Olaf Mortensen

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Olaf Mortensen

Ripped young muscle boy Olaf Mortensen manages to get through his Bootcamp introduction which has been filmed by Kevin.

Refreshingly honest Olaf is a perfect Freshmen model who has not been shy about coming forward. He’s not scared to try new things, having worked for a time as a share trader and as a stonemason, before he decided that gay porn star would be his chosen occupation.

We are glad that none of those careers quite satisfied leading him to eventually find our advertisement on the web.

Judging from his fulfilled, flirtatious smile at the end of his jerk-off, we gather he is very satisfied with working here.

With his succulent nipples, his bubble butt, and his piercing blue eyes, we suspect his fans will be more than satisfied…Join him!

We’re very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our team today, Olaf Mortensen. Olaf is blond, built and hung. He has a nearly perfect bubble butt and is eager to make an impression on all of us. Olaf will return next month for his debut scene with Jon Kael…Join him!

Blonde young stud Olaf Mortensen leads Dylan Maguire in through the kitchen with a huge uncut erection sticking out of his shorts.

He pushes Olaf down onto the bed and kisses him passionately licking his nipples with his tongue.

Dylan sucks down hard on Olaf’s big thick young uncut dick going balls deep and then back up to the mushroom cock head in long strokes.

With Olaf on his all fours, Dylan rubs his hard cock up and down Olaf’s ass crack before rimming his hot hole with his wet tongue.

Dylan forces his long dick into Olaf’s raw ass bareback fucking him before Olaf takes control sliding his asshole down onto Dylan’s young uncut cock.

The sexy boys switch up positions, again and again, each time Dylan slipping deeper and deeper into Olaf’s hot hole.

Dylan then wanks and fucks Olaf at the same time, bringing Olaf to orgasm shooting cum all over his stomach before Dylan cums spraying his full jizz load all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking the cum back inside Olaf’s well fucked hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young hotties Paul Cassidy and Olaf Mortensen arrive at their beautiful holiday apartment and head straight for the bathroom for a post-travel cleansing shower.

Once they are clean and dry Paul and Olaf jump on the bed and start making out, kissing passionately.

Olaf wanks Paul’s huge thick twink dick and sucks it down hard till it presses against the back of his throat making him gag briefly.

Floppy blonde-haired Olaf is an expert cock sucker and his mouth moves up and down with his tongue licking Paul’s long shaft from tip to balls in long strong strokes.

Paul feels every flick of Olaf’s lips on his big mushroom cockhead and his erection grows harder.

As Olaf braces against the bedhead, Paul pummels his bare ass pumping him full of his solid erection, Olaf can feel every inch of Paul as he moves in and out.

Then they switch up positions a number of times each time Paul gets his raw cock deeper and harder into Olaf’s aching hole and getting him to the very edge of orgasm.

Finally, Olaf in cowboy position takes full control grinding his asshole down repeatedly onto Paul’s rampant thick dick, going balls deep until Olaf can just hold off no longer and he shoots a huge stream of warm jizz all over his hot body.

He’s quickly followed by Paul who pulls his dick out to coat Olaf’s butt hole with his cum before fucking his load back inside Olaf’s freshly fucked asshole.

Paul then leans in for a final kiss as both boys lie there exhausted with their sexual mores completely sated for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami gay porn scenes of Olaf Mortensen

We’re hoping this isn’t true, but Orri Aasen has informed us he wishes to retire and live off his porno-pension.

Luke cleverly informs him that receiving this pension is contingent upon him providing a replacement boy as good or better than himself.

Determined Orri finds Olaf Mortensen who could easily pass as his younger brother.

Having passed the cuteness criteria, Orri must now demonstrate that Olaf is as good as he is sexual.

Orri tries to prove Olaf worthy by demonstrating Olaf’s skills as a bottom.

Should Orri get his pension? Or does he need to work a little harder?

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy ripped young dude Yannis Paluan and hot blonde stud Olaf Mortensen in just their underwear make out kissing on the bed and feeling each others’ tight bodies.

Yannis moves down and sucks Olaf’s small still soft uncut cock which is nestling in a hairy bush of public hair.

It gets harder as Yannis envelopes the full length in his mouth getting his tongue around the inside of his foreskin.

Yanni’s expert blowjob makes Olaf moan with pleasure as he licks the pink mushroom head.

As Olaf wanks his cock, Yannis uses his hands to open Olaf’s hairy ass cheeks running his tongue along his ass crack and getting his tongue deep into Olaf’s tight hole.

Then with Olaf on all fours on the bed, Yannis plunges his bareback cock into Olaf’s asshole moving in long strong strokes each time getting deeper and pressing harder.

Olaf moaning gets louder and more frequent as Yannis raw ass pummeling increases in intensity.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Olaf pushing his ass back down hard onto Yannis’s throbbing bare dick until Olaf can hold off no more.

Olaf is first to spray cum all over his abs and chests before Yannis empties his balls blowing jizz all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking his load back into Olaf’s freshly fucked hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy blonde Olaf Mortensen is outdoors on the terrace catching some sun when Enrique Vera appears feeling horny.

Enrique lifts his t-shirt flashing his tanned rippling six-pack abs then he leads Olaf inside for some quiet time together.

They cannot keep their hands off each other as they make out, kissing passionately.

Olaf lies on the bed with Enrique smothering his hot body with sensual kisses.

Enrique licks Olaf’s nipples as he slowly moves down finally unleashing Olaf’s big thick uncut dick and sucking it right back till it hits the back of his throat.

As he sucks Olaf’s cock Enrique runs his tongue up and down it from balls to tip and back again.

Olaf moans loudly as Enrique works his blowjob magic.

Then it is Olaf’s time to return the favor, sucking Enrique’s huge young dick till his balls are on his lips.

This drives Enrique into a frenzy and he forces Olaf onto all fours, holding apart his ass cheeks running his tongue along Olaf’s ass crack then pressing his tongue deep into his hairy hole.

Enrique then pulls his foreskin back as he pushes his swollen bare cock deep into Olaf’s waiting asshole.

He pumps his hot dick deep into Olaf’s ass in long strong strokes, making Olaf moan with pleasure.

They switch up positions a number of times, each allowing Enrique to get his raw cock deeper into Olaf’s bubble butt hole.

Enrique then pulls out before showering Olaf’s asshole with his cum then shoving his wet dick back inside as Olaf wanks his dick hard spraying his jizz load all over his stomach.

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Today is a holiday for our young blonde studs Olaf Mortensen and Paul Cassidy so no school for them. Instead, they are kicking a football around in the hot sun.

They soon tire and decide to head indoors for a little one-on-one action.

Olaf, as usual, assumes that he is going to be the bottom here (as in fact we all probably do) and starts getting Paul’s cock as hard as he can to prepare for a good fucking.

Paul does not disappoint his buddy here, being just the right size to be able to slam it into his buddy without holding back.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Bleach blonde young twink Mario Texeira’s massive uncut dick raw fucking Olaf Mortensen’s bubble butt.

We’re sure you are all going to feel for Mario in today’s scene.

He is having a bad hair day, and there seems to be nothing that he can do about it until along comes Olaf to save the day.

Even if Olaf cannot sort out the bad hair, he certainly succeeds in taking Mario’s mind off of it for a while.

There is a lot of mutual lust between both of our guys today, and it really comes out in the scene, along with a dose of tenderness and an extra helping of horniness.

As we have come to expect, Olaf takes up his favorite role as bottom here and enjoys every inch of Mario and every minute of the fucking that he gets here today.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Ripped dark haired young stud Andrei Karenin’s huge dick barebacking blonde dude Olaf Mortensen.

As we normally do most of our filming in the warmer months, it can be quite difficult for us to present a winter-themed scene for you.

But this year we took our horniest blond and brunet out into the cold for this winter warmer scene.

We can never go wrong with either of these guys in a scene, but when they are put together, the sparks are certainly flying.

Olaf is so horny to get fucked that even Andrei has a hard time satisfying him but after some marathon fucking Olaf erupts in a huge sticky show of appreciation and Andrei winds up the sex show by shooting his own huge load right into the back of Olaf’s throat.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hot Belami boy Olaf Mortensen and Ethan OPry hardcore big dick anal fucking flip flop This week’s feature update compares Ethan O’Pry #1 (before he got his haircut) to Olaf Mortensen, another blond model. Olaf tries his luck by first placing a finger in Ethan’s warm, pink hole, and when he doesn’t protest, the finger is swiftly replaced by a tongue. What begins as a massage quickly escalates into something more as Olaf tries his luck by first sticking a tongue in Ethan’s warm, pink hole. This led us to suspect that bottom-of-the-line Olaf may be attempting to convince Ethan to bottom for him; nevertheless, Olaf’s true intention, which was simply to make Ethan hot, was swiftly revealed when Olaf planted his own butt firmly down on Ethan’s face demanding that his hole be prepared for fucking. Olaf begins the scene as our prototypical “bossy bottom,” riding Ethan’s cock for all it’s worth. However, Ethan eventually takes control of the situation and beats a nice, creamy load out of his friend Olaf. It won’t be until round 2 before we get to see Ethan’s cumshot, which the boys will obediently perform for us in the shower. See all Olaf Mortensen gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here. See all Ethan OPry gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here. Join them!
Belami says: Belami hardcore bareback threeseom Jens Christensen fucks Olaf Mortensen’s hole with Torsten Ullman We’re sorry for making you wait so long to watch this scene. Today, we reunite the two couples who have been fighting Torsten and Olaf as Olaf gets what he wants and the long-awaited trio with Jens is now a fact. Of course, we all knew why Olaf wanted to make this happen, as for him, two dicks will always be better than one and it turns out that Torsten isn’t afraid to share his boyfriend’s mouth and ass with sexy, hung Jens. Olaf is at his sexiest here, and can’t seem to get enough of Torsten and Jens as they alternately fill his mouth with dicks and then pound his sweet and hungry a**hole.

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