Viggo Sorensen

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Viggo Sorensen

Introducing us to the charming Viggo Sorensen is Director Luke Hamill who is standing in for our regular interviewer George Duroy. You will probably note an unusually close rapport between Luke and Viggo and that he is strangely relaxed for a first-time model.

The explanation is the unusual career trajectory he has underwent with us. You see, Viggo worked as a cameraman for about a year before deciding to go in front of the camera. Normally models that work as cameramen do so after their modeling days are over.

Viggo is the first model to work as a cameraman first. Perhaps we were willing to make an exception because we suspected that Viggo, with his good looks and great body, would eventually want to model. Before working for BelAmi he was a semi-professional break dancer.

You can look forward to Viggo demonstrating other types of moves as you will see much more of Viggo (and his camerawork) in the future…Join him!

Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan is on his knees sucking down hard on Viggo Sorensen’s thick uncut dick making him moan in delight.

Ripped muscle stud Viggo is rubbing his nipples as Yannis’ lips envelope his big cock all the way to his balls.

Yannis spins Viggo around opening up his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue in there, licking his ass crack, and probing his hot hole getting it nice and wet.

Yannis stands sliding his shorts and underwear down just enough to release his massive erect cock.

He presses his hard dick deep into Viggo’s tight muscular boy hole, making him moan, again and again, each time getting deeper.

Viggo braces against the wall, pushing his bubble butt down onto Yannis’s dick.

They switch up positions a number of times finally with Viggo in reverse cowboy sinking his hot hole hard onto Yaninis’s powerful cock.

Viggo grinds his asshole down repeatedly feeling every inch of Yannis’s dick throbbing inside him.

Yannis is first to shoot his load, he pulls out quickly and coats Viggo’s ass with his massive cum load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy blonde ripped young dude Viggo Sorensen’s bubble butt raw fucked by long haired hunk Ethan OPry.

Ethan wakes to a beautiful morning in our Andalusian villa and decides to engage in some morning exercise as the sun rises.

Viggo is also up but soon forgets the scenery when he spies sexy Ethan working out downstairs.

Viggo grabs his coffee and joins Ethan on the terrace but has a very different kind of „exercise“ in mind.

Viggo convinces Ethan to quit his morning routine by kissing him and showing him his hard-on in his shorts.

Ethan doesn’t take much convincing and kneels down to perform a deep blowjob on Viggo.

But soon he finds out that the only way to truly satisfy Viggo is to put his hard dick in his butt.

The boys move to the kitchen where they fuck against the glass door, on the floor, and on the kitchen table until they both shoot big loads of cum.

After a shower together, they join the boys having breakfast at the table where they just fucked.

Better not tell them what just happened there.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Viggo Sorensen

Paul Cassidy and Viggo Sorensen are two of our most popular boys on Belami Chat and today they’ve decided to team up for the day.

Despite chatting for 20 hours straight Paul is still mega horny and he’s up for a spot of what he calls ‘real sex’.

Luckily for him, Viggo is also feeling in need of some hot sexual attention.

This new generation of Belami Boys are certainly more exhibitionist and are regulars to the many outdoor gyms around the center of Prague.

This focus on the body perfect means they have sexy ripped muscle bodies and it is clear that their stamina for sex is much higher for longer.

In today’s episode, Paul will bareback fuck bottom boy Viggo.

Viggo is happy as he prefers to be taking a big cock and Paul loves to drill his partners with his huge twink dick.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young stud Kirk Gauguin wanders into the apartment office to find a hot new stud, Viggo Sorensen, behind his laptop editing the latest Belami video.

Kirk is feeling very horny and wants to experience sex with the new guy.

Viggo doesn’t take much persuading and they are soon hot-footing it to the sofa.

The guys undress quickly and Kirk makes short work stripping off his Viggo’s jeans until he is lying there stark naked with his big thick uncut dick already sporting a huge boner.

Then Viggo lies back as Kirk swallows the full length of his hard erection.

Kirk is an expert cock sucker and he knows how to please a guy rubbing his tongue repeatedly over Viggo’s sensitive cockhead.

He swallows Viggo’s full length till it hits the back of his throat with his cum filled balls on his lips.

Kirk stands and lets his shorts fall to his ankles as Viggo goes in to kiss and caress his long uncut cock.

Viggo chokes it all the way in and slides his lips all the way out giving Kirk a huge horny sensation.

At this rate Kirk won’t be able to hold off his orgasm too long but then Viggo loosens his grip slightly and his balls relax a little.

Viggo kneels in front of Kirk showing off his cute bubble butt and bare soles of his feet.

With Viggo lying flat on the sofa, wanking his own erect cock, Kirk rubs his tongue up and down Viggo’s smooth ass cheeks until his tongue finds his hot hole and presses the tip inside.

Kirk rims Viggo’s asshole getting his lubed up for his big thick young uncut dick.

Then with Viggo hovering over Kirk’s erection, he slides his hole down forcibly onto Kirk’s rock solid dick controlling the length and force of each, in and out, stroke.

Kirk supports Viggo’s bubble ass cheeks with his hands as Viggo’s vice-like ass muscles tighten around Kirk’s rampant dick.

With the feeling of Kirk’s huge dick moving inside him Viggo can no longer hold off and he sprays a huge load of cum all over his ripped abs as he moans loudly.

The sight and sound of Viggo’s orgasm make Kirk pull out of Viggo’s hole and explode a huge cum shot all over Viggo’s asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young muscle hunk Viggo Sorensen is chatting with some of the other guys who are having a day off from webcamming when he is interrupted by the horny young duo, Bastian Dufy and Jim Durden.

They spirit Viggo away and into the bedroom who lies on the bed jerking his big uncut twink dick as he films with his phone.

Jim appears almost naked with a monster boner tenting the towel he wears around his waist.

He opens the towel to reveal a huge bouncy hard-on that is pointing upwards like a rocket.

As Jim goes down on Viggo sucking his huge uncut cock right to the back of his throat, Bastian rushes in and drops his towel as he jumps on the bed to join the fun.

Jim and Bastian take turns blowing Viggo’s thick young dick as he moans with pleasure.

They both work his cock up and down with their lips and tongue focusing on his thick foreskin.

Now Viggo stands up on the bed and sucks both of the young dudes erect dicks, returning the favor.

Viggo then relaxes lying on the bed with his legs up in the air so that the sexy boys can get their tongues deep in his ass crack. They rim his hot hole getting it nice and wet for their big dicks.

Bastian bare fucks Viggo’s asshole forcing his thick uncut cock balls deep whilst Viggo’s moaning gets louder.

All the while Viggo is sucking Jim’s hard erection.

Viggo then hovers over Jim’s cock pushing his ass hole down hard onto it and feeling every inch of Jim’s dick moving inside him.

With Jim’s raw dick still inside him, Viggo blows a huge volley of cum shots spraying jizz all over his ripped abs and chest.

Bastian licks the cum off Viggo’s dick as Jim fucks him hard till he orgasms pulling out a giving Viggo a huge cum facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy ripped young dudes Elio Chalamet and Viggo Sorensen wake up in bed a little bit sleepy.

Viggo is first to open his eyes and he reaches over exposing Elio’s hot muscular body reaching down to suck down hard on his morning woody.

Elio now wide awake enjoys feeling Viggo’s tongue and lips on his erect uncut dick as Viggo blows him expertly.

Viggo now moves his attention down to Elio’s hot ass, running his tongue up and down Elio’s ass cheeks.

Elio lifts his legs high up over his head giving Viggo a full face view of his hot hole.

Viggo rims Elio’s moist pink asshole getting his tongue deeper and deeper with each lick, making Elio moan loudly.

Approaching from behind, Viggo forces his super hard erection into Elio’s ass parting those ass cheeks until his balls are slapping against his bubble butt.

Viggo’s attention to fucking almost brings Elio to orgasm a number of times, before he is ready.

But he is able to resist the temptation and enjoys Viggo’s powerful fucking before Elio jumps up and takes full control.

Elio hovers over Viggo’s huge uncut cock as he slides his ass down onto it with increasing pressure loving the feeling of Viggo’s hard young meat moving deep inside his butt.

Viggo and Elio then switch positions again as they are both getting closer to cumming.

Elio shoots first, unable to control himself any longer, he lets rip with a huge stream of jizz all over his abs.

Seeing all that cum, Viggo pulls out and coats Elio’s raw ass and balls with his load.

The guys wait a moment to embrace before they head off to the shower for a hot soapy washdown.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young ripped muscled stud Viggo Sorensen’s bare asshole fucked by hottie twink Tim Moffie.

We are all truly blessed that we have guys like Tim and Viggo around willing to share their most intimate moments with us.

Both blonds are very good-looking, with Tim having a more natural physique compared to Viggo’s well-toned body, but together they make a perfect couple.

Today, Tim has been chatting for about 10 hours straight and is looking forward to nothing more than a good rest, but Viggo certainly has other ideas.

We were a little surprised when we read the director’s notes that it is twinky Tim fucking beefy Viggo here, but for those of you who would prefer it the other way around, there is a partner scene coming in 2 days’ time.

These two hotties flip the roles and Viggo gets to pound his buddy’s eager hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie young blonde dude Tim Moffie’s hot hole fucked by Viggo Sorensen’s huge uncut cock.

Round 2 and it is time for Viggo to repay his debt and make sure that Tim is totally satisfied in every way.

In part 1 blond twink Tim gave Viggo’s beefy ass a serious working over and now it is time to reverse roles and let Viggo get a taste of Tim’s hungry hole.

It seems that Viggo may be the perfect fit for Tim as our young pup ends up blowing his thick and creamy load quite unexpectedly.

Just the sensation of Tim’s asshole clenching in orgasm is enough to send Viggo over the edge too, so it seems that all’s well that ends well, and this encounter certainly fulfills that criteria.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie dark haired stud Bart Cuban’s bubble butt bareback fucked by Viggo Sorensen’s massive uncut dick.

We start our Bart Bonanza today with this incredibly hot scene with Viggo Sorensen.

Communication with Bart can sometimes be a little difficult as he really only speaks Hungarian, but after a little effort, Viggo manages to establish the fact that Bart would like to get fucked today, and from then on, language plays no part in the interactions between the 2.

Right from the start Viggo takes gentle control of Bart here, setting the pace and giving his slightly submissive buddy all the attention he deserves.

We rarely see this side of Bart, but the passive demeanor suits him well, as his body reacts instinctively to Viggo’s caress and touch.

Bart rarely even touches himself here, relying totally on Viggo for all of his pleasure, right up to the inevitable, creamy climax.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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