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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Niko Vangelis

If this wasn’t all about lovin’, we’d have to refer to this scene as the battle of the bodies.

Andrei Karenin and Niko Vangelis have to be the 2 guys with the most stunning bodies that we have at the moment at BelAmi so it is great to see them paired up in this scene together today.

This is actually one of Nico’s training scenes, and it isn’t hard to see why we chose to put him with Andrei, although I am almost sure that they must have paired up for some off camera training of their own beforehand.

Niko is bottoming in today’s scene, and we will see him back again in a threeway very soon…Join them!

We’ve not seen a pairing of ripped young jocks for quite some time so today we see Jens Christensen and Niko Vangelis together.

The boys couldn’t decide who was to top and bottom and as both are equally capable in both capacities we decided to flip a coin. The winner would top in today’s episode and they would reverse roles in part 2 released together on the site.

So as Jens bottoms for Niko’s huge uncut dick. These two young men are highly compatible, both are highly competitive with big dicks and ripped bodies.

They love to laugh and joke during sex, nothing is serious to these two except the balls deep bareback ass fucking, which is super hardcore sexy.

Both parts are mirror images of each other, from the roughhousing and energetic fuck and overall enjoyment level of the models.

We really wanted to have a ‘favorite’ part to recommend to you, but in the end couldn’t decide which we liked more, so we will have to leave it up to all of you to decide.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Niko Vangelis and Nikk Lanier are totally nude standing in the kitchen before they retire to the living room with young new stud Nikk lying back on the armchair giving Niko, the first taste of his big soft dick.

Niko gets to work sucking Nikk’s soft cock and making him fully erect in his mouth.

Nikk’s dick grows in size and hits the back of Niko’s deep throat choking him for a moment.

Niko polishes Nikk’s cockhead with his tongue before swallowing it back balls deep all the while feeling Nikk’s ripped young body.

They switch up positions and return to the kitchen where Niko forces Nikk to bend over the countertop as he presses his firm dick deep betweens Nikk’s smooth ass cheeks.

Niko bare fucks the new dude’s bubble butt with long strong strokes in and out and Nikk loves the feeling of Niko’s hard cock moving inside his hot hole.

Niko then parts Nikk’s ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue into his ass crack and lubing his hole with his saliva making him nice and wet.

Niko licks Nikk’s balls and the super-sensitive area between his balls and his ass hole, which almost makes Nikk cum.

The with a gob of spit on the end of his erect cock Niko slides back inside and power fucks Nikk’s sore hole some more as Nikk jerks his own dick hard.

Niko grabs ahold of Nikk’s waist and pulls him back onto his cock ensuring full penetration.

They return to the sofa chair with Nikk’s legs above his head, and Niko pummeling his asshole with no mercy.

Nikk orgasms spraying his jizz all over his rippling abs while Niko plugs away until he pulls out and explodes, giving Nikk, a huge cum facial. Nikk then licks every drop of Niko’s jizz from his face and licks his dick clean.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy ripped young stud Andrei Karenin and Niko Vangelis are naked together in the shower.

Niko reaches over to kiss Andrei’s neck gently as Andrei reaches around a squeezes Niko’s peachy ass cheeks.

He then takes his already stiff uncut dick in his hand and jerks it before getting his sweet lips around his huge pink cock head.

As Andrei blows Niko’s erect dick Niko squeezes his nipples hard, moaning all the while.

Niko then returns the favor sucking Andrei’s huge uncut dick right to the back of his deep throat.

Andrei lets his fingers probe Nikos ass cheeks finding his hole and pressing the tip inside.

Bending Niko over, exposing his bare ass before he runs his tongue up and down his smooth ass crack.

Niko spreads his legs wide allowing Andrei to rim his tight asshole getting it nice and lubed for his big raw dick.

With Andrei now on top, Niko licks his asshole and sucks his balls.

The sexy boys make out, kissing passionately then Andrei forces his hard erect cock deep into Niko’s well-lubed hole.

Niko takes the ass pummelling well, wanking his own cock as Andrei fucks him balls deep.

They switch up positions each time Andrei gets his dick harder and deeper into Niko’s hole.

With Andrei’s thick cock deep in his hole, Niko loses control and shoots his load in a series of massive cum shots.

Andrei manages to hold off his orgasm for quite some time, before pulling out and exploding his cum load all over Niko.

The two boys finish with a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Bare-chested young hunks Andrei Karenin and Niko Vangelis head across the railway lines, outdoors as they pose as the worlds most hot ripped sexy muscular railway workers.

As they remove their hard hats, Andrei and Niko run their hands over each other’s athletic bodies as they stare longingly into each others’ eyes.

Niko grabs ahold of Andrei’s pants and pulls them down exposing his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Now both fully naked, the hot young men lie together across the railway tracks, kissing and squeezing each others’ asses.

Andrei gets on his knees and uses both hands to part Niko’s ass cheeks getting his tongue deep into his moist pink asshole.

The young hotties then play sword sticks with their big erect uncut cocks, their balls jingle jangling between their legs.

Niko then leans down opening his mouth wide and sucking Andrei’s big uncut dick right to the back of his throat.

Finally, the boys sit back on the tracks and jerks their huge uncut cocks until they both blow their cum loads across their six-pack abs.

Lastly the sexy young dudes come together for a passionate kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

We are privileged to be able to see into the wonderful world of BelAmi Land, where everything is always perfect, all the horny young men guys are always on the hunt and always ready for it.

Our sexy young tour guides Niko Vangelis and Serge Cavalli take us on a journey into this sexual Shangri-la, when they hook up in part due to their mutual friendship with the otherwise unidentified secret ‘Tom’.

They’ve met up earlier in the park, where Serge manages to convince Niko that they should return to his apartment where they can find some more fun things to do.

Of course, as with all young pups of their age, their list of fun things involves plenty of passionate kissing, big uncut cock sucking, and hardcore bare bubble ass fucking.

Serge is going to bottom today, well we are in full fantasy mode, aren’t we?

He has a wonderfully calm and understated persona who never tries to hog the spotlight, and he is probably equal to Marcel Gassion when it comes to displaying such a lovely vibe.

As we had Marcel bottoming last week for Ariel (here), you can take a look and let us know who you think bottoms the best?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Niko Vangelis

Super horny young stud Jim Durden catches up with hottie muscle boy Niko Vangelis and they start making out right away.

Jim leans in getting his tongue on Niko’s nipples, tweaking and sucking them, before pulling down Niko’s shorts and exposing his already rock hard thick uncut dick.

Niko moans loudly as Jim runs his moist lips up and down Niko’s erect cock then enveloping around his big pink dick head.

Jim is an accomplished cocksucker and knows how to pleasure a guy’s dick.

Niko forces his cock deep into Jim’s mouth until it chokes at the back of his deep throat.

Athletic Niko then picks up the shorter Jim and they 69 in vertical standing position.

Niko struggles to swallow Jim’s thick uncut monster dick trying his best to take as much as he can of the length and breadth.

Then Jim takes control hovering over Niko’s erection and then forcing his asshole down onto it rapidly getting it balls deep.

Niko power fucks Jim really giving his ass a battering as Jim starts to moan loudly.

Jim can just about take every inch of Niko’s massive thick cock and we see it disappear inside Jim’s hole in a hugely rhythmic fucking fashion.

Then they switch positions with Jim pummelling Niko’s bubble butt like a machine gun as Niko jerks his own dick.

Niko lies on his back with his feet high in the air as Jim’s huge cock splits apart his asshole until both dudes are close to orgasm.

With Jim’s dick still deep in his hole, Niko lets out a cry as he unloads spraying jizz all over his rippling six-pack abs.

Jim continues to fuck Niko before he can hold off no longer and he pulls out and coats Niko’s ass and balls with a huge load of cum.

They both hug each other and kiss passionately their sexual urges sated for now.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Back to Greece with Niko Vangelis, Elio Chalamet, Jim Durden, Helmut Huxley, Sven Basquiat, Jon Kael, Jerome Exupery, Serge Cavalli, Joel Birkin, Nils Tatum, Paul Cassidy, Riis Erikson, Kieran Benning and Torsten Ullman.

For one day only, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery take over the daily backstage filming from Kevin Warhol.

It seems that Kevin has some serious competition for his job.

The ‘anal pirates’ (as they like to call themselves) take us on a tour through two different locations and capture the goings-on there.

The difference in work ethic between the two places is huge but we believe you’ll enjoy seeing some boys in hardcore action including some cute naked ones by the pool.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!