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Phillipe Gaudin comes from a very small village. “It’s a really god-forgotten place,” G. Duroy jokes. “The internet does not exist in such a remote village, therefore Phillipe feels he is safe from discovery. But I would not be so sure.” He is perhaps the most even-tempered of the current Bel Ami boys.

He reminds George of Colin Hewitt because Phillipe is virtually always in a good mood and enterprising about how to improve things for himself. “He would not get stuck even in Patagonia,” George says. “He always figures out how to make some business for himself. He could sell sand to Arabs in the Sahara.”

When he first came to our offices, his future plans included becoming a diplomat. We had to explain to him that shooting porn and working as a diplomat do not go together. Being very practical, he figured out that he would prefer to have his freedom. He is extremely sexual and horny virtually all the time.

Phillipe is sensual like his cousin and is perhaps a bit cuter, if not as hung. His enthusiasm for sex comes across in one particular way: moaning. Some customers feel Phillipe fakes his erotic moaning and groaning, but this is simply an expression of his sexual enthusiasm and sensual nature.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Phillipe Gaudin

If there ever was a perfect way to start December it has to be a flip flop fuck with legendary Dolph Lambert and the sexy Phillipe Gaudin.

This scene is part of our 25th anniversary ‘Classic Collection’ and was filmed during one of their trips to South Africa.

Over the course of 2 days, the boys managed to fuck in every part of the house that they could find, even over the balcony railing as Phillip lets a huge load fly onto the floor below.

Just lucky I guess that no-one was taking a nap on the sofa down below….Join them!

Our classic scene this month is a 2-day, 3-way affair with Sasha Chaykin, Vadim Farrell and Phillipe Gaudin. Although the boys are a bit of a disaster with a canoe, they prove themselves very adept when it comes to sex.

For a bit of a change, this is an all outdoor scene with the action taking place right by the lake where they had been messing around just moments earlier.

Part 1 features Sascha getting fucked by his buddies and Phillipe taking his turn in part 2. This is a standout scene with 3 very hot Belami stars at the peak of their careers…Join them!

We have a real treat for you today as part of our Helmut Huxley special. A legendary 3way with Helmut, Hoyt Kogan and Phillipe Gaudin.

It gets harder and harder to drag Phillipe away from his job as production manager, but sometimes the temptations are just too great.

I think that there is not a guy on the planet who would be able to refuse an invitation to fuck either Helmut or Hoyt, and both of them together.

It is the porn equivalent of Adam refusing the apple from Eve. Day one is all about fucking Phillipe and on day 2 it is Helmut’s turn to be pleasured…Join them!

Today the two young hotties Phillipe Gaudin and Arne Coen are sat out in the summer sun at a sidewalk restaurant drinking cocktails and flirting with each other. Both are massively attracted to each other.

Arne suggests they find somewhere quiet to be together without interruptions so they head off home and as soon as they arrive they start making out kissing passionately and stripping off each other’s clothes.

Phillipe unleashes Arne’s huge thick young dick and swallows it right to the back of his throat till his balls are on his lips, making him gag.

Arne then returns the favor blowing Phillipe and moaning loudly, all the while jerking his own erect cock.

With Arne on his hands and knees in doggie style position on the bed, Phillipe runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before plunging it deep into his tight young asshole.

Once Arne’s hole is fully lubed Phillipe presses his huge thick dick forcefully inside fucking him bareback with long rhythmic strokes.

Phillipe shows what an expert lover he is and Arne can feel his whole raw erect cock moving inside him making him more than once get close to orgasm.

Luckily Arne manages to hold off while they switch up positions each time Phillipe goes deeper and harder until both he and Arne can hold off no longer.

First Phillipe pulls out spraying Arne’s hole with his cum load before fucking his cum back inside as Arne jerks himself over the edge covering his sexy abs with his creamy jizz.

Both young men are totally sated and collapse into each other’s arms sealing their hot sex with a beautiful kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Cute young stud Phillipe Gaudin’s tight bubble butt raw fucked by Adam Archuleta’s huge uncut dick.

Today we are taking a trip down memory lane with Adam Archuleta and Phillipe Gaudin.

We are not sure how this scene got left behind, but it was a pleasant surprise to see that we still had some unreleased content with Phillipe, and as always, Adam is a pleasure to see, especially in his (as GD likes to say) ‘young and crunchy’ stage.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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