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There seem to be 3 things that you obviously like about Orri Aasen the most. Firstly his smiley and optimistic nature, another his fluffy bubble butt and thirdly his compact, athletic frame.
In any case you will see much more of Orri on both Belami Online and Freshmen over the upcoming years.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.7 inch dick / 17cms
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 152lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Czech

Orri Aasen gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Probably the most foolish thing any of our boys can do while on location is to hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door while they are jerking off. It is a sure fire invitation for someone like Adam to come waltzing in with him camera to find out what is going on.

Luckily for Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta is such a good friend and decides to help him out by providing him with a fuck buddy, Orri Aasen.Join them!

Orri Aasen gay porn scenes at Belami Online

It’s home video time again and this week we have the delightful Orri Aasen and the youthful Jamie Durrell here to give cameraman Kevin Warhol a bit of a show.

On his way to this shoot Jamie injured his leg.

Things were not so bad so he decided he would go through with the scene and see if Orri’s dick up his ass wouldn’t take his mind off his injuries for a while.

This may be a bit of a quick fuck, but it is certainly a very satisfying one for both of the guys…Join them!

We all know that if there is anything Pip Caulfield likes more than a big dick, it’s 2 big dicks, so he is in heaven today as he gets fucked by both Orri Aasen and Charlie Bogard.

Our director made sure to send in Orri first to warm up Pip’s hole before taking on Charlies extra large member, but I have a feeling that Pip would have been able to cope with almost anything.

In the end, Pip ends up with a load in mouth from Orri while still being fucked by Charlie, and then a load all over his well used hole to top it off. No wonder he is all smiles at the end…Join them!

Arne Coen has been one of our favorite HUNGarians since his debut here back in 2013 and his scene with Orri Aasen is the most recent one that he filmed with us. As well as going back through the archive, we will get the chance of seeing Arne when he first arrives when we finally release his casting here next month.

Today Arne has decided to fix a flaw in Orri, his lack of English skills, and although the lesson is very basic, Orri proves to be an apt pupil, although it also seems that he would much rather move on to an advanced course of fucking rather than ‘sitting’ and ‘standing’.

We don’t get to see much of Arne’s cumshot here as greedy Orri swallows it all up as soon as it leaves the source, a trick that Arne seems to learn from him at the end.

We’re not sure whose lesson was more valuable, Arne’s ‘sitting’ or Orri’s ‘swallowing’…Join them!

Orri Aasen is about to learn a very important life lesson: He needs to borrow a car for a short trip, and Helmut Huxley is not using his at the moment. Instead of just giving Orri the car though, he trades the car for an equal amount of time driving Orri’s bubble ass. After the fucking that Helmut gives him, and the huge load that he shoots, we’re not sure if Orri is in any condition to drive afterwards though…Join them!

For a bit of a change this week we have a 2 day Jambo Africa update for you with Justin Saradon and Orri Aasen.

From the opening of the scene, you can tell that the boys had a lot of fun playing with their new drone, and it also gives us a great chance to highlight the spectacular South African location that we were shooting in.

The scene begins with the boys taking snaps on the beach (a poignant tie-in to our remastered LIL special) but soon moves back to the villa where the action all takes place.

Part 1 has Justin showing Orri how good it can feel with his big raw dick inside, and in part 2, Orri returns the favor. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who does it better…Join them!

Those of you who are members of Freshmen may find this set a little familiar as we previewed a few images from it over there a while back.

This week however we are happy to bring you complete set and video package of our very sexy Orri Aasen.Join them!

We have a double dose of Hoyt Kogan this month (but I don’t suspect we will hear too many complaints) as earlier this week we previewed a trailer of a scene coming up with Jeroen. Today we have Hoyt in action with Orri Aasen.

Normally Orri has an irrepressible good mood, but he is a little down in the dumps at the beginning of the scene and it is up to Hoyt to help Orri return to his normal jovial self.

Of course this involves a lot of kissing, sucking of dick and passionate fucking, at the end of which both boys seem very satisfied…Join them!

Sometimes it is nice to swap things up a bit and move out of the bedroom. Orri Aasen and Marcel Gassion today take it all the way and do their best to steam up the kitchen completely.

We all know Marcel as a very talented bottom, but in today’s flip flop scene he shows that he knows how to use his dick as a top as well.

Please don’t ask why the boys had a fridge full of dildos…. Some things in life are destined to forever remain a mystery…Join them!

Today’s scene was filmed for us by our sometimes guest director, Vlado Iresch. Ariel Vanean is off on an adventure and has booked a room in a local B & B, not knowing that his room comes with full service in the form of Orri Aasen.Join them!

So you end up getting this scene earlier than expected as at the last moment we found out that our scheduled scene was a duplicate for a scene presented in April 2015 on Kinky Angels so we have done a quick little reshuffle. Sometimes we are really lucky to have Torsten Ullman around, other that once cutting Jerome’s hair too short, he is very handy in making sure the heads of our boys always look good.

In fact Orri Aasen is so impressed with his new style, he decides to reward Torsten in the best way that he knows…Join them!

We’re hoping this isn’t true, but Orri Aasen has informed us he wishes to retire and live off his porno-pension.

Luke cleverly informs him that receiving this pension is contingent upon him providing a replacement boy as good or better than himself.

Determined Orri finds Olaf Mortensen who could easily pass as his younger brother.

Having passed the cuteness criteria, Orri must now demonstrate that Olaf is as good as he is sexual.

Orri tries to prove Olaf worthy by demonstrating Olaf’s skills as a bottom.

Should Orri get his pension? Or does he need to work a little harder?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy ripped young studs Roald Ekberg and Orri Aasen are sitting on the sofa in just their underwear making out and kissing passionately as they feel each others’ bodies with their hands.

Roald admires Orri’s muscular chest and arms as he moves down towards his big crotch bulge searching out his big uncut dick.

As he licks and jerks Orri’s huge thick uncut cock he gently caresses his thick foreskin and runs his tongue over his big mushroom cockhead before swallowing it whole.

Roald is an expert cock sucker and it shows, Orri’s moans as Roald continues the in and out movements all the way down till Orri’s balls are on his lips and then back out till the top of his erection is on the tip of his tongue.

Orri returns the favor blowing Roald’s dick in 69, position before Roald shoves his hard erect cock deep into Orri’s tight bubble ass hole.

They switch up positions with Orri hovering over Roald’s thick stiff dick then grinding his hole down onto it repeatedly getting deeper and deeper with each stroke.

With Orri now in full control Roald watches the view of his cock disappearing inside Orri’s ass and Orri can feel every inch of Roald moving inside him.

They change around a number of times before Roald power fucks Orri bringing him to the edge of orgasm before finally plowing his asshole one last session before Roald pulls out coating Orri’s ass with his hot jizz.

Roald then fucks his cum back inside as Orri jerks his slick dick till he sprays his load all over his abs and chest.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Dark-haired young stud Billy Montague’s bottoms for sexy ripped twink Orri Aasen’s huge uncut dick.

Today’s scene with these two smiley and happy boys, Billy and Orri, is from the time when Orri had no experience as a top.

Actually, both models are naturally bottoms so they can’t come to an agreement on who will top.

At the right moment Gino Mosca arrives and encourages Orri to finally take his role as the top.

We feel he did an excellent job! See for yourself and let us know what you think.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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