Ryan Jacobs

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Men gay porn scenes of Ryan Jacobs

It is young sexy stud Ryan Jacobs’s birthday and he is having a bit of a birthday bash when his bearded sexy stepdad Markus Kage gatecrashes with a Penis piñata.

Ryan can’t thank him enough and as he hangs up the balloon he catches the eye of Markus and he pulls his pants down and presses his bare butt into his face.

Markus licks his tongue along Ryan’s young smooth ass crack getting it in deep into his tight moist hole.

Ryan is spreadeagled over the countertop in just his white sock and t-shirt with Markus rimming his asshole getting it nice and wet for his huge cock.

Markus flops his big thick dick out of his pants and young Ryan gags on it as he swallows it balls deep right to the back of his throat.

All this happens whilst his mom and sister are sat across the apartment, so they are as quiet as they can be.

The dudes hurriedly put their clothes back on when the ladies come over, but as Ryan tries to hit the piñata he accidentally knocks out his mom and his sis.

Markus consoles him with some of his big thick dick, getting the twink bottom naked and bareback fucking him on the couch.

The burly muscle hunk of a stepdad even picks Ryan up for a stand-and-carry raw ass fucking before Ryan rides the top’s cock cowboy-style till he cums, then takes a huge cum birthday facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Tanner Hall brings home his boyfriend, Ryan Jacobs, for a visit to his sick dad, but the horny couple are more interested in getting to know hot healthcare worker Finn Harding.

Finn flirts with Tanner but snubs Ryan, then takes a break to sneakily stroke his cock on the couch.

Tanner catches him and gets under a blanket to suck him, encouraging Ryan to crawl over and take a turn blowing the sexy uncut top.

When Finn catches them, they hatch a new plan to have Ryan hide under a blanket and get raw fucked.

Finn eventually catches on when the cute bottom can’t stay quiet, and Tanner gets to fuck Ryan’s mouth while he watches Finn fuck his hole.

Next, Tanner gets fucked doggy style by Finn and sucks Ryan, and both bottoms take turns riding the hunky caregiver until Tanner cums on Finn’s hard abs.

Ryan blows a load on Tanner’s ass and rubs it in, and then the couple kneel to take a hot facial together.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After his mom kicks him out in the middle of the night, twink Ryan Jacobs goes to stay with his dad Alex Mecum, but even more than the hospitality, he wants some of Alex’s boyfriend, Markus Kage.

Ryan sucks Markus’s cock in the bathroom, but the horny twink has to hide in the shower when his dad comes in.

But Alex is also horny for some shower sex in the morning, and Markus is caught in the middle.

Markus goes down on Alex, then Alex rims him. Markus sticks his cock through a hole in the shower curtain, where the waiting Ryan sucks it as Alex fucks Markus doggy style.

The scheming stepdad bends Alex over and fucks him, and Ryan rips an even bigger hole so he can penetrate Markus doggy style.

He cums on his hairy ass just before Alex blows a massive load.

Markus gives Alex a facial, then sends him out for fresh towels, giving Ryan a chance to slip away.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Masqulin gay porn scenes of Ryan Jacobs

Hairy muscle hunk Teddy Torres is feeling horny and he’s spending a lot of time on his phone scrolling through sexy young dudes on a hook-up app.

Then he spots hottie young escort Ryan Jacobs.

His ad tells all, Ryan is a 21-year-old escort who is totally hot with a very easygoing attitude.

Teddy messages Ryan that he’s interested and wants to meet up now. Within minutes Ryan is knocking on his door.

Teddy notices that Ryan looks much better in person than in the pictures and he is nervous but excited for the discreet, no strings attached sex.

As soon as Ryan enters the apartment he’s glad to see Teddy’s huge crotch bulge and big stiff dick.

They kiss passionately at first as Ryan strips off his t-shirt and jeans.

Teddy sucks down hard on Ryan’s young cock before spinning him around to run his tongue up and down Ryan’s smooth ass.

Ryan’s hole gets a good rimming from Teddy before he shoves his huge thick dick deep into his ass.

Teddy bareback fucks Ryan’s bubble ass changing positions and pummelling his asshole hard and fast till both are close to orgasm.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Bromo gay porn scenes of Ryan Jacobs

Short and cute Ryan Jacobs knocks on Bo Sinn’s door, hoping for a signature on his speedbump petition, but what he gets is an eyeful of Bo’s big dick when his robe falls open.

Bo waves the squeaky-clean young man off, but Ryan is determined to get that signature, and that dick, so he sneaks inside.

Bo puts Ryan up against the wall, asking which one he wants first, then pulls him into the living room and feeds Ryan his cock.

Bo fucks the bottom on the couch, ripping up the petition and shoving the crumpled-up paper in his mouth, then bends him over and pounds him doggy style, enjoying how the petite guy’s horny hole gapes.

Bo makes Ryan cum as he penetrates him in piledriver, then signs his hole with a cumshot before signing his name to Ryan’s clipboard.

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This party is heating up as a round of strip poker has Ryan Jacobs and Sunny D strip down to their underwear, and spin the bottle makes the guys kiss.

Their friends look on and laugh as the guy arm wrestle each other to see the loser suck the winner’s cock, and Ryan isn’t at all sad about his defeat when he gets to his knees to pull down Sunny’s briefs and swallow that pole.

But when Sunny bends Ryan over the table and penetrates him, their buds decide to give the guys some privacy.

Sunny has Ryan suck him some more, then the bottom gets on all fours to get fucked on the floor before riding Sunny on the chair.

The top spreads Ryan’s ass and fucks him missionary on the chair, making the bottom cum with that big dick in his ass before Ryan begs for a creampie.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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