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Theo Ford is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of productivity around the office. He orders Paddy O’Brian to get things moving, but Paddy challenges Theo to show some initiative on himself…Join them!
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Paddy O’Brian and his wife are staying in a spooky house. She runs off to take care of some errands and Paddy decides to invite Nicolas Brooks over for some sexy fun. The wife comes back early and catches them in the act, but Paddy finds a way to convince her that Nicolas isn’t really there…Join them!
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Diego leads Johnny away from Paddy O’Brian’s ship. Aggravated by their escape, Paddy mounts a search to retrieve Johnny. He swims to the shore of the nearest island where he encounters Colton Grey and his tribe. After a pursuit on the beach, Colton gets Paddy exactly where he wants him: pillaging his hot little hole the way only a seaman knows how…Join them!
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Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross team up to take down their scumbag boss. Their plan succeeds but they still need to seal the deal before they split any money. McKensie starts by sucking Paddy’s fat cock, and then he sticks his butt out just right for Paddy to jam his dick into. Paddy loves to slap McKensie’s tight ass as he drills his excited hole. McKensie’s big dick and balls bounce as he rides Paddy’s meaty cock.
Dakota Vice and Paddy O’Brian go back a long way but Dakota never bothered to visit Paddy in prison. Instead, he began working for the man responsible for Paddy being put away. This doesn’t stop Paddy from fucking Dakota’s horny ass and vowing to get what he deserves from his former crooked boss.
Paddy’Obrian is out of prison and he is already in business with his former crooked boss. Paddy goes to meet his old friend Alexis Belfort who has been waiting anxiously for his release. Paddy takes a hold of Alexis’ cute butt while Alexis goes straight for Paddy’s big, horny dick. Paddy slams Alexis’ perfect butt, and then Alexis rides Paddy’s cock, hard.
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Paddy O’Brian is training for a big match that is on the horizon, but he can’t focus as he has a stalker on his case. Not to mention, he hasn’t had sex in four weeks! Luckily, his trainer, Flex, is able to alleviate all of Paddy’s stress by allowing him to ram his big cock into his perfect, muscle-ass. Paddy definitely feels better as he takes a huge load off onto Flex’s face.
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Everybody has secrets, sins, and stories we don’t want anyone to know, things you wouldn´t even tell your best friend… Paddy O’Brian impersonates a priest and takes confession from some of the city’s most sexually depraved. His first congregant is Tony Milan, who confesses to who he assumes to be his priest that he is in fact gay. Paddy invites Tony to meet him outside the church where he is able to show Tony that these feelings may be sinful, but should not be resisted.
Jace Tyler plays Steven, the youngest son of the master of the Abbey in the third installment of the Abbey series. Steven is a forward thinker and a man about social change, unheard of in the time. He finds a like-minded individual in his driver Tom, played by Paddy O’Brian. Their shared views on the world turn into their shared love for each other. They confess their feelings for each other, but know in the world they live in they can never be. Before leaving the Abbey, Steven and Tom are able to spend one night together, the only they will always cherish.
The Forbidden series has Paddy O’Brian once putting on the holy robe and pretending to be a priest. He takes his post in the confessional and is time visited by a non-believer, but someone who just needs to express his feelings. Matt Anders confesses that his boyfriend was not who he thought he was and is playing a role. Paddy understands this and wants to confess but instead gives sympathy to Matt who he finds irresistible. Matt is surprised to see what the priest he has been confessing to looks like and finds himself falling for him.

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Johnny Hazzard, Sgt. at Arms from The Men of Anarchy, is unable to stop rival gang, The Jackals, from stealing from their headquarters.

After a raid and shoot-out, President Paddy O’Brian calls a meeting and the gang decides they have to go on a stake out and retrieve what is rightfully theirs.

Paddy and Gabriel Cross keep watch and wait for the others to arrive.

Gabriel is itching for some action and excitement and he doesn’t care what kind.

While they wait, Gabriel offers to serve the president some special attention.

The Men of Anarchy all turn up, but find themselves in a tricky situation.

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