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Nino Valens came to us from a very small Hungarian village and from a single parent family (his mother having passed away several years earlier) so his social background may have been a little difficult but he certainly has the ambition to make up for any deficit.

He spent 3 months in New Zealand with Phillipe Gaudin to pick up some English and during this time he gradually started to admit to himself that he may prefer boys over girls, but was still a bit tortured with this revelation due to his conservative upbringing.

This does not show at all in his scenes though, which we believe you will enjoy next year on both Freshmen and BelAmiOnline.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick / 18 cms
Height: 5’9″ / 182 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 132lbs / 60 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight / Bisexual
Nationality: Hungarian

Nino Valens gay porn scenes at Belami Online

For a little variety we have chosen a night scene today to feature popular HUNGarian, Nino Valens.

Jordan Faris is his partner on this occasion. As is typical with our night scenes, we have no introduction here, and as the boys share no common language, all communication is non-verbal.

Both boys are equally well-endowed and versatile, but it is Jordan who takes the active position for this scene, and has the enviable task of spending a romantic evening with Nino.

To make sure that we all get enough Nino, he will be back again as our model of the week next week…Join them!

This scene features 2 of our most popular ‘small’ guys, Kevin Warhol and Nino Valens. Kev starts out by using an online translator to try and seduce Nino before Nino loses patience and makes it clear that he knows what Kevin wants anyhow. The scene is beautifully filmed for us by Luke, and the action is as hot as you would expect from two very experienced lovers. It’s a real treat for all the twink lovers out there and probably one of Nino’s best scenes on the site….Join them!

One of the best things about Nino Valens is that he is always more than willing to learn new things. Luckily Rhys Jagger has a lot of things to teach him, starting with how to roll a cigarette (even though Nino is only a ‘special occasion’ smoker).

This clip was filmed after Nino returned from studying English in New Zealand, so at least the boys have a portion of a common language.

As always it is a joy to watch Nino bottoming and the same can be said here about Rhys’ topping…Join them!

We have quite the stable of models at the moment who really love bottoming, but as most of our Hungarians prefer to top, Nino Valens is an exceptional exception and has to rank on anyone’s list of top bottoms.

In today’s ‘Summer Break’ scene we have him teamed up with 2 Czech boys, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy in an encounter that is bound to please. More of all 3 of these guys can be found here on Belami and also on them!

We realize that you may have all been surprised last month when we found our lost scene with Nino Valens and Torsten Ullman, and even more surprised to see our twinky Nino fucking Torsten.

Well, today we have a follow up, the lost scene was actually a double day scene and we are happy to bring you the part with Torsten fucking Nino here today.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Nino Valens scenes at Freshmen

Some may say Nino Valens is too skinny, some that Nate Donaghy is past his prime. Perhaps. But both boys are fully committed to giving all of you a five-star performance every time. To honor that commitment, let’s avoid comments like this and enjoy the scene for all the other reasons…Join them!

For this week’s issue, we selected Nino Valens and Damien Chapelle as your cover boys. This role reversal is surprising even for us. In this instance, Damien, the superior top, is bottoming, and Nino the higher-caliber bottom- is topping. Regardless of positions, they are a beautiful couple and this month’s second Christmas present…Join them!

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