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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Sexy young twink Milo Miles’s virgin ass fucked by ripped muscle hunk Reese Rideout’s big cock.

As Master Reese brings the boy Milo in for his grooming, it’s clear to him that the boy is meek, yet obedient.

Dressed in a black suit of masculine proportion, Master Reese looks like his world and the world of Milo would never cross. Reese is tall, well built, and prepared for professionalism.

Milo, quivering under Reese’s gaze, seems aware of this too—in his tight t-shirt and jeans, he feels, comparatively, naked.

But of course, he could lose those clothes, too. Master Reese give’s Milo’s left nipple a light pinch, which elicits a moan from the latino twink.

The crisp-suited man runs his hands all over the boy’s body as young Milo trembles under the kneading grip. The Master’s hands stop at Milo’s crotch, where the boy’s excitement is very obvious.

The older man begins to undress the boy. He makes him remove his jean jacket and tight shirt, then lets his hands roam all over the young body.

He sniffs the boy’s scent; he’s clean, a hint of spicy after-shave and nervousness. Master Reese unbuttons the top of Milo’s jeans and instructs him to sit on his knees.

He walks Milo through a series of instructions, which the boy is more than ready to obey, Milo removes his jeans, and then his socks. Master Reese pulls the boy’s briefs down partially, revealing the boy’s taut ass.

Master Reese rubs the boy’s tight hole with his thumb. Milo whimpers as his Master circles the entrance with one hand and using the other to fish out Milo’s cock. Master softly smacks the youngster’s ball sac a few times, just enough of a shock to let him know where he is, and what his position will be in the Buyer’s lounge. The man then rolls up his sleeves and instructs Milo to get back to his knees.

Master Reese drizzles oil on Milo’s lithe body. He rubs the slickness into the young man’s torso, and the slow knead makes Milo’s big young cock bounce up and down. Reese notices this and rewards the randy reaction with attention.

Reese’s oil-slicked hands play with the boy’s meat, which continues to pulse and jump at his touch. He strokes the boy’s cock vigorously in his grip, his other hand tweaking the boy’s nipple. After some time, he orders Milo to lay face down, ass up. It’s a position he’d need to learn properly anyways, but Milo appears to naturally find it without much guidance.

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Young twink Milo Miles’s hole abused by master Dillon Stone and beefy Reese Rideout’s huge dicks.

He revealed himself. Master Stone walked into the light, inspecting his new merchandise with a half smile. He looked his new boy up and down as he circled the stage.

Milo looked nervous as the powerful man wizened, gray, and strong- paced around him. But the hardness of the boy’s cock never waned. His new owner began to undress as Milo looked up at him, their eyes locked, and Milo quivered in Master Stone’s gaze.

Master Stone unbuttoned and slid out of his shirt, then drew Milo close to his broad chest. He pushed the boy’s face against the rough hairs on his sturdy body.

Master Stone’s beefy physique glowed in the light along with Milo’s beautiful silhouettes that glorify their size difference.

It quickly became clear that it had been holding back a monster. Milo could almost see his new owner’s cock throbbing, trying to rip through the fabric for release.

Master Stone turned Milo around to get a better view of the ass he was going to release himself into, rubbing his cotton-restrained cock against Milo’s perfectly groomed hole, just to give the Boy an idea of what he was up against.

The moment Master Stone had purchased had finally come. He peeled off his underwear to reveal his massive, throbbing cock.

Milo’s expression, wide-eyed and blissful, said far more about his pleasure at the sight than words could have…

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Boy for Sale says: Horny older muscle daddy Cain Marko’s thick dick stretching young punk Milo Miles’s hole at Boy for Sale The auction ended and Boy Milo almost felt nauseated during the long pause until the sale was closed. Master Marko was initially a huge shadow, more than six feet tall and stuffed with muscle. The slaveboy shivered in fear and then, a second later, an enormous bear stepped into the light and Boy Milo felt his cock swell. His new master was beautiful and his eyes were glistening with desire. He greeted the new toy with a warm smile.

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He was no virgin and his Master knew it, so there was little need for a warm up. He was fucked, deep and hard, and Milo took it with pleasure. It was an anointing, of sorts, one that marked the completion of a sale. See all Milo Miles gay hardcore fuck sessions at Boy for Sale here. See all Cain Marko gay hardcore fuck sessions at Boy for Sale here.

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Sexy latino twink Milo Miles’s tight virgin ass fucked by Bob Knight’s massively thick dick.

Milo could only cry out and moan as Mr. Knight’s cock head stretched him far beyond the limits of pleasure.

The intensity of his boss plunging that long shaft all the way in and then quickly pulling out would cause the young boy to jump and howl with both delight and pain, the two mixing together into the same sensation.

There was very little that Mr. Knight could think of that was better than an hour-long session of long-dicking this gorgeous ass of Milo’s.

But with how incredibly sexy that Mr. Knight found Milo to be, there was no way that the beanstalk-of-a-boss was going to last an hour. Not when he was inside this nymph, not ever.

Mr. Knight, overwhelmed by passion and exhaustion from a hard day’s work, could only last so long. Mr. Knight’s all-too-soon orgasm bubbled forth as he rammed into his tiny coworker over, and over, and over again. Mr. Knight’s yardstick-sized cock erupted like a volcano—blasting a massive amount of semen which began spilling out of Milo.

Naturally, Milo was only seconds behind. He stroked his cock in time with Mr. Knight’s shaking orgasm. The tiny Latin twink locked lips with his midday fuck-buddy and shot his own jets of thick, juicy semen.

As Mr. Knight held Milo tightly to him, they melted into each other’s kisses. If amazing sex like that was something they could look forward to each day at breaktime, Mr. Knight made up his mind right then and there that he’d have to figure out a way to take more breaks.

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Sexy young boy Milo Miles’s bare asshole fucked by mature older daddy Cain Marko’s huge thick dick.

Handy mountaineer At the job site, Mr. Marko wanted a break. He worked in his client’s huge basement for hours. He breathed deeply and stretched his aching muscles.

Milo Miles, a stunning Latin mini-cupid, tiptoed around the corner, making that breath into a gasp. The starry-eyed, tiny sweetheart was just tall enough to see Mr. Marko’s bulging crotch, which was moist from work. When the handyman saw this Fun-size boy, Mr. Marko’s jumpsuit became even larger. Milo couldn’t ignore how big it was.

Milo and Mr. Marko have messed around at work previously. After that, these two blushed while together. With expertise and the basement’s solitude, the young employee helped Mr. Marko solve his dick-throbbing problem.

Milo glanced at his fantasy DILF with lustful eyes. Mr. Marko removed the jumpsuit without hesitation because of those eyes. Milo’s heedless hunger led him to inhale Mr. Marko’s huge balls through the giant’s tight jockstrap. Mr. Marko believed it was the perfect way to unwind.

His cinnamon-sugar lad smiled at him. The kind giant smiled at his huge gonads nearly covering the boy’s eager face. Taste was more important to Milo than scent. The passionate twink had been longing to suck Mr. Marko for hours. Since their previous affair, he’s obsessed with it.

Mr. Marko’s enormous form trembled with ecstasy. He hoisted Milo and twisted him around so his back was against the King-size chest. As they came together on the floor, Milo slipped down to his co-worker’s massive cock, pushed his little knees up against his chest, and offered the panting mammoth greater access to his Fun-size hole.

This needed talent and collaboration, especially because they banged on the floor for so long. Milo’s off-the-clock practise and nice coworkership made that possible. They eventually curled up like dogs. He sought the incredible pleasures of an unbelievably well-endowed DILF as he pulverised Milo’s hole, stretching his anal capacity endurance to the brink.

With one hand on his little, delirious coworker, Mr. Marko did this. His other hand was touching Milo’s huge genitals—his diminutive, Latin lover’s tools were large by any measure, much more when linked to such a miniature body. When Milo’s delicate, youthful voice moaned that his climax was approaching, Mr. Marko’s booming approbation rocked the basement and his mind-blown lover boy.

Ecstasy, which Milo seldom felt, shook him to the point that he was grateful Mr. Marko had such a strong grasp. His little, trembling body trembled with an enormous climax. The amount of cum exploding out of such a little body was astounding and must have taken many nights of patience to achieve.

Mr. Marko was close to crashing too. As his cannon-like cock drove eye-poppingly deep into the well-ravaged boy-hole, the enormous handyman made one more thrust before launching an orgasm deep into Milo. As if on cue, the keening Latin twink’s tight love-chute clamped and squeezed the heaving handyman’s massive cock.

At that moment, both men understood they were pleased working where they were with who they were. Naturally, just their time together mattered.

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Sweet young boy Milo Miles’s virgin asshole stretched to the max by Cain Marko’s massive thick dick I knew this was my work buddy’s day off, but I wanted to show Milo Miles this magnificent mansion. A client hired my plumbing company to solve some reoccurring issues while they were at a meeting out of town. I looked about while waiting for Milo to determine the scope of the task. After knocking, the excited child entered and marveled at his surroundings. I thought the client’s large home and the smoking-hot kid whirling his body as he toured it were amazing. Milo started flirting and kissing me as he got closer. You can only take so much, right? One hand grabbed his waistband and I kissed his face. The boy started kissing me, but awkwardly drew back. The sweet boy concerned that the rest of the plumbing workers might arrive at any time and disturb our play. Wouldn’t the client return home? All of these practical concerns are usually valid and shared. This time, I told the bashful lad we wouldn’t be caught. Just enough time to play and explore before the workmen came. Overall, playing about with a hot lad at a client’s house is wicked and exciting. I adore finding creative methods to fuck about in a client’s home’s private, unsuitable areas and get away with it. One of my crew’s few lads brave enough to partake in the mayhem was Milo. He smiled at me and put his small arms around my neck. I easily lifted the adorable cherub into my arms with one hand without difficulty. The youngster cooed and cuddled against my large shoulder as I took us upstairs to the client’s master bedroom. I carefully placed Milo on the king-sized mattress and automatically ground him. However, he paused and questioned again about the work crew’s arrival time. I sneered and smiled. “Just take your pants off, boy.” Even when we weren’t on the clock, little Milo always followed my orders. I envisioned a bright future for the brilliant and eager upstart—especially with his face and figure. I pulled his underpants off and he gasped loudly. My tongue couldn’t fit into his cinnamon-flavored hole quickly enough for my or his need. His magnificent moans came as my tongue went as deep as it could. My fluffy-soft beard lovingly stroking over Milo’s smooth, soft ass cheeks and sweet, sensitive boy hole probably made him roll his eyes. I could have spent the next several days with my face in Milo’s small ass, but I had to take care of something else. My man-tool had been patiently waiting for the Latin knockout, but my severe aching told me it needed to be soon. Milo handled unforeseen worksite scenarios successfully. The young upstart repeatedly asked great questions and adapted to changing circumstances. Milo immediately realized what we needed as I came up for air and whacked the youngster in the ass. To be honest, many guys can’t tolerate sucking my cock. The head alone is hard to chew, but the shaft girth is more harder. Milo is a deepthroat wunderkind, so he seems unfazed. His job is usually excellent—he cut most of the length as short as possible without gagging. After a scorching minute buried in his mouth, I peeked and saw that as Milo was giving me head, his boymeat was drooling heavily. I could not stain the client’s bedcovers with such thick, delicious drips! I sprang onto the bed and lifted the lad onto his knees, wrapping my strong, sensual palm around our dicks. When I placed my member under his, a lot of precum oozed from our pulsating cockheads. We lubricated our thrusts with the thin syrup. Little Latin doll looked up at me with big eyes. Milo gasped and shook in my arms when I touched his quivering lips with our combined juice. He sucked my fingertips’ delicious nectar. We knew the client’s new king-sized bed was about to be christened without words. Little Milo couldn’t get on his back quick enough to speed things up. Milo whimpered as I lubed his hole with the last of our precum. After kissing the lad and savoring his flavor, I began the slow, hot, excruciating trek within Milo. See all Milo Miles gay hardcore fuck sessions at Fun Size Boys here. See all Cain Marko gay hardcore fuck sessions at Fun Size Boys here.Join them!

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Sexy young twink Milo Miles’s huge thick dick barebacking older mature Dillon Stone’s bubble butt Young Milo Miles not only admires Mr. Dillon Stone, but also thinks him to be a very beautiful professional. Milo is the first one in line to obtain an interview whenever a new position at Mr. Stone’s business becomes available! The CEO admits that he thinks Milo is just the energetic sort he and his colleagues have been seeking for during the question-and-answer session at Mr. Stone’s office, but with a catch. It turns out that Mr. Stone discovered Milo’s hidden Twitter account, which had tons of intriguing images with an adult theme. Many of them featured Milo with other older guys in graphic sexual situations. Milo thought his dreams were lost, but to his great surprise and joy, Mr. Stone said he may grant Milo the job if he were prepared to give him a live-action display of his gorgeous physique! See all Milo Miles gay hardcore fuck sessions at Twink Top here. See all Dillon Stone gay hardcore fuck sessions at Twink Top here.Join them!

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