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Pip Caulfield is one of the sweetest and most generous models that we are working with. He is always willing and happy to lend a hand (and not only hand) whenever the need arises.

Luckily Pip is blessed with an almost boundless sexual energy as we will be able to see as we get to know him better.

His good nature also makes him the perfect scene partner for almost anyone. Pip is a core part of our Viva Colombia series which is on Freshmen, and also on BelAmiOnline in the upcoming Jambo Africa series.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Dick Size: 6.3 inch dick / 16 cms
Height: 5’8″ / 172 cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 134lbs / 61 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Pip Caulfield

Mael Gauthier’s reputation for shyness is undeserved. He’s just a bit more reserved than the rest of our rowdy bunch. Two members of that bunch, Kevin and Adam, attempt to break Mael from his shell through a benevolent prank.

They tell him he is coming for a photo shoot, but their real intention is for him to give Pip Caulfield the fucking of his life. He’s surprised at first but recovers quickly enough to show Pip why Hungarians have a reputation for being great lovers.

Pip’s appreciation for his lover’s skills is matched by his love of cock evident throughout the video. Mael shows equal enthusiasm for Pip’s ass as he pushes his huge creamy load back into him….Join them!

Helmut Huxley and Pip Caulfield’s hardcore ass fucking scene intro is a tad longer than usual.

The sexy young men are in for a romantic afternoon which continues overnight, and until the next morning.

The dirty guys decide to take a post-sleep shower together.

Suddenly, all the romance goes away and the only thing they can both think of is hot steamy sex.

Pip is amazed by the size of Helmut’s huge uncut dick so he immediately falls to his knees and starts worshiping it with his mouth.

All Helmut can think of is Pip’s sexy ass, so soon after Pip is feeling a big cock deep inside.

Even after both cum for each other, the action carries on until Helmut remembers he has other commitments, so round two has to take place another day.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Pip Caulfield

We all know that if there is anything Pip Caulfield likes more than a big dick, it’s 2 big dicks, so he is in heaven today as he gets fucked by both Orri Aasen and Charlie Bogard.

Our director made sure to send in Orri first to warm up Pip’s hole before taking on Charlies extra large member, but I have a feeling that Pip would have been able to cope with almost anything.

In the end, Pip ends up with a load in mouth from Orri while still being fucked by Charlie, and then a load all over his well used hole to top it off. No wonder he is all smiles at the end…Join them!

If you have been following our summer series Viva Colombia, you will be no stranger to Hoyt Kogan. He is the one who relentlessly searches out new boys to fuck. Yeah Hoyt loves to be the first to plant his big boy cock deep into some newbie young ass.

And Hoyt never gets any complaints from his bottoms boys. And they along with he prefer to keep their assignations secret. We are certainly not telling.

Today when he finds that Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery have gone out without him, it only takes seconds before he finds the adorable Pip Caulfield alone on the beach and decides to make him his new lover for the day.

We’ve rated this one of their favorite scenes from the series, so we hope that you all enjoy it as well…Join them!

Some of our videos are full of energy, some are more erotic and some even have humor, and then some, like today’s scene with Liam Efron and Pip Caulfield are a mix of all 3.

Anything that involves Liam is bound to have a slightly frenetic pace to it (he is literally the ever ready bunny with no off switch) and as he races around the house looking for someone to fuck, we definitely can feel his urgency.

Enrique (who you will see in action later this week) is actually the person who eventually points him and cameraman Adam in the right direction to where they find Pip (who seems to be the only boy not working today and able to help Liam satisfy his needs.

What we end up with here is a very genuine clip of 2 horny young guys fulfilling their urgent desires, all captured on camera by the always horny Adam Archuleta…Join them!

Adam Archuleta is in South Africa playing with his new drone.

He’s keen to get some aerial shots but he keeps forgetting and ends up deleting the footage.

We do get to see hot bottom boy Pip Caulfield splashing around in the pool as he relaxes before getting down to some hot sex.

Pip is a total cock fiend and this usually leads him to act hyper whenever he can sniff out a big dick.

Today though he manages to uncover a more romantic sense as he and Adam get close.

Pip loves it as Adam rims his asshole, he enjoys the feel of Adam’s wet tongue lubing him up.

Of course, Pip being Pip can’t wait to get to the main dish.

He’s ready to take Adam’s sizeable bare cock any which way.

Adam doesn’t disappoint bareback fucking Pip in a combination of differing positions, getting his raw dick deep into Pip.

Pip can hold out no longer and he soon orgasms with a huge explosion of hot boy cum streaming from his dick.

He’s followed by an equally horny Adam who sprays his load all over. Pip’s gonna need a shower after this hot sex show.

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One of the many things we know about Pip Caulfield is his deep-seated insatiable love of big twink dicks.

But today in something of a reversal of roles he manages to sneak in on Fabien Jacq and get him away from Kevin for a little Pip private love training.

It seems that we’ve found the perfect pairing as both Pip and Fabien are short, they are two of the shortest guys we have and they have slim ripped physiques.

And not to forget their big twink dicks. Together they look absolutely adorable.

It hard not to get take unawares with their utter cuteness but we should remember that both young boys have huge sexual appetites as boy their age always do.

Pip wastes no time here today in initiating Fabien into the shenanagins… Maybe one day he’ll give him back to Kevin to complete the training.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After an afternoon at the go-karting race track young ginger twinks Pip Caulfield and Timothy Blue arrive home and start making out, kissing passionately.

They strip off each others’ clothes letting their jeans fall to their ankles as they start to suck on their soft uncut cocks which are starting to get erect.

The boys lie on the sofa 69’ing, each swallowing down hard, balls deep until choking with the dick heads hard against the back of their throats. Gagging.

Pip hovers over Timothy’s mouth allowing his hot boy hole to be tongued deeply.

Timothy licks Pip’s ass crack and gets the tip of his tongue and his lips deep into Pip’s tight hole. Pip jerks his uncut twink dick frantically all the while.

Pip then lowers his ass down onto Timothy’s hard erect uncut cock pressing his juicy butt down forcefully, feeling Timothy’s raw dick reaming his horny ass hole.

Pip breathes heavily as he loves the feeling of Pip’s thick dick inside him.

Timothy slips out and Pip sucks his cock again. The fucking continues with Pip flipping Timothy over and sinking his hard erect cock deep into Timothy’s ass returning the bareback ass fucking favor.

The two boys continue to flip flop each time getting deeper and deeper into each boy’s hole until they can hold off no longer and first Pip’s shoots a huge stream of cum across his abs and chest.

He’s quickly followed by Timothy who’s cum load he fucked back inside Pip’s well-fucked asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today I introduce you to a brand new mate straight Aussie muscle boy Matthew Attard. I first met this 23-year-old online and we got chatting.

Matthew comes from the suburbs of Melbourne and he’d been interested in doing a shoot for me for quite some time, about doing a shoot.

At first, I was reluctant to shoot any guys wearing a mask on the site. But after Matthew sent me a few photos of himself I decided to give it a go. Matthew is very handsome with a thick gym-built body.

Hey, I’m a sucker for Aussie muscle boys. When we finally met a few weeks ago I found that Matthew is a really sweet guy.

Softly spoken and very keen to look his best for the photos and video. We worked quickly through a couple of photosets before swapping to make a hot first video. Matthew jacks off with the help of a rubber fuck toy.

He does a great job blowing a big load of cum. I think Matthew’s first shoot was really hot. I’m already planning to get him back for another shoot soon.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It’s twinkalicious week on BelAmi as we bring you a hot ass fucking scene with two lovely young twinks Pip Caulfield and Benoit Ulliel.

Pip has just moved from the village into Prague, and can’t wait to show his new place off…. finally he has somewhere in town to bring boys to without having to beg to use Kevin’s spare room.

Pip is the top in today’s scene (rebelling against his typecasting as a bottom due to his diminutive size) and Benoit can’t be any happier.

A good fuck between friends is always better than a random pick-up.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young dudes Luca Carrera and Pip Caulfield in their hottest gay porn scenes yet.

Poor Pip, Cameraman Marty makes him wait for almost three full minutes before he is allowed to start making out with newbie Luca and it is all he can do to resist pouncing on the sexy brunet.

At least we make use of those three minutes to find a bit more out about Luca, what he likes, and the fact that he has been practicing his cock sucking skills in order to become as good as possible.

As you would expect with two horny young men, the chemistry between them is great, playful, and very sexy.

As you will see from Pip’s expressions, this is probably one of his most enjoyable fucks for a while.

I’m sure Pip would have rated his first time with Luca as a 10, but let us know what you think as well.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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