behind, Nate gets on top to ride Drew down to his forearm.

Drew lays Nate on his back and keeps fist-fucking his gaping ass while he sucks Nate’s cock, until he hits the right spot inside Nate, making Nate shoot all over himself.

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When Wrex Wylde meets Drew Dixon at the sink of the rest stop restroom and they both have their cocks out, Wrex goes for it and starts sucking on Drew’s uncut cock.

After gagging on Drew’s pole, Wrex spins the stud around to eat him out before bending him over and punching Drew’s ass with his fists.

With each fist going deeper and deeper into Drew’s ass, Wrex keeps turning up the intensity.

Switching positions, Drew gets on his back letting Wrex destroy his ass so hard Drew’s rosebud pops out.

Wrex keeps drilling up into Drew’s ass until Drew shoots a thick load all over Wrex’s arm. Whatever’s left dripping from Drew’s cock, Wrex makes sure to lap up.

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Hot college teacher Drew Dixon is a true professional, but very occasionally he succumbs to his animal instincts especially in the workplace.

Fully naked in the middle of his classroom, Drew squats down and swallows coworker Micah Martinez’s cock before turning him around to bareback his hairy hole.

Drew breaks into his secret stash of lube to stretch out Micah’s ass even more and give him a true hands-on learning experience.

Micah, now laying completely exposed on Drew’s desk, moans in delight as Drew’s fist and wrist disappear inside of his furry bubble butt.

Drew’s large hands continue to toy with Micah’s used hole until the gaping bottom’s entire body is twitching and his cock spewing a load of jizz all over his meaty thighs.

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Disruptive Films gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

The concluding episode of Mr. Pam’s Next Stop Vegas features Draven Navarro, Drew Dixon, Johnny Hill in a steaming hot threesome.

The stakes are high in Sin City, and their dreams are bigger.

Who’s going to come out on top?

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Club Inferno Dungeon gay porn scenes of Drew Dixon

Given an hour to use Jack Hunter as his play toy, Drew Dixon has 30 minutes, so he decides he wants to use his time to get his hole wrecked.

Bending over so Jack can eat his willing crack, Drew invites Jack to destroy him.

Giving Drew what he wants, Jack slides his massive cock in Drew’s ass.

After a relentless pounding, Drew is still begging for more.

Jack smirks and slides his fist into Drew’s hole.

After getting handballed, Drew rides Jack’s fist hard.

As he rides Jack’s fist, Drew’s cock throbs harder with each punch.

Switching positions, Drew settles back and opens up for Jack with a blooming rosebud to rail.

After being gaped as far as he can, Drew shoots his load and Jack does his best to lick it all up.

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